World of Warships – StatsBloke

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People tell me I’ve got the kind of voice they could listen to narrating the phone book. But who do I listen to when I want to hear a calm, relaxing voice? That would be this guy.

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  1. Oh boy a Jingles video!

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Oh hey a Statsbloke replay.

  3. As your videos have increased in quality over the years, the asmr appeal has slightly diminished. But that’s ok

  4. A Fletcher video instead of the expected Benham 😀

  5. There we go. After 8 years of countless claims by the mine slaves the gnome lord has acknowledged his soothing, calming voice. Of course that doesn’t mean they get to skip a shift-

    • I have it from reliable sources that Djenghis Khan had a ‘soothing, calming voice.’ That did nothing to relieve his murderous intentions.

    • Kholdan Staalstorm

      That almost makes it worse…
      Would be better if Djengis Khan was a testosterone filled angry loon, but that would make his ability to join together the nomadic tribes even more difficult.

  6. I may not have the voice, but my grandmother says I have the perfect face for radio.

  7. Is nobody going to mention the heart on the rear of the ship?

  8. Dew it! Give in to your hate – Jingles 2021

  9. I LOVE Statsbloke’s game play and calm voice. It is why I sling him a sub every month

  10. 4:38 “He is not aiming at anything in particular” Jingles says, while StatsBlock was very clrealy aiming for the Pommern.
    Never change, Jingles.

  11. Flamn TubbyToast

    Nothing like the smell of a blind torpedoing in the morning

  12. For me its not the voice but the cackle you do whenever someone pulls their underwear up over their head.

  13. The fletcher, a brilliant ship that is good for no reason. Excels at nothing but its just ….. works

  14. At 14:18, Emperor Jingles reveals his true self.

  15. Richard Haggett

    Crysantos has the voice for late night radio, StatBloke should be covering for Ken Bruce when he goes on hols

  16. after praising his voice (statsblokes) you could have cut in a short clip of it, thanks for the upload, great as always

  17. “Admiral Statsuru Borroku”.
    Everything makes sense now.

  18. Sromotny Kobziarz

    My 7 yo son recently told me that I should leave the TV with him and to listen to the radio. Cause I’m old, listening is like watching to me.

  19. “And now we see a wild Fletcher, perfectly at home in its natural environment. Sadly, these habitats are under constant threat from the menace of electromagnetic radiation and airborne high explosive pollution.”

    • Don’t forget invasive species threatening the native wildlife, like Japanese mosquitoes and French and Russian tiger beetles

  20. Ah yes, Jingles, ‘AJIRE’ the famous French cruiser 😀

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