World of Warships State of the Game 2021

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2020 is coming to a , so its time to take a look at the health World of Warships. Is the state of the ? Is the player base healthy? Are we gaining players? about community satisfaction? The answers might surprise you.


  1. Merry xmas zoup you and family have a great one 😀 all the best.

  2. Observation based on your comments. The player increase along with the ability to buy T10 ships would explain some of the game play. E.g. T10 premium hitting hydro as the match starts (I shake my head because they are in a clan and it happens enough it isn’t fat fingering). The thing that will end it for me is the commanders rework, I don’t have the time nor energy to reconfigure 170 commanders in 2 weeks, it took me 5 years to build my fleet.

    • Come on man!! You didn’t think WG wasn’t going to take this chance and NOT find a way to monotize the new captain skills?? I mean who would want to grind there captain for thousands of hours when you can just use free xp that you can convert for the measly price of 35 gold per 500xp 🙄

    • There are no T10 premiums that can be bought, either for cash or doubloons. They can only be obtained with steel or coal. And before someone comments, ARP Yamato is not a premium ship, and it definitely doesn’t have hydro for someone to hit at the start of the game.

    • @gram40 smaland is a prem that can be bought!

    • @Jugaloking69 Dope um no, 2 million free exp through the tech tree is the only way to get smaland.

    • @gram40 you can buy free xp from your other ships!

  3. I have made my comments on Dev blog we will see how they implement the commander skill rework.

  4. Why is the audio always off compared to the game play in the videos?

  5. I was forced to quit playing about two years ago because my Parkinson’s disease made it impossible to control movement anymore, I would kill to be able to play again.😢

  6. The biggest WG apologist painting a rosy picture, as ever.

    • This! Massive player churn as OGs/whale Beta Testers interested in a vaguely historical WWI/WWII naval game are winding down their Premium time on this game as CVs, endless bottom-tier matches in Divisions and utter drivel in the form of constant new *Ninja Laser Russian☭ Balans™* ships have driven them away from the game to be replaced by pew-pew ARP Fortnite players who will abandon the game for the next bright shiny which comes along. It’s about the quality of the player, not just the numbers which are still microscopically small on the NA server.

  7. Man you have been drinking way to much WG koolaid, look at the Verizon event no CVs , why because they ruin the game, the satin crate fiasco, and more and more premiums coming out with more and more power creep. The numbers are inflated people logging in because of coronavirus. Wargaming doesn’t care about what’s good for the game anymore all they care about is making money putting out more and more powerful premium ships for the whales.

    • CV’s don’t ruin the game. That’s a far too broad statement. 95% of the time, I don’t even pay attention to CV’s in random battles. Why? I am a competent player that knows how to mitigate them and I try to play ships now that can defend somewhat. The sad fact of that, is many ships in my port…sit in my port. But in Randoms, CV’s are not the end of the world…LONG LIVE 899 strat! However, CV’s in competitive play (as I posted in my own reply) are a joke. In a 7 v 7 scenario, the CV IS the dominate boat BY FAR. It is completely unbalanced and especially at high level clan battles (my clan is Top 20) the meta is SET. Anyone see a Des Moines, Zao, Stalingrad, Venezia, Minotaur, or ANY DD other than Halland in a Typhoon/Hurricane match? UH no. You saw Petro/Goliath/MVR/FDR/Ohio. Period. CV’s are not in any way balanced with only 6 other ships.

    • @Ken’s Channel Not sure how you can have that kind of statement. Read my comment above (not the best writing though, sorry). In random they are pain! The most terrible tiers are from 4 to 8. 4 cvs per game… mate it’s just unplayable. Actually even tier 10 is terrible. German cv strike you for 24 to 30 k. Happened (every single 4 cvs game) in my Des Moines, Monty and Republique etc… and yes sometimes you can get away with it if by chance CV doesn’t focus you (they have only 500 battles in the ship) but the reality is they ruin the game. Once again it’s not about being overpowered or not it’s about the fact that you don’t have a counter. Also whatever is applicable for the competitive games it applies as well to random. Premium ship is not a problem, $$$ is not a problem… WG is a company and they need to make money otherwise no more game I’m fine with that. But CV’s don’t make any sense. No counter. Keep CV’s but gives ship ability to defend against them. A real ability… not a consumable!

    • @Vuilen Game I totally agree. 2 CV’s in 1 battle is the single most dumb thing.

  8. The vocal are the few since it’s the people who stuck around for the highs and lows who have an opinion… There aren’t many players who come in, spend a little money and leave who really care enough to say anything much less be vocal about it. They just dump the game after logging in a few times and move on to the next big thing. Hello CP2077.

