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Just about to pack up and get some sleep before heading to Poland, time for one quick training session first!

You can watch the WGL Grand Finals (and us!) at

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. I have a seriously bad case of man flu, please help!!

  2. 14:15 YAAY Jingles, you know how to use the Kutuzov!

    Not that I ever said or thought you didn’t, it just makes me happy to see
    you using AP against that broad North Carolina, AND launching torpedoes
    when it makes sense to!

    GREAT GAME! I LOVE these videos! Please keep them coming!

    And I TRULY cannot wait to see this in the Grand Finals!

  3. chesseburger lolcat

    i cringe every time jungles sais warszawa wrong.

  4. adhd engineering

    why would you take a tirpitz over an amagi? the amagi is a far better ship
    with more damage output…

  5. This would probably be bad in team battles especially as a CV escort, but
    lately since the Kutuzov got better Hydro Acoustic, I have been using that
    in Random Battles instead of defensive AA barrage.

    Especially for the Kutuzov, I have already killed an Amagi BECAUSE of that
    hydro acoustic! I was sitting in my smoke, of course. Unfortunately, after
    getting off several volleys against a Amagi as well as some other ships, my
    vision disappeared, so I popped Hydro. Within seconds I saw torpedoes
    coming right at me and easily dodged.

    THEN: That Amagi appears IN my smoke, at 4.5km and I am broadside enough
    that I launched 5 torps narrow and 4 of 5 was all it registered before BYE

    Lol, and it was all the better because HE COULD NOT SEE ME AT ALL! XD

  6. Well, that was a nail-biter!! :-)

  7. General Saufenberg

    would you try the new game from gaijin crossout?

  8. Fernando Quebing

    great video jingles

  9. Jingles…tut tut tut…broadside on to a enemy ship!??? That’s a

  10. Jingles – those torpedoes came so close that you could read where they were

  11. Nice video..But Jingles that aiming on Shokaku was to short mutc more

  12. 5:00 Jingles shoots AP at a DD! This is why, just last night I finally
    pulled the trigger on Aslain’s mod pack installer!

    I didn’t feel like modding WOWS, especially as I hand pick and install
    every single mod I want individually for WOT each and every patch – and
    doing this usually takes up 2 hours on average of my life! Because getting
    the mods into the proper folders is easy enough – but it is tedious and a
    little time consuming, what takes up MOST time would be testing the
    finished mod pack to make sure it works at all, and the to make sure every
    mod I wanted is working properly!


    That said, for whatever reason, NO camera mods will work on the NA (as well
    as SEA IIRC) servers, which includes the “Smoke Circles” mod, which comes
    checked off by default on Aslain’s.

    I tired Aslain’s 4 times and kept getting a “Critical Error” when trying to
    sign in that I had to ctrl+alt+del to get out of, so then I try downloading
    and installing the Smoke Circles mod alone – and got the same error 3 more
    times, as I had tried 3 different versions of the mod.

    Then I go back to Aslain’s page, and notice the disclaimer that camera mods
    will not work for NA, AND that includes the smoke circles!

    So, I just unchecked the smoke circles, and whaddya know, FUNCTIONS


  13. Actually Jingles it was the “Odem Mortis Ersatzbank” which means that it
    was just their secondary team, like substitute players in football.

  14. Jingles, please use premium consumables. To see this hurts my eyes!

  15. Jingles what ever happen to the UK dd that u are going to show still on

  16. +The Mighty Jingles “ersatzbank” means (reserve) bench. So you were playing
    their bench players.

  17. The voice acting during that announcement sequence at the beginning
    wouldn’t cut it on a porn set.

  18. Poor iEG in that Benson.

  19. That trailer was cringe-worthy

  20. If you keep this up Jingles, you just might meet the real OMNI power,
    looking forward to it, stay sharp!

  21. Goddamn it jingles, Use premium consumables

  22. damn Jingles your aiming sucks so badly :D

  23. Actually “Ersatzbank” means substitutes bench, so this are not the best
    from odem mortis

  24. Hmmm, did Flamu get an invite? A damn fine WoWs instructor. He and Notser
    help so many without boasting etc..Just sayin…

  25. I’ve platooned with Aerroon & Tuca a few times, very good players. Aerroon
    is known for being aggressive in the Tirp & although he may go down he
    usually takes more than 1 enemy with him, I would assume those guys would
    know this. I was surprised there wasn’t at least a single Amagi! (Most of
    my battles for the Jolly Rogers were using the Amagi) Seriously, purely for
    the Amount of guns & manoeuvrability its hard to beat, single fire only &
    it doesn’t matter how they try to dodge, just choose your moments for full
    salvos + ‘running away/fighting backwards/keeping safest profile to enemy’
    there isn’t another ship at that tier that can still bring that many guns
    of that Calibre to bare.

