World of Warships – DD Gnevny 8 Kills 148K Damage

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Player: Acht_Acht
Ship: Gnevny
Map: Strait

User Description:

Gnevny. 8 . 148k . High Caliber, Confederate, 2x Devastating Strike, Double Strike, Arsonist & Unleashed.

Firstly. Holy crap my heart was reallllly racing towards end that game. Can not even begin to describe the adrenaline rush I felt.

Starting out I went to assert dominance over A by knocking out their V-170 Konig through some cheeky island torping. And then supporting my team with gunfire to wear down their battleships and (s) in the area. After their ships in the area were sunk or retreated I moved on over to B to continue to support with gunfire and support the few teammates I had in the area. The match was slowly going against us with their team leading in points and controlling the majority of the north side of the map.

I was fortunate enough to have their two Myogis both focus engaging our which allowed me to slip past and wither one down while I closed the distance to the other with torpedoes. It got really hairy closing in that close with their secondaries taking me down to realy low health. Also fortunately, their Carrier was in open water near B presumably after capping which came down to a race for me to burn him down and avoid his torpedo bombers.

I guess I got lucky with the fires on the carrier which netted me the kill and gave me a window to dodge the torpedoes.

Heck, I guess I got really lucky with their team playing kinda poorly.

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  1. not quite sure about the meaning behind the name’s acronym, but nontheless,
    great game :)

  2. A nice little game. Good use of the island.

  3. Jeez . a lot of retarded player

  4. Why Donald Trump is in thumbnail ?

  5. Why you have a clown pic in the description

  6. Well done! he had a team of patatoes but with luck and skill he got the

  7. Respect i never got past the gnevny……just could not get it to work for
    me…so well played :-)

  8. noob team! good job gnevy!

  9. Dorple The Pork Oracle

    A lot of skill, a little luck, and a metric fuckton of stupidity made this

  10. I wish the enemy team were always noobs like that

  11. Be careful, the shittalkers are everywhere in this game ! Muahah

  12. Hilariuos how many mistakes the other mates (friend and foe) did. I play
    low tier very often and it really is like that most of the time. Thats why
    I enjoy it so much. Sometime you just feel that a BB sailor is just looking
    through his bins and waiting 30 seconds for reload and forgets everything
    aroung him. You just rush him, torp him and thats it. So much fun.

  13. Why you change your name in all of your videos? how many accounts do you
    have? you name in game never is the same curious detail.

  14. That noob trying to order everyone around in ALL CHAT of all places lol

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