World of Warships – The Yamato

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  1. More arma devildog pls

  2. Hi Devil, I’ve been watching your content for nearly 7 years,, but this video has brought me some
    Pain, I play lots of WOWS, and some pointers if by some chance you should read this,

    Yamato has 460mm guns, the largest in the game. They can penetrate any ship from just about any angle, and do colossal damage. So shooting HE is a waste of time. also, ships have a “citadel” that when penetrated does massive damage, really you can only hit this with AP at the Yamato’s tiers, also as for positioning, Battleships in WOWS are all about area control, tanking and Damage, so taking one onto the backlines and doing far flanks takes your whole objective value out of play, if you stick to centralized parts of the map you can use a Battleships long range to support your team better.

    lastly I’d caution showing broadside and sailing in straight lines, showing the broadside for no reason is a quick way to die in WOWS, and sailing in a straight line is fantastic way to eat a wall of torpedos, angling your ship will negate lots of AP damage and some HE!

    anyway have a nice day! and keep up the awesome content

    Edit : some points were mentioned that I missed!
    Yamato has a “cheek” right before the stern, it’s very easy to get smacked by another BB or heavy cruiser, so angling that thing as often as possible is crucial, and as mentioned by another user it is a total waste to use a Damage Control Party for one fire, the current meta has tons of HE throwing pests, so really only use a DamCon on three fires, remember your a BB you have the health pool to take
    Some hits.

    • NewLeaf that’s a essay? damn must hurt to be uneducated, yeah anyone can throw low effort insults around, it’s a YouTube video dude get a life

    • Josiah M wow you called my response an insult? Must live a sad life to get offended that easily. Funny how I’m the one that needs to get a life when you’re typing multiple paragraphs of advice on a pre recorded video that was never even asked for. Re evaluate yourself mr 7 year fan

    • Is the shell cam worth using?

    • Jason Koster not really, it’s cool but that’s about it

    • NewLeaf DDG is married and I don’t think he’s a homo anyway, bro. Take your dick sucking elsewhere, I’m sure he’d rather some useful tips from an experienced WOW player than having you desperately slobber all over the place in his defence.

  3. It’s not the full Yamato experience without terrible AA


  5. The Bismarck & the Yamato aka the biggest mistake of the Axis powers Navy.

    • Colin .K Yes pure luck, are you saying the Hood was sunk due to poor leadership? Because that would be some of the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard. I was also commenting about the Germans because you said Bismarck and Yamato weren’t mistakes. Yamato is debateable as being a mistake as it could have been used as an aircraft carrier or smaller ships could have been made which would have been more useful to the Japanese war effort. In addition the material used for Yamato could have been used to build more tanks or aircraft for the Japanese. The Bismarck and the rest of the Battleships for Germany were a complete waste which you said they weren’t. Nearly every historian agrees that the German Battleships were complete mistakes as was the Graf Zepplin. You also said that Bismarck wasn’t facing vast naval powers, yet the Royal Navy was the biggest Navy in the world until 1943-1944. Also having the largest shells means nothing if the Yamato and Musashi couldn’t hit their targets. Look at Leyte Gulf, Yamato had a bunch of small escort carriers, destroyers and destroyer escorts and it struggled to hit those. Its all well and good having a ship that can take massive damage, but it doesn’t matter when the ship gets swamped by over 400 aircraft with machine guns, bombs and torpedoes. Yamato AA was virtully silent before she sank as aircraft strafed the AA guns with 50. cals killing the crew. Musashi took a beating because the torpedo bombers attacked from all directions. Yamato had most of the torpedo bombers attack 1 side of the ship which made it sink quickly. What has ground forces got to do with it? Obviously ground forces can’t be beaten by air power alone, but we’re talking about naval forces. Warships are completely vulnerable to aircraft and some nations like Japan required warships as do Britain and America, but Germany never needed to build Bismarck and Tirpitz, therefore they were stupid and costly mistakes, especially for a country like Germany that was blockaded by the Royal Navy and didn’t have enough materials to build the tanks and aircraft they needed. It also used up valuable fuel that the tanks and aircraft needed and took defences away from Germany as well as taking away much needed manpower for the Eastern Front, so the Bismarck and Tirpitz were mistakes and the Yamato and Musashi can be argued as being a mistake, especially when Japan used resources and materials to build them which would have been used better elsewhere in the Japanese war effort. The Japanese struggled to even get the necessary fuel for them most of the time.

