World of Warships – The Biggest Loser

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Ah, ranked battles. The pinnacle of Warships skill and teamwork, where the best of the best come together as a team to crush the opposition.

Yeah, not so much.

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  1. Someone has already disliked the video before they could have possibly seen it all…

  2. Not only Tier 10 Pan Asian, but rank 1-5??

    Also, Yeah those torps at 8:15? Definitely YueYang torps. Deepwater icon, but spotted by hydro.

    *edit* That ending made me so mad I tried to report him from the screenshot.

    • he shits on the yueyang for not knowing what deepwater torps are but then himself doesn’t know what deepwater torps look like. good ol’ jingles

    • To be fair, from what Jingles said this is either his first or third battle in the You Yang, so he must have gotten that high in the tiers with other ships. He’s still a jackass, though.

    • +dire to be fair, if its still like a few years ago, the screen from where he is commentating the game is a small window where he cant really see much detail.

    • perhaps we should flood his in game messages with WTF were you thinking!!!

    • Huh… Did not notice that the Deep-water torpedoes had a different icon, until you pointed it out. Thank you.

      Every time i noticed a wave of torpedo icons moving towards me i go to brown alert, and hard focus on my rudder indicator…

  3. In the defense of the Z-52: He was hard detected by Flambass, and thus he didn’t know if Flambass was radaring or if he even had radar ready.

    • Yeah, we don’t know for sure since we don’t have the replay from him and do not know what information he had to pop the smoke.

      But a few days ago, this happened to me: I tried to cap with a DD and got radar’ed from a Worcester, so I hit engine boost and got out of the cap. Then a team mate in a tier 10 asked me in chat why I gave up the cap, so I told him that I got radar’ed. And then he told me I should’ve used my smoke to hide myself and called me a noob because I didn’t know how smoke works oO

    • +BigBA1 well yeah fair enough, however we cant just go assume the Z-52 is a retard as a few guys did above

    • + Dolovo_Gaming i guess the reason its the same is because it’s directly related to the spotting support/dmg mechanic, since hardspotting grants the one spotting the spotting dmg bonus over the one using radar. not sure though, just assuming

    • If you are directly spotted by a ship and radar, only the direct spotting shows up meaning he did not know radar was up and smoke wasn’t a bad option since he didn’t know radar was up.

    • TheMakushimirian  best explanation given here. I consider myself a cruiser specialist and I see this constantly when hunting DDs especially when they get caught in a crossfire situation and are trying to get the hell out of there. Smoke is supposed to help defensively too. There needs to be a second icon that tells you that you are also being radar’d. In the current meta it’s really unfair to DD players when this happens. They are getting reamed when there is a chance they can get outside of detection range, pop smoke and go undetected but instead they are being radar’d the entire time and have no way of knowing.

  4. I’m just going to pretend Flambass’ sonar wasn’t on when you said the *deepwater* torpedos definitely weren’t the YueYang’s but the Zao’s

  5. for those who are not aware: if you targed an destroyer and want to fire deepwater torps at them the game tells you that you cannt hit them so theres no excuse for firing deepwater torps at destroyers (tier 5+)

  6. Not even fire from Conqueror and Zao can cleanse that kind of stupidity…

  7. That Yueyang reminds me of a Hsienyang player on my enemy team who torped me while I was in my Akizuki, claimed I was a hacker for not getting damaged by his torps, and then proceeded to ram me while I was shooting him and was astonished I didn’t die (survivability expert lel, also Die-Hard). He reported me seven times after that match, and complained I was a haxor. I was laughing for half an hour straight.

    • Just say “Yes I am a cheater! I used the infinite money cheat” or something to that effect.

    • Some people are just a few jogs around the track behind everybody else.

    • Reminds me of one time I was in my Scharnhorst and I deleted an Edinburgh that was full broadside at 15km away. Dude was so salty that he was claiming that I got lucky from RNG. Well if you’re showing broadside to a battleship you’ll get deleted regardless of distance. Done it in my Iowa to a Worcester within 13km, Massachusetts to another Massachusetts within 16km it doesn’t matter; show broadside you’ll get blapped. I finished grinding the US BB line a few weeks ago and I have over 1400 battles under my belt with a 54% win rate. If people watch any of the good players it’s fairly easy to understand the mechanics and strats to the game.