  26. is this one of your “help i’ve been kidnapped…send help” videos?

  27. rubbish music WG. Good luck Jingles.

  28. You know that Ersatzbank is the reserve do you?

  29. if that game had gone to penalties , Gurmany would have won :p

  30. Seriously piss poor comms between team and tactics

  31. Jingles, your aim is terrible.

  32. Jingles learn to AIM you suck

  33. Earl of Northesk

    The teams name literally is “Odem Mortis Substitutions” 😀 But you have
    played against their first team as well, in your last team battle video
    +The Mighty Jingles .The one at the end was their first team.

  34. Check out Armoured Warfare !!!! with the new missions for April its become
    Armoured Cap as quick as you can. Look forward to your comments

  35. Good Luck

  36. That intro was given to Jingles on April the 1st

  37. Achim Hanischdörfer

    Damn they turned that around!!!
    I thought half way through they lost the match.

  38. seriously? this is who the best players are? man, im at hte top of the
    scoreboard nearly every match except t10, i should be doing this.

  39. The Mighty Jingles, best aim of the eighth sea.

  40. So they pick players to participate not by their skill but their fame?

  41. That was epic!!!
    except for the part were u keep missing, that was not epic :3

  42. No nice way to put this but you cant aim for shit jingles.

  43. 11:35 = Puckered bumhole time… Mine was tighter than a snare drum
    watching that.

  44. SetoFreakingKaiba

    never before have I been so anxious with a video

  45. Stoney “Skouteh” Mahoney

    Did anyone else look at the map when the match started and think “OMG!

  46. Jingles, you need to work on adjusting your aim. You could have finished
    that Shokaku a lot faster that way.

  47. I wish in game we had those sounds. “torp boat, torp boat!” “what are you
    doing fire on the Battleship!” that be sweet add on. Better than the @#&!
    Ear peircing beep.

  48. KeybladeMaster9913

    You know what I would laugh my ass off, what if one of the other team had
    said in their chat. OH MY GOD IT’S JINGLES!

  49. Intro provided by the Ace Combat English dubbers … time to go fly with
    the Angels!

  50. Jingles your gunnery sucks so bad!

  51. Good going Jingles!

  52. The people in the intro sounded like angry Xbox children rather than
    disciplined admirals.

  53. Well, it was only the Odem Mortis substitute-bench team :P

  54. Very Nice and GL to your team

  55. Jingles you are so crap at this game

  56. Theres something in Foxtrot Nine direction… hehehe :D

  57. MarcusTheAbsolute

    God this naval-talk in a fucking video game makes me cringe. You’re not
    sailors, talk like normal people.

  58. Someone merge this game with war thunder 0.0

  59. Poor intro

  60. Jingles, when your shells fall BEHIND your target, it means you should
    INCREASE your lead, not decrease it.

    *Resumes beating dead horse*

  61. That intro really reminded me of the best EVE Online trailers. “This is
    Eve” and “EVE Online: Dominion” tears, man they’re so good.

  62. The guy directing the team at the start sounds like a weather man

  63. Really enjoyed this

  64. wows can’t be an esport. too much RNG. and jingles once again, you’re crap.
    but you’re still awesome crap.

  65. Gaius Garmanicus

    Damn it, man! It’s 5am, I’m trying to go to bed! It’ll wait 20 more
    minutes; Jingles video!

  66. btw ersatzbank means this was the substitute team :P

  67. Man, the lead on the CV is completely off and you dont ajust. Pls do
    something about that.

  68. LEAD your Bloody Shots Jingles. Come to Minnesota in October and we will
    explain lead shooting with real ducks and geese. At this time I have no
    concerns about the ducks and geese. Hopefully you will learn. Bloody

  69. Jingles… why you always give so little lead… :P

  70. My captain, my captain?

  71. Morning Jingles!

  72. Really enjoyed this. Makes me want to get back into ships.

  73. What was the music at the start

  74. Will this ever come to console

  75. Boy that was tense! Nice win…..

  76. very nice match Jingles :-)

  77. i really think u need more practice on ur leading jingles. u expended so
    much ammo for not leading enuf. good game tho. and have plenty of fun on ir
    travels dude

  78. Your shooting sucks right. Lol


  80. Have fun with the Poles Jingles . .
    And according to Jedis vid . .
    The Brits will be fighting ze Germanz in Poland? O.o

  81. Good Luck and have Fun!!

  82. I love your games, and look forward to see you play in Poland. But just as
    a side note, you need to give greater lead on your firing; I’ve noticed
    that’s a consistent reason you sometimes miss out on even more damage done.

