World of Warships – SUBMARINE halloween operation

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Here is the brand new Halloween operation where you command a Submarine.
I think this mode is okey and kinda fun but it few times and it can get boring just as fast as new CVs.
But if you haven’t tried it yet, definitely give it a go.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. At least it’s better than the new halloween mode on the test server…

    • What about it? Was twilight mode a complete wreck?

    • +Savage No just really boring.

      6v6 where BBs can heal each other so if you don’t all focus fire on one guy you’re basically doing nothing. I double citadelled a guy at one point and by the time I’d reloaded he was back to full health again.

  2. I stuck torp acceleration on all of them. Found I was never using the 8km range so the extra speed helped more. Drops range to 6ish

  3. It’s much easier than I expected

  4. Its to easy.. only one dedeat and that game i did over 300k damage.. yea you know why i lost..

  5. This episode is REALLY easy, and I didn’t enjoy it as mush as I enjoyed Sunray in the Darkness…

  6. so boring played once.must be the most unexciting gameplay they have ever made. zzzzzźzzzzźzzź.

  7. The public test version was much more difficult but there is still the hard version that’s still needs to come

  8. Unless you have idiot teammates that kill the Rasputin before finishing the side missions even when you tell them not to, it’s almost impossible to NOT get 5 stars.

  9. The mission is surprisingly easy, but the gameplay itself is intreguing to say the least.
    Handling is a bit to sharp I think and the Depth Charges are way weaker than expected (hopefully when they implement them, they get stronger)

  10. How did you get the Gerfalcon’s concealment to 4.3 km? I used the concealment expert skill and it is still stuck at the stock conceal, which is 5 km :/

  11. I just became a dad 6 weeks to early, how long do I have to play this please my dear Flambass?

  12. how does priority target work against subs? since subs only can drop torps, you’ll never see them on priority target?

  13. had a 405k dmg game, i felt so OG

  14. A couple comments.

    1. I’ve seen a couple Tubers not being able to focus down their torp ‘spread’ on the surface. In the regular game, I have the torps bound to the click of my mouse wheel. On the surface I can focus down by clicking. I don’t know if you hit the number for the particular tube if it reduces.
    2. If you spot the tower at H9, you won’t have to go as far north to spot all towers. This begs the question: Are there really 15 towers or does one generate in the north when H9 isn’t located?

  15. gotta admit i love this gamemode even tho i have no clue how to get different subs

  16. its easy mission. i do 343k 7 kills 28 torpedohits 25 floating. the rasputin need fast torpedohits. if you do 6 floating you are ok. from container i take flangs and 5000free xp. play more times this mission to take elite xp.

  17. Flambass making it look easy, I’m average player and lucky to survive for 2 mins in the game.

  18. Gerfalcon is nice, with the forwards shooting then dive underneath and torp from the other side, but barracuda is the finest to play with. Those secondaries I love the play style.

  19. Subs are the straw that broke my camel’s back. WG can’t even properly balance the 4 ship types already in the game, so I have serious doubts about their ability to integrate a fifth.

  20. this look awsome!!!!

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