    The entire business model based on churn pays 0 attention to loyalty- in fact it views loyal pockets as too hard to suck money out of so it’s pretty much actively resentful of it in favour of the whiz bang to attract people who have attention spans measured in goldfish. You mean numbers are up in the middle of a pandemic while everyone is stuck at home regardless of how legitimate the threat is? Imagine that.

    Numbers stay relatively stable in spite of the dying voices of “the few” as the brand kicks down stereotypes and reaches into different markets that wouldn’t otherwise be interested in the often lethargic gameplay outside of those interested in the niche warships entails.

    I’m not a “woe is the game” guy but I understand where it comes from… I wish there were new and insightful ways to engage the folks who are less interested in Optimus Prime doing a reverse cowgirl on the bow of an Iowa and more interested in seeing traditional warships engaged in battle across a variety of maps and weather.

    Dump this commander skill shit show into the equation, with the ubiquitous threat of submarines always looming… it’s hard for anyone to stay excited about anything for long and that’s exactly what the churn model depends on.

  9. You have take into acount that people are at home more with the virus going on and that is why the numbers have grown, I think once things go back to normal you will see a decline in the numbers, right now I dont think you can really get a good reading on the game health, one way you could is if you know the amount of money the game brings in now to past years but we will never know that part of it ever.

  10. still working under WG’s desk huh? well after you defended them on the Santa Crate thing im not surprised

  11. The game isn’t dying. The issue is many, many of the original players are gone and have been refilled by new players that buy their way to T10/9. Research Bureau? Players are no longer playing their boat, learning more about their boat on their way to Unique/Legendary Upgrade. Now I can get a Unique Upgrade for Yamato, by regrinding Harugumo. How does that teach players to get better in Yamato? The average game includes MOST player around 500 PR and if you’re lucky, you get 3-4 players that are competent. These WG decisions have caused this decline.

  12. They have focused so much on prems and added no real new game modes or more operations. Sad slot of the good players I knew left 🙁 WG love money more than satisfaction

  13. After leaving the game for more than a year I’ve been playing it again, but tentatively. I enjoy the game play but get tired of the constant pressure of events etc.

  14. I still love the game but, some of the money/XP grabs does leave a bad taste

  15. Statistics is one thing another is what old timer players have put in to it time and money wise. Any game that develops over time will have some that disagree and some that do not. The current thing with the santa crates is just that 1 thing that over the last years became the drop too much for some. Those that now choose to no longer play, but have spent a long time and invested money in the game have every right to voice their opinion as well.
    If you spend time on the eu server, it is in my experience in game and on forum one of the most toxic environments i have ever come across in a game. There are really nothing you can do about this so wg allows it to stay that way (reports do f all). There are some balancing issues between the ship types where some are massively OP and this has been known for a long time. Yet wg is more about putting out new stuff and events to get more players, than to listen to long time players in the game.
    Sure if you like me have become unhappy with the game leave it, and i have…but the years and money put into the game over time leaves a big disappointment and bad aftertaste, so i will voice my opinions as well, cause you can always hope that some game balancing will happen, and the game may be one in time that one could return to. I doubt that will happen but can always hope. But do understand that many that voices the negative atm is due to long term issues with the game, the treatment from wg and the long time and money put in to the game. Sadly there are not really many other options for a game like this, so yeah some will stay due to that, but peoples own choice.

  16. figures provided by?? you gotta question those bud.

  17. As of 0.10.0 Wargaming is stopping support for Mac OS. While our community may be small it’s been dedicated to the game and helping with OS crashes and such. It kind of sucks that after enjoying myself for 4+ years it goes away. They have stated that there are some other options to play, but they are not as efficient as the current wrapper. I have no idea how many of us there are, but I’m one of the folks that is in the number that logs on almost everyday. This makes me a bit bitter towards wargaming and makes it hard for me to recommend the game to others as you’ll never know when they will stop supporting an aspect of the game that you enjoy.

  18. “Ive done 200k dmg already” – Damage counter shows 173k, pretty optimistic guy

  19. I entered (again) WoW at the 2° Covid week – and still in because i don’t have anything to do. As soon as we get out of C-shit i’ll leave (again).

  20. Massive player churn as OGs/whale Beta Testers interested in a vaguely historical WWI/WWII naval game are winding down their Premium time on this game as CVs, endless bottom-tier matches in Divisions and utter drivel in the form of constant new *Ninja Laser Russian☭ Balans™* ships have driven them away from the game to be replaced by pew-pew ARP Fortnite players who will abandon the game for the next bright shiny which comes along. It’s about the quality of the player, not just the numbers which are still microscopically small on the NA server. Look at the Like/Dislike ratio on this video, Zoup!

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