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There are a huge number of good reasons why if you’re going to play World of Warships for free you should give games at tier 4 a look, and with the help of SuperCharged1110 in the USS Clemson we’re going to explore them.

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  1. When you’re feeling like literal sh*t irl, but then a Jingles video comes out.

  2. Chat at the beginning (1:15) had me laughing instantly: “Let’s break from the norm and form a 24 person konga line”

    • that’s how you know it’s the NA server.

    • samu1040 samu1040

      @DD557 Is the NA server really so much less toxic than the others? (Odds are there’s still a degree of toxicity, no such thing as a multiplayer game without toxic people)

    • @samu1040 samu1040 oddly yes, though the NA server on WoT is the exact opposite.

    • @samu1040 samu1040 i am not sure about less toxic but friendly banter seems abnormally common.

    • @samu1040 samu1040 the main reason for this is that on NA server,every1 talks the same language,on the european server,i belive most of it isnt actualy a language at all..just people slipping over the keyboard..but for some reason english is obviously to difficult

  3. May not like this game, but I always enjoy me some good Jingles videos!

  4. I just discovered you on The Operations Room about the Persian Gulf..

  5. Sometimes I’d rather have bots on my team at higher tiers than actual people…

  6. “It’s kinda sealclubbing”

    Well, the ship I’m looking at is the USS Clubson, a highly popular club used for seals.
    So, it’s not “kinda” sealclubbing, it’s the definition of sealclubbing lol

  7. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    “The bestest exploding pixel boat game on the market” -Mighty Jingles

  8. I remember one game in my Clemson where my team’s final survivor was a bot. Embarrassing. Still, it’s a fun little destroyer with a 6 gun, 6 torp broadside at tier 4.

    • Christopher Smith

      I had a game like that too once, last two ships were cv’s and there’s was using full squad and ours was not we lost and I stopped playing for a bit

  9. Tier 4 Hosho player here. Tier 4 give me the classic feeling of WOW. No radar and Hydro, No air battle or support no Torp or HE spam.
    ps. BTW it more fun with only 1 CV on each side instead of 2 which i don’t know why WOW can’t grasp this idea.

  10. Hey Jingles! Watched Operations Room latest video and loved your recall of a critical point in the Gulf War you were involved in!

  11. The console version is at tier 3 and was my favourite ship as its so easy to play. Had a 5.2km detection with 5.5km torps so hard to stealth torp lol.

  12. Mathias Fischbach

    Regarding AA at Tier IV, the dutch “De Ruyter” has a pretty nasty AA, especially with it’s fighter consumable. While it’s not enough to repel an air attack, it most definately hurts planes. A lot.

  13. Grand Admiral Raeder

    “you’re never going to save yourself by shooting aircraft down at tier 4. ever.” -Jingles. UNLESS YOU’RE AGAINST A HERMES WHOSE AIRCRAFT HAVE SUCH LOW HP THAT EVEN DESTROYERS WILL GET A FEW PLANE KILLS AT TIER 4

  14. Actually, many Clemsons served well into the thirties before being reserved the first time. Of course many others went from being commissioned to straight into reserve in the twenties, which proved useful when seven of them ran aground and another forty or so had faulty boilers. There were plenty of reserve Clemsons available to replace them.

  15. The Bot AI are fucking good at torp dodging though lol.

    • They are indeed. Acceleration that would humble a supercar, stopping on a sixpence and a rudder shift time of 90 deg in 0.01 seconds – or at least, that’s how it appears 🙂

    • Try torping without a lock on the bot. I get a lock, see the gray line, then take the lock off and fire the torps. It seems to work better that way.

  16. A great lesson in how to win at low tier matches by using your brains. well done Supercharged

  17. Jingles decides to dive back into War Thunder last week and this week they do a huge economy rebalance that makes the game much more enjoyable. Coincidence? I think not!

  18. I like the fact that this player has been farming Krakens and double strikes but he forgot WG does not give flags anymore for those activities!

  19. My first thought when seeing this video: “I thought Jingles was fed up with Warships, perhaps he sold out.” My thought after watching: “Nope, salty Jingles is clearly pissed”

  20. “Impossible to stealth torpedo with the clemson” WOW Console: Clemson is tier 3 with 4.6KM Detect and 6.5km torps.

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