  83. strangers you bugger haha, no longer on TS ?? weekend playing not enough ?

  84. OMG have team has Aerron, Tuca and Strangers you guys are gonna be top dogs
    at the tourney. good luck to everyone.

  85. Jingles, that was just the substitutes bench of them^^ Ersatzbank means
    substitutes bench.

  86. Next time you get a good Yamato replay or mingles, could you go into
    operation Ten go.

  87. Sheesh my voice sounds so crap! :D

  88. Damn Jingles, that shooting at the end >.< was your hand shaking too much? xDD

  89. Is that Lord commander in the carrier John snowiest alive yes

  90. Uvisoft Coorporations

    I’ll tell you where the title came from:

    A movie that was crap has something called a “the dead poets society”

  91. TheLordDeliverence

    Enjoy Poland Jingles and good luck in the match.

  92. My god Jingles aim is shocking, same as the last replay. Never leads enough
    or judges the speed. On the carrier at the end, even after 3 salvos missing
    he was still way too short on the fire.

  93. I wonder if Jinggles knows what the word “Erstatzbank” means. ;)

  94. Was the practice match live streamed on twitch? I would love to have seen

  95. Aeroon was with them, nice, too bad he got focused and died early, i quite
    like his videos

  96. Great video Jingles. And very good job. Have just started playing this

  97. Marvin Metalhead

    these guys aren´t even the maingroup ^^ Ersatzbank means substitution bench

  98. Rear Admiral Jingles in The Adventures of the Awkward Circle. I would
    totally see that movie. On betamax. At 3am. In a sex shop viewing cubicle.

  99. strangers and Aeroon! :D

  100. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    Hey Jingles when is the Campbeltown getting released?

    P.S. Wasn’t that actually a U.S. destroyer we ‘loaned’ to you and you guys
    promptly blew it up on the docks in the famous St. Nazaire raid?

    The U.S. calling, when do we get our boat back?

  101. is this new intro standard? its cool

  102. Robert Charleson

    Good Luck Jingles!!

  103. Jingles you should play with Moley from ZF at one point.

  104. Jingels, your shooting sucks, you scrub lord. Have fun in Poland. Kill a
    few sausages.

  105. omg it’s arnold schwarzenegger playing world of warships 2:58

  106. Secret Shogunyan


  107. Clan-name says it’s just their reserve players

  108. Nice video, good luck in Poland,

  109. good luck!

  110. good luck to your team sir, happy hunting

  111. was he seriously calling that the “north cal?” I’m offended. if u don’t
    want to say “north Carolina”, just say cackalacky.

  112. best of luck jingles

  113. i dont want to be that guy but dont dye on your trip and get blown up

  114. good luck!

  115. Good game. Like he did, i will do also, when im done with my Yamato grind.
    Battleships are nice, but im not that good with them. Much better with

  116. Well it was a good match but they were “only” the reserve

  117. @ethan serapio it’s been in many video before tho one mate.

  118. Jingles The AT8 is now the mortal enemy to TOG II*

  119. Nice torpedo dodge Jingles!

  120. travel safe

  121. O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
    The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,
    The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
    While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
    But O heart! heart! heart!
    O the bleeding drops of red,
    Where on the deck my Captain lies,
    Fallen cold and dead.

  122. That intro was Horrific who the fuck was smoking the Crack pipe when that
    idea was pitched jesus chirst

  123. That intro was Horrific who the fuck was smoking the Crack pipe when that
    idea was pitched jesus chirst

  124. Damn, you had to throw a ton of shit against that CV-wall.

  125. GG Jingles! 🙂

    I wish WoW would have a voice-chat option for division like WoT has…
    there are SO many times when I just couldn’t type fast enough in chat…

  126. Good lord that intro is bad – What the hell Wargaming.

  127. Godspeed!

  128. jingles good at a game?! who are you and where is the real jingles!!!!!????

  129. did jingles just revealed is new name?NewcastleD87 wahahaha jingles is too
    old to remember this kind of shit LOL

  130. Lord, and I thought MechWarrior: Online’s few trailers/promotional material
    was cringy. O.o

  131. If only game developers could find a way to make realistic, or at least
    natural sounding dialogue for their multiplayer footage. Oh well.