    • I always wondered the types of dudes who run those flags! its you!!! loL

    • +Sean K no lol, I have never mounted the Ramming flags. It’s just how much more health my Akizuki had compared to his Hsienyang, especially because I was shooting him as he charged in.

  8. I’m not sure if I could ever play WoWs again if I had that experience

  9. This video gave me too much stress, like the idiot that threw mustve been ever worse because it isnt hard to see that you can win by time

    • mynameiswritinwater

      what makes me even more nervous is how someone with so little knowledge and skill can even make it to Tier X and rank 2. if he canmake it to rank 2.. how much worse are the players who do not participate ?

    • +mynameiswritinwater also the guy in the yue yang, its obvious he doesnt knoe about deepwater torps but that legit the only thing in the game where you need to play through tier 2 and grind your way through since they require more skill than other DDs

  10. Got to love Freexp suicidal destroys that blame the team when they die lol.

    • PS:
      Don’t worry, be happy, and the game will be much more fun.

    • I kindly disagree. Imho entertainment is something else than getting stomped or stomping the enemy. Entertainment are interesting matches, meaning, that either side has to battle to actually win. 80% of games nowadays are said stomps. It is cool for you, to not have expectations, but plenty of people do. I just do not have the time to join a team to get better alongside them. And even if I did, what else would it bring than owning the enemy team, because your DIV is so well skilled. Even if WG just implemented a permanent ladder (NOT RANKED), or the option to join one, to be able to play against equally skilled players, based on stats. The matches used to be more fun and the quality of each match declines drastically. So why not implement decent bots? Not too strong but not too dumb either. There are good examples like OpenAI, it is possible. I’d rather play decent matches against bots, than what I am witnessing these day in WOWs. And I for sure wont return, until something is done.

    • that dude should be banned for a week or month. Not kidding. Thats just wrong!!! Not only didnt know… calls his team out.

    • Gulaschiltis: – “So why not implement decent bots? Not too strong but not too dumb either. There are good examples like OpenAI, it is possible. I’d rather play decent matches against bots, than what I am witnessing these day in WOWs.” –

      I have a confession to make…I didn’t know you were serious about the bots, I thought you were joking. HOWEVER, I have actually wondered the same thing! And to be honest, I have about 4000 games in Co-op and maybe 200 or 300 or so in Random, I play mostly co-op for much the reasons you are talking about. I don’t want the drama.
      So maybe we are not so different. 😉

  11. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Both of those guy’s were IDIOTS!! but the last guy the BB, was the biggest if your team is telling you just run and stay alive you are going to WIN!! then do it.. This is why people don’t like playing ranked.. And the jokes on the BB player, because Flambass still got his rank 1 for the 8th time.. HAHAHA….🚢

    • John Chucky Tomlinson

      +Thales my comment wasn’t about if he knew who Flambass was.. He put the whole team in jeopardy, when i said the jokes on him, was because he thought only of his star and still could have won his star without making his team mate’s loose.. They all were yelling at him in Chat to just run the game was won.. So ever he doesn’t read the chat, or he just wanted to save his star and make his team loose in the process…..

    • +John Chucky Tomlinson : Thales was replying to the comment above him, about “if a well known top-quality ccr is recommending a tactic”

      Thales then said not everyone who plays watches youtube, or even cares about the CCs

    • John Chucky Tomlinson

      +Caelo de Vorago ok my fault, thanks for pointing that out….

    • mynameiswritinwater

      …/shrug…. more people should : because the CCs actually do the job that WG has omitted for years – including tutorials explaining the basic rules of the game.
      And things do not become unreasonable just because you can’t identify the guy stating them is unknown to you.

    • John Chucky Tomlinson

      +mynameiswritinwater good damn point!!

