World of Warships- Superbattleships Are Coming & Submarines Update

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Hey guys! Quite the news from the DevBlog and Waterline video today, enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:20 Video Intro
1:38 Submarines
11:23 Superbattleships
14:24 Attack Aircraft Changes
16:37 Closing Thoughts & Outro


  1. Battery will make subs think about submerging, making them boom and zoom type

    • Cool. But…ma skill gab. Like ok 9 to 11mins is a LONG TIME, and the battles tend to be over sooner rather then later but Subs are FRAGILE, like Glass does not cover how fragile they are AND they have a pretty big detection range on the surface. Plus they will most likely dive whenever aircraft come near them, If nothing else i hope it recharges SLOWLY on the surface, otherwise subs might just end up in situations where they just get blaped on the surface mid match due to not being able to dive.

    • Yes do dat

  2. All these nations missing wjhole linesof ships and weegee comes up with this instead. Subs will be a disaster

    • Why do you think they are taking so dame long? they don’t want to royally fuck up again.

    • Agreed, where is HMS Renown/Repulse WG?

    • @straswa entire battlecruiser lines missing, commonwealth dd and cruiser lines ( believe it or not, you could easily get a CV line for the commonwealth as well). List goes on…. but subs and super battleships are what we need

    • @Jay Werner they are. it’s WG, just look at the commander rework

  3. I heard the german BB is like +370m long and +50m wide
    *oh lawd he CHONK*

  4. That “that’s my Discord, not yours” disclaimer was both hilarious and useful 😀
    I didn’t have my discord open now, but many times I’ve gotten so confused when I hear a Discord sound, pause the video, go check it, and there’s nothing. And not meaning SLM here specifically, but these kind of videos in general.
    Edit: Oh nice double strike at the end!

  5. Krzysztof Narloch

    Better question which skill will be removed cause if they add more skills to existing ones it will be once again clusterfuck of skills

    • i think in the blog, it said they will be adding the ASW to existing skills (like how AA was boosted in the old secondary skills) and then adding some stand along ASW skills

  6. If wargaming once people do the public test server then they need to make the rewards better and four have the experience earned their count to all the grind emissions they keep giving us. A lot of people feel they can’t take time out of their grind for whatever events going on to go to the public test server and get some Flags Maybe

  7. I’d love to see what kind of easter eggs they’ll add to the underwater world.

  8. Steven Wiederholt

    “Due to changes in the mechanics of detecting submarines and methods of countering them, the hydrophone has been removed from destroyers.”

    • What is that I didn’t play dd vs sub

    • Steven Wiederholt

      @Trent Riley
      That was one of the roles of DD’s, hunting submarines. Now maybe WG has a different way of hunting subs. I don’t know.

    • there not removing what dd’s have now it was a different hydro

    • They are rolling it into hydroacustic search.

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      In old subs, all dds got a new search method called hydro, which ‘pinged’ subs when you got close putting a marker on the surface telling depth and location. This was automatic. They’re removing this because all you have to do is get close to a submarine for it to show up (it just has a short detectability range). It’s also detectable by normal sonar like any other ship.

  9. Update 11.0 we are adding tier 11 ships, mainly Superbattleships. Have fun!

  10. WG: Soviet submarines are now equipped with cruise missiles

  11. They couldn’t balance on 2 legs let alone balance this game after 5 years of blundering around in the dark.

  12. Francois Levasseur

    10:20 “And they do listen”
    My german secondaries would like to talk about this.

    Also, **taps FDR** this bad boy can fit so many memes.

  13. They just gotta keep pumping out ships instead of addressing the problems the community has

  14. The Angry Krieger

    Update 69: we have now added ability for ships to mate allowing you to make a Yamato FDR mutant off spring.

  15. I want to Upload

    Can’t wait to play the H-42 and get melted down in 3 minutes by HE spam

  16. WG: We will make subs batter hold for 11 min to force people to plan their movements more.
    People: So 11min and yolo ? , OK !

  17. WG listens
    *Looks at Smolensk*
    XD oooh that’s a good one.

  18. The fact that bots were mixed into the submarine wartype was the best part of it.

  19. WG: Russian battleship with radar and He immune deck plating

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