  132. cruiser camping behind carrier xD

  133. Holy crap Boris Kutchacockoff is on their team.

  134. Strong Shit!!

  135. Fast enough for all of your shells to miss….

  136. The intro was cringy to the max, but hopefully the event wont be like that.
    Good luck with your trip!

  137. Good match.
    Nerve-racking though.
    Jingles, are you missing on purpose to give us some drama?

  138. GG Jingles!

  139. Omni Flavus player ate everything

  140. just woke up….wtf jingles!

  141. Lead your shots Jingles, please!

  142. Jingles is gone….party in salt mines :D

  143. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  144. You forgot to blur out your name Jingele …

  145. Thorsten Janssen

    it actually says “Odem Mortis Ersatzbank” which translates to “Odem Mortis
    substitutes bench”, this was not their main team ;)

  146. Newcastle??? Your Scotish? Sorry, I’m remembering something David Hobbs
    said during a F1 race. He said that everything north of Coventry may as
    well be Scotland.

  147. They sure potty trained you well… I might just watch the finals.

  148. O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
    The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,
    The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
    While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
    But O heart! heart! heart!
    O the bleeding drops of red,
    Where on the deck my Captain lies,
    Fallen cold and dead.

  149. jingles…like wtf lol. I got up at 7:00 to get ready for work, watched
    your tank video, went to work, just got off work, and you posted another
    video an hour ago. If I watch this, what will I do in the morning????? (if
    you hate math I’ll do it for you, 17 hour shift)

  150. Good luck to you and your fleet!

  151. I need a wows clan

  152. Hey Jingles how many times have you changed your ingame name now?

  153. Realy nice play there Jingles! Looking forward to see you in Poland live
    and “uncut” :)

  154. That was a good game though jingles your leading needed a little work at
    the end there must be that carrier fevor

  155. Jingles, you are horrible. How many shots did you need to hit that carrier?
    lol. Have a nice trip. 🙂
    At least Aerroon, Tuca and Strangers are there.

  156. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Good poi be with you Jingles

  157. I’m guessing that not many teams have highly experienced US or VMF CA
    players. Radar with the smaller teams and tons of communication feels like
    it’ll demolish any sort of aggressive DD play.

    A New Orleans has the gun punch and great AA. With the longer time span
    radar it can shut down smoking Bensons/Lo Yangs. Chapayev at least sounds
    like a MK that trades smoke for radar.

    If the DDs are taken down you’re team has a much better ability of
    controlling the map.

  158. is it today

  159. Good luck over there ?

  160. OM is overrated as fuck haha

  161. OMFG Aerroon and Strangers!!!

  162. Safe trip, have fun!

  163. “Ersatzbank” means substitutes’ bench. You were playing their B-team!

  164. Good luck

  165. jingles’ gunnery makes me itchy =P

  166. Oh Jingles!! That torp spread dodge you pulled off made my arsehole pucker!
    I think I chewed a hole in the seat of my chair!

  167. I Love Purple Hazmats

    Christ Jingles, you made me shout at the screen with that shooting.

  168. Your aim sucks Jingles :)

  169. Hail our overlord Jingles for he is off to conquer Poland and spread the
    great teachings of “if it’s stupid and it works, it isn’t stupid”

  170. Good luck and fair seas Jingles! May the Gnome overlord dominate all!

  171. Dream team!

  172. Jingles the Cruiser Closer

  173. carrier driver is an annoying asshole on voice chat. ugh.

  174. have a good trip

  175. Break a Leg! No matter what it will be entertaining because Jingles is

  176. Good luck Jingles. Kick ass!

  177. Jingles! you guys have to angle your ships like they do in 8:45!

  178. Jingles, not that I know you ever read these comments, but here’s a little
    tip that I was reminded of when you were wondering how the NorCal was
    When firing at something you suspect is going astern and your vessel has
    torps, briefly shift to your torps because THE LEAD INDICATOR WILL SHOW YOU
    WHERE IT’S GOING. Works at any range, of course.
    Can be VERY useful.
    Just a thought.
    I think WG ought to code the lead indicator so it only works when the
    target is in OR WILL BE IN range based on current distances and relative
    motions (might teach muppets not to spam torps at targets they can’t
    possibly hit, too, which is a real curse at lower tiers). It’s a bit dopey
    that the torp lead assist works at ranges that the primary fire control
    director would be far more accurate at estimating motion, but nothing new
    there I guess.
    p.s. good game to watch. Highlights just how badly this game suffers when
    played by 12 randoms with no effective comms, doesn’t it; so many games
    with people doing stupid shit that does nothing to contribute to winning,
    and leads to a load of camping bollock battles or roflstomps. Close games
    are ALWAYS better IMO, win or lose.