  12. Thats a very important lesson many players in WoT should learn…. I came across a lot of players lately that have played like 500 games or less…and yet….They are driving around in a Tier 8 prem tank with a WR of 44%…I have seen players in tier 10’s with less than a 1000 games….Nothing strange about that, some people would say but the WR does say it all….because they manage to go down to 43%…..The team is relying on these top tier players but they are just as useless as a bull in a china shop..NOTHING is pissing me off more than these wallet warriors who fuck it up for other players.

    I would suspect that GraveDigger is another GREAT example of a wallet warrior…..TOTALLY AND UTTERLY USELESS…

    • +Andrew Sander Yeah, except they don’t. Do you think these random WW who spend 100 bucks on the game are what keeps it a F2P? And not the faithful playerbase with over 10k games that buy almost every new premium, buy premium accounts, buy their useless merch and such? I disagree. But there’s no way to prove it, so whatever

    • I got my first tier 10 ship at around 1300 battles played. Even tho I free xp the t9 I was confident I wouldn’t suck since I had many battles in t8 as a destroyer captain and other bbs with an average of 51% wr. Its not really experience, just a willingness to learn. I saw a guy a couple weeks ago who had almost 10,000 battles played but has a 43% wr

    • All the time…..

    • He is bulgarian, dont expect too much.

    • You realise how hard it is to get a game of WoT in Australia? Maximum server pop I have seen ever: 3950 players. Average server pop: Around 250 players. Trying to play in anything lower than T6 where you can get dragged into T8 matches… 50% chance your game will time out and you hit ‘Battle’ for the third unsuccessful time in a row. No idea what server you play on but in Australia there are three types of players: Those who are veterans of several years and grinded their way to T10 before the server even existed; new players who paid to get the the same level in order to actually play… and those of us waiting for the pop to climb above a thousand on a friday afternoon when everyone get off work/school. I hate them too for the most part but sometimes I envy their recklessness.

  13. jingles people are buying accounts too. One guy in ranked was asking at start of the match “how to play BB in ranked?” and then said that “i bought this account”. He was playing in a richlieu. It’s so bad and the bot problem is rampant in asia server

  14. Not trying to rush to that Z-52’s defend buuuuut
    The “spotted by radar” icon disappears if they can see you. So the Z-52 probably thought he got spotted and could get away with smoking up

  15. 4:58 flambass.exe stopped working
    8:15 jingles.exe stopped working
    17:00 mybrain.exe hates my guts for forcing him to witness next few minutes again
    21:07 ………..

    I warned you Jingles, IQ is gonna drop after this match
    But thank you for sharing so we can all collectively be dumber, awesome job as always 😉

  16. Oh yea.. when he torped the Z we were really wondering how he had not learned anything about deep water torps. And the the Kurfürst at the end it was a mix of horrible and hilarious, horriblarious

  17. T10-ranked, and at least 3 ships didn’t have a clue… This problem is easily fixed by only allowing Ships with experience to play in ranked…. Guess that wouldn’t make as much money tho…

  18. I had a game like this in WarThunder recently. It was 1v1 left, but the enemy had been sitting at his airfield for 40 minutes. So of course our only remaining player, a D3A1 japanese dive bomber decided to go into the enemy airfield at 300kmh at 200m altitude and get shredded by AA fire 9 seconds before the game ended and we won on points.

    • Well, what do you expected at this tier? As far as I remember D3A1 BR is little above reserves so this might been this guy first charge on enemy af, hopefully he will learn. Play higher BR and such things will happen less often and by this I don’t mean af campers – that’s War Thunder air RB trade mark, but there will be no players who will throw a match this way when they are winning by tickets and the match is about to over.

    • good ole war thunder and the OP AA. Gosh I dont miss that,

  19. Yuejang dumbass is the winner for me, 3 games to t10 that’s juicy learning curve 👌😂 (what a waste to deny gadjah mada also, did he checked stats ?)

    Nice epic game tho, the kind u remember vaguely the frustration u had within months later… lol 😏

    • Yup, I’ve seen GraveDigger_BG knocking around lvl 5 games with me and other poor saps and he completely sucked in those games too lol.

  20. Wait, he went all the way to Rank 2 before suddenly switching to a DD he never played? What?

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