    • +Kieran Williams i didnt say the Hoodsunk to poor leadership dumbass, I’m talking about the poor leadership on the Japanese Yamato class carrier, luck was the HMS Prince of Wales luckily immobilizing an enemy who was better in most everyway

      The Japanese Musashi engaged targets and hit a carrier I believe immobilizing all operations on it, they were not inaccurate, they just weren’t used. The Japanese held onto some of there best cards too long losing the fight before playing all the cards. The Japanese needed those boats, the tanks used by japan wouldn’t do anything as japan wasn’t really an armored nation, they already had planes being built rapidly, the only thing you could use the metal on the Yamato class for was as a carrier, WHICH THEY DID.

      like i previously said, this is an entirely different story for germany but for japan, a naval superpower built up from their navy, they need the guns.

      lastly, please read my comments and analyze them better as I think you are unnecessarily getting worked up over your own misconceptions in my speech such as your misinterpretation of me saying the Hood sunk as I never stated the Hood sunk from leadership.

    • +Kieran Williams lastly, no, the Yamato and Musashi were not su k like that, they took that many damage because they had inmensley strong armor. The Yamato had instances of bombs hitting their turrets but failing to penetrate. The Yamato also was not hit on only one side as you stated, it took torps on both sides multiple times.

      I am not going to argue with someone who is argueing on something I am not then when he speaks on my topic, he gets the information all wrong.

      please do research on the Yamato before stating such definitive things like the Yamato being struck only on one side.

    • yes and no. Those ships were absolutely brilliant, and nothing could surpass them, if used properly.

      Well, they wasnt. You cant just send a fucking bismarck with what, 1-2 light cruiser ALONE and tell them “hey, hunt down the fleet” or somethign along those lines. seriously wtf. If the Bis would be incorporated in a larger fleet, covered with aircraft (like americans did all the time) geez… that would be… absolute massacre on seas. just imagine it, 4-6 destroyers, 1 AC with proper scouts and interceptors planes – you dont want any sneaky beeki torpedoes to hit your super battleship – (i know, germany didnt have an AC, but still, just imagine), BISMARCK, 2-3 light cruisers…. and you are in a shit load of trouble. make few of these “smaller” fleets, and allies are going to shit themselves. in theory.
      same goes for Yamato.

      sadly, as history shows… the leaders were so sure about super power of both ships, this didnt happen. and they were like…. fish in a barrel. but i agree, the way they were used…. absolute failures. shame, because… they were like really nice ships. such a waste of good sailors and so much materials… oh well.

    • +Saddam Hussein Bismarck especially i think was poorly used, Germany just wasnt that much a naval power other than U-Boats.

      Japan was just improperly using what they had, I think the Yamato class Battleships should have served as a frontline beast rather then as the command post it was used as. It did more carrying rescued sailors from the ocean then as a Battleship. Mighty shame for such a beautiful ship to have such an empty service record and savage demise.

  6. uchuu senkannnnnn YAMATOOOOO

  7. No fallout 76 or new Vegas

  8. For the love of god, please use AP!!!!!!!! D:

  9. I introduced my dad to this game back in late 2016. He now is a top member of a clan and has over 2k battles with every ship unlocked. It’s the only video game he plays but it’s cool seeing him so into it.

  10. Yamato is beautiful, but I’ve played for years and still haven’t reached it. I just don’t have that kind of time. Not to mention in the later tiers the only way to stay profitable is to pay for premium.

  11. the pain …….

  12. Niiiiice. I’ve been waiting for another video of this.

  13. Oh devil oh devil, battleships should never load HE it’s like bottlenecking your damage, Especially on the Yamato

  14. “That’s a paddlilin'”-Jingles

  15. My laptop hard drive crashed because of this game ?

  16. pfftt too painful

  17. Devil. Pls start at tier 1 and learn to game from the ground up. there are wayyyyy more mechanics you need to think about/positioning/guns/armor/caps/movement/HE pen/velocity/ etc etc
    edit: still at max range after 15mins full broad
    edit: use alternative UI
    edit: capping wins games
    edit: aim at waterline with AP ffs
    I love your vids but this one is not it xD

  18. Wow you are the Rocky Balboa of battleship captains…Just keep taking hits like it’s nothing. Every time you fire, you need to change course and speed.

  19. Hey devil can you please play the light cruisers in war thunder naval forces in realistic mode please

  20. aha devil, making us old wows players cringe 😀

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