World of Warships – Sims Ranked Solo Warrior

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on Warrior’s Path by Jmo_2015 moves out to fight in ranked with epicenter as the gamemode. The enemy seems to split up and take out Jmo’s team, a enemy tries to kill the friendly CV. The game moves to a blowout, there is only 2 versus 4 and Jmo is left to decide whether to keep helping the CV or go for the capture. The enemy tries to return to seal the game, Jmo tries to stall them and hopefully end up with the win. Hope you enjoy the game and can learn from it, have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Destroyer Sims Replay


  1. I thought you had your first one Notser then I saw it was a sub replay.

  2. BIA World of Warships

    Well damn… Panzerknacker just featured one of my awesome Sims replays and I thought THAT was a good game… and then this. Solo Warriors are so cool; got two of em myself. Well played!!

  3. oh … I had no idea that the US DD guns are so horrible … at 8-9km he was missing the enemy sims all the time. and ognevoi or kiev would have killed it in a few salvos … I have to learn to properly dodge US DD gunfire 🙂

  4. This game wasn’t about how well the Sims played but how poorly the enemy team played. How many times have we seen a game thrown because of what I call ‘carrier’ lust?

  5. Haha… even after the Saipan died the Myoko and Leningrad kept going towards the corner… To kill bloody planes.

  6. it hurts so much, it hurts so much
    I’m not a great player, I’d say I’m decent but watching this game really really hurt

  7. Pls let Flamu watch this. He would crawl trough the internet to punch those idiots in the face.

  8. 13:55 look chat.
    and look at the ships.

  9. In the words of Jingles: “Seriously, how do you fuck that up?”

  10. An unmentioned highlight of this game is the Belfast in Jmo_2015’s team that somehow manages to ram the Gneisenau at 6:13.

  11. Jamo or whatever hes called is THE WORST SHOT I’ve seen in a long time…. my god. And the other team…. no words.

  12. 11:45 i dont believe it the red team forgot to capture the center for what reason? they smelled carrier blood in the water??

  13. loved the chat. “cv you should be spotting this guy” LOL

  14. 14:04 “CV you really should be spotting this guy”

    !! dude the red team doesnt even know their Carrier died long ago in the center lol

  15. Why did he not just shoot the myoko at the end? :O

  16. I once saw Notser beach himself on the Ocean map.

  17. I have been avoiding ranked because it seems like most people in it play like the opposing team here.

  18. So hard to watch that I’m still not sure it was enjoyable to me. The point of this video was instructional but going beyond the lesson, one better love watching 20min of long range, mostly inaccurate DD fire. Kudos to the enemy sims effectively stirring the whole pot.

  19. Triple capture, nice 😀

  20. I can see kind of why they’re not respecting the Sims, his aim isn’t very good…

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