World Of Warships – SHIPS OF DEATH!

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  1. Second. And yes i did have to

  2. I love world of tanks

  3. He doesn’t know about the Yamato, the biggest battleship ever built.

  4. 7th comment!
    * gurgle gurgle gurgle *

  5. YES! Another free to play – Pay to win game xD

  6. I’m not into these games at all, but I’m watching because it’s Caff ??

  7. T10 Yamato cringe going on here :/ But at least it was in a co-op battle
    and not a random battle. The mighty Yamato, the top secret battleship that
    the Japanese navy had during WW2, THE most powerful ship of her time.

  8. WG need to make these guys grind a bit for tiers….

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