  179. good luck Jingles!!

  180. Jingles! You aim faaaar too short, it almost looks like whatever you think
    you should be aiming, you should aim twice as far ahead.

  181. 1:17am and 1064 views, good times haha

  182. good luck Jingles

  183. Ryan Fitzgibbons

    Dear jingles,
    I’ve been a fan for a long time and I’ve really enjoyed your history based
    videos. My father was the one who had gotten me into history in the first
    place. I introduced him to your videos 8 months ago covering the
    development of different tanks, ships, and aircraft. this was always
    something we looked forward to and I wanted to let you know that the videos
    you put out no matter how small they may seem allways have an impact. my
    father passed away from lung cancer in September and i will always remember
    watching these videos with him
    Thank you

  184. Retrack Squigglebottom

    Dead poets society

  185. +The Mighty Jingles well played man, although when you triggered your AA
    ability you should’ve clicked on each squad for a few seconds just to panic
    them all & hopefully save your teammate a bit more damage. Loved this, you
    guys work well together.

  186. powodzenia

  187. i see aerroon in the team :O

  188. Bomb your own ship while in Poland lmao!

  189. What i liked was he blurred the names in the team list but you can see them
    in the results screen. LOL. Great work Admiral. Hope you do well. Most my
    fav brits on your team. Good luck and good shells.!!

  190. Calling the North Carolina a North Cal bothers me more than it should :x

  191. Great match Jangles

  192. Have a nice time in Poland, Jingles~

  193. Still no HMS Campbeltown huh?

  194. Can’t the Carrier …. stfu?!

  195. good luck jingles. we’re all rooting for you!

  196. does anyone else notice how everyone sounds like they’re holding their
    breath and sigh sometimes before and after they speak xD ?

  197. Have a safe trip, and good luck in your match.

  198. Have a nice trip Jingles! make us proud!

  199. Kind of a nailbiter there at the end. Nice shooting, oh gnomist of

  200. Awesome, Aerroon, Strangers, and Tuca in this video!

  201. Oh hey its Aerroon in this match

  202. I’m early?!?!

  203. I was about to go to bed but a Jingles video oh hell yes!

  204. First!


    fuck, no I’m not

    oh well…..

    Jingles, stop loading videos at 1 AM EST.

    I can’t sleep efficiently knowing there’s content from you I haven’t
    watched. *:3*

    GL in Poland, sink some plebs!

  205. NewcastleD87…Jingles’ new name? Oh don’t blame me if it is… sorry!!

  206. Jingles any wt on the horizon after your trip

  207. 11:35 pm for me when this came out… that is mid night you know jingles
    wait….I forgot you guys are like 6 or so hours ahead

  208. that Team was just the backup Team of Ödem Mortis

  209. Booyah

  210. Jingles, I’m still waiting on a war thunder patch 1.57 vid…

  211. “Ersatzbank” means “Reserve Bench” — just saying.

  212. Aerroon and Strangers 😀 + Jingles
    this IS a dream team lel

  213. i break into tears and sob uncontrollably for hours on end

  214. Jesussfuck, Jingles, you suck at this game.

  215. this OM team is “just” the back up for the OM team that will play at the
    ESL event :D

  216. Good Luck and Fair Seas in Warsaw Jingles!

  217. TB MoserBrothers

    Jingles this is just the Ersatzbank, so the reserve, not the main team.

  218. I’m early. Sorry guys, no joke this time.

  219. I wish I knew you played in EU servers before I started playing games from
    wargaming lol I’m in too deep in NA now to restart ?

  220. Soulbound Golden

    Jingles will never notice me… i bet my friend 5k that i’ll die- or
    jingles will die, before he replys to this :#, ITS A FACT!

  221. HellHawX Omega (Lord Of Hellish Chrome)

    Today is the anniversary of Operation Ten-Go (Heaven #1)
    Respect to the brave Japanese and American crews of that day

  222. I’m early, let me make a joke: World of Warplanes

  223. Kendall Evinrude

    LOL advertising World of Warships ESports

  224. Am I the only battleship that turn when he see torpedo?

  225. Damn, less than 300 views

  226. You know you have a problem when you’re at a party & have got to go into
    another room to watch the new jingles vid

  227. damn! I’m early, let’s say something..


  228. wtf JINGLES??? IT”S 12 AT NIGHT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  229. Well… I come home from work at 12:30 AM and sit down to a new Jingles
    video at 124 views. Happy, happy day! Glory to Jingles!

  230. 160th view, never thought i would watch one of youre videos so early :). by
    the way, keep it up!

  231. scrotum

  232. