World of Warships – So That Just Happened…

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It’s really hard to come up with a title and thumbnail for this one that doesn’t spoil the video, and I really don’t want to spoil this one because it’s the funniest battle I’ve seen in a long time for all sorts of reasons.

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  1. You could have used your old intro pun Jingles. World of Warships –

  2. Morning coffee and Jingles?
    This can’t be right.
    Woke up early did we?

  3. well hitting a warspite whose 90% of its hull is out of the water with torpedo, you would be really really close or your one of those ship that can single fire torpedo.

    • I was suprised not all of the torps hit the underwater cliffs for no effect.

    • Yeah I found it a bit weird Jingles was judging the guy for that.. with torpedo spread, there was literally not much else he could do, there was so little of the ship in the water to actually hit. Honestly, 3 hits from the first two salvos was pretty good

  4. So, the warspite also has a weak lower glacis, and should have stayed hull-down.

  5. I didn’t realize that the Warspite was so technologically advanced.

  6. Sir, our rear turret has been destroyed by a torpedo!
    Sailor, you’ve just lost your rum ration for the rest of the month!

    • To be fair that can happen in reality if a torpedo hits something volatile under a turret. It also means that you probably have some large holes in your ship and are quickly turning into a submersible.
      Even a direct hit could happen with an air dropped torpedo but I think that wouldn’t do much damage.

    • @Kal Taron just let me have my silly fantasy 😉

    • @DJAvren Never… we will do everything into our might to drag you back in the sorrow misery that is real life existence! Also WoWs exists! 😛

    • @DJAvren Let that poor sailor have his rum rations! 😉

  7. When the Warspites finally get destroyed at the end:

    “Team Rocket is blasting of agaaaaaaaaaain!”

  8. The Warspite – a ship so fearsome, not only was she the premier battleship of the Royal Navy, she was also the premier airship of the Fleet Air Arm.

    • @Arvids Godjuks I loved that show! You are talking about StarBlazers, aren’t you?

    • @Paul Vamos Yes, yes I do 🙂

    • @Gabbens I’d be surprised if it had any torp bulges at all since it was tier V = plus the torp actually hit near my stern and the turret put out of action was at the front

    • @Alan Rossant Something else disabled that turret. Modules have their own hp pools and hitboxes. It’s why you can do full pens with AP and still do 1/10th dmg. Because the module you hit took the damage.
      The reason you do overpen damage on a module pen should be obvious.

    • @Paul Vamos StarBlazers is the American name it’s original name is Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato) one of the reasons was to remove all references to Yamato from the show including changing the name of the ship although in the remake 2199, StarBlazers still call it the Yamato. And yes i love the show too lol!

  9. Jingles trying to be Rian “I’ll subvert your expectations.” Johnson. Produces a better love story than Twilight. Gnomish magic? You be the judge.

  10. David Attenborough: And here we see the majestic Warspite in it’s native habit. When threatened by another female, the Warspite raises itself out the water to look bigger and intimidate it’s opponenent. Alas this threat display did not intimidate and just left the Warspite vulnerable to attack.

  11. 10:51 Does this mean that Methian is the only player to have had a turret knocked out by a direct hit from a torpedo ever?

    • Turret does not have torpedo damage reduction 😀 Open ticket and ask WG!

    • Pretty sure I’ve knocked out a main battery with my torps before but it was a super lucky hit that I think hit the exact spot where the turret goes into the hull. Never killed a turret by hitting it in the front though lol

    • i didnt have a turret permanently disabled,but broken from torpedo hits a lot of times

    • I think if the torp hits the magazine area it can knock out a turret, but this is probably the only direct hit a turret has taken from a torp on a non sunk ship

    • Ambassador of REEE

      My thoughts exactly, what is important here is the *direct* hit part 😀

  12. Looks like the Warspite really did make the island his Waifu with how much he was humping it.

  13. WoWs player base: “Battleships can’t fly!”
    Warspite: “Hold my tea!”

  14. I strated to respect my distance to shores after the recent update….. this happens more than everybody thinks (WG especially).

  15. I remember this battle, I came around the side of that island, and Methian’s ship was pointing nose UP!!!

  16. In case it helps anyone in a similar situation, you can *always* use autopilot to get unstuck. It takes forever but the programming is such that autopiloting will eventually get your ship unstuck, even if you’re sharing Methian’s plight.

    • i’m surprised nobody else wrote this,
      well done

    • Thanks, I never use autopilot so it didn’t occur to me it might work. Should your set it so as to use reverse or forward movement? Or does it not matter?

    • @Johnny English you hit “M” which brings up the overview map, then click somewhere on the map, then hit “M” again and don’t touch any of the maneuvering controls until your ship is unstuck. Your ship will attempt to sail to the point you clicked, but as soon as you’re unstuck, you can resume manual pilot by using any of the maneuvering controls.

    • @mjxw He meant if it’s quicker to chose a point ahead or behind or if it’s the same.

    • @Kal Taron Oh I don’t know, sorry. I’ve used this trick probably twice in my life. lol

  17. Warspite demonstrating its new torpedo defence system:
    “Torpedos incoming sir!”
    “Pull a wheelie!”

  18. You can’t really blame a destroyer for missing his torps when the target isn’t actually IN the water.

  19. Come on Jingles, don’t be too harsh to the destroyer missing torps, the target was literally out of the water.

  20. Interesting conversation in french at the start of the battle:
    “Shut up”
    “Hey, behave, you’re not at your mom’s house”.
    “No, I’m at yours, lol”
    “Let’s settle this in-game then lol”
    “Have a nice game then”
    “You too, eh eh”

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