World of Warships – SPESHUL compilation Episode 1

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Here is 1st ever compilation video I made for WoWS.
If it receives good views/comments/likes I will do more (possibly once a week).
Let me know in comments below what you think of it
I hope you enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Let me know how you liked it or didn’t like it and if you want to see more in future, possible once a week 😉

  2. As long i’m not in it, it’s getting a like from me… 🙂

  3. I want more… 🙂
    Had lots of laughs…

  4. There will never be enough of this

  5. *_Speshuuuul_*

  6. Good video Flambass, keep em coming.

  7. Me liked it~ Me wants more

  8. Flambass greatest hit… awesome. 🙂

  9. I’m so glad you kept your promise. Absolutely hysterical to watch the recaps.

    4 of my co-workers all crowded around watching this, all Wows players and fans of Flambass.
    Laughed all around.

  10. First kill in smoke: Heartbeat goes down, second: it goes up 😀

  11. Beaching like a Notser…

  12. I loved it. Yes more please !

  13. Crazy torpedoe beats. HR jacked to 140 bpm

  14. definitely want more. laughing from the start

  15. that Gearing wanted your Boooty Flambas lol brilliant . yes please we need more .. #FlambassforCommander

  16. Last destroyer – apparently the last in line in a lemming train has to be a three-toed tree sloth rather than a lemming. Without your videos we would not know these rules.

  17. Flambass you should upload with twitch chat included. The chat reaction doubles my laugh, in any stream.

  18. Please do a video on all the special captains and what ships you think they work best in.

  19. 5:25 “drei, zwei eins, los! HALLO !! PAPIEREN!” xD it never gets old! 😀 Hans on the helm FTW! ;-D

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