World of Warships – STALINGRAD ARMY

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We were having fun in CBs and than we ran across WGP2D (which is old WGP2W, just renamed) and a whole army of Stalingrads…and I’m a DD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Too bad the to cure this Stalingard infestation wasn’t allowed. Namely Midway.

    • but side effects of that cure …

    • I think Stalingrads are just like Moskvas. They can easily be spotted. Just try to evade them if you can.

    • Curing cancer with a more virulent kind of cancer that also affects every other aspect of the match is not a good idea >.< @jay vee, idk if you play clan battles, but generally balancegrads are put in an anchor position to hold a flank or area above a cap, you can't just evade them that way because they would obstruct a cap or a push angle. In random battles they aren't that much of an issue, they are "just" super strong, but when you have limited ships and technically only 1 BB, it does.

  2. why defensive AA still?

  3. And people said no clans would take Stalingrad in clan wars over Moskva LOL

  4. Jesus, the guy who says “this is why you need to be scouting”, really seems like a lot of fun

    • Competitive MP does that to people.

    • he is a nice guy, thing is every ship in clan wars has a role and a position, it’s not random where you can go wherever you want. In this case, the worcester should have been the one more forward to spot so the henri can’t get caught

  5. Damn, missed a good chance to type GG like 20 seconds before your torps hit xD They’d be thinking _”Bro it ain’t over till it’s over- aaand its over”_

  6. This pretty much sums up while I hate competitive multiplayer.

  7. Why not radar YY this season? Seems like smoke is very situational, and most teams are running 1 DD. What’s your thoughts on the daring? The single fire torps are great at killing bow tanking cruisers..

    • you don’t use smoke for yourself, you use smoke to smoke up cruisers like worcester/zao so they can shoot in stealth. or to cover their retreat

    • Nickhasarrived damn missed that on Dearing ?

    • samuele benetello true that. And YY can’t torp DDs and the gun nerf hit her hard. Dearings Problem is the smoke as Samuele pointed out.

    • YY is pretty weak after the nerfs, daring is pretty okay esp vs other dd, but kinda ‘selfish’ just like a khaba for example, it does not excel in coordinated team setups. Even harugumo is better even though it can’t scout as well as daring. Running a dd to smoke some worcesters for example is very powerful, much more so than YY’s anemic radar.

    • Its mostly because BB AP vs DD changes.
      Before, a Montana could easily deal 15k-20k in one salvo to gearing. And YY would lose max 8k HP taking the same salvo.
      Now its not a problem and after YY nerfs its just better to take Gearing with legendary (5,6km camo)

  8. #cykablyat

  9. Any victory is a gg. I mentioned how beautiful Prague is a few days ago although I’ve only seen it in movies and pic. Well yesterday while at a Dollar General here in the US, I came across the Vin Diesel Triple X dvd movie filmed on location Jan 2002 in Prague. And there are more views in the extras part.

  10. For me it sounds like your team are completely ignoring you. You repeat yourself multiple times but absolutely no feedback from anyone.. Or it’s like oki we hear you but this is what you’re doing.

    • as far as i understand he isn’t always talking to his mates. It’s mostly him talking to the stream w/o his mates hearing him 😉

  11. 77shots, 17fires ?
    That’s nice ?


  13. I found it so relatable when you tried to argue against going to C. I often get a call that makes me go like “Wut. That is a suicide mission…” but I just stay quiet, no point arguing.

  14. 10:01 “I’m radared! Now they know!” – #lol I dare say the torpedoes hits alerted them a bit sooner of your presence… nothing like two gigantic explosions to wake people from their slumber.

  15. i don’t know if you’re the commander of that clan Flambass, but you should start your own. Seems like your experience far out ways that of any of the douchebags giving you orders.

    • lolwut? He and Flamu created Cr33d after leaving OMNI (wich they created as well^^). I think he knows what he’s doing and one thing is not to be the one giving orders 😛

    • +Tearnofear that’s good to know…good to know. My point is…If i suggest to Flambass that he take B and he tells me it’s too dangerous to go in between 2 x Stalingrads, I’m prolly gonna trust his experience and say “roger that” and find a different strategy rather than sending our only DD into a killzone. It’s fine, it worked out because the Stalingrad cpts potatoed their radar, but still. All IMO BTW.

    • +David Francis they just predicted that there are Stalingrads. It was a 50:50 and fortunatly they where wrong 🙂

    • On top of what’s been said above, just because they don’t stream and/or you don’t know them does not mean they don’t have experience. Being in cr33d alone proves all of these captains are very experienced. Next to that, Flambass is just one asset on the field, while the FC is trying to deal with all of them at once. He took a risk with one of them in order to achieve other objectives at the same time. Much more so than normally in wows, clan battles are team games. All that matters is the team win, not you doing x damage or surviving.

  16. Eh? This game of CB makes no fking sense to me. Looks more like random than any of the seasons I have played. Really shitty positioning of basically all cruisers and the aim… oh god

    • They were probably assuming their opponents would shit a brick seeing 4 balancegrads and fail hardcore. I honestly would not be surprised if that works a LOT for them, balancegrads are very intimidating, and an FC who doesn’t know how to deal with them calmly is probably going to make more mistakes. A captain assuming the balancegrad is going to kill them anyway may not dodge as well, etc.

  17. Boring, but still a win.

  18. Both have radar but only 1 will be able to shoot you…. Lol

  19. Kinda weird no DD? I would think need atleast 1 just for caps if nothing else.

  20. Flamby……What do you call an Army on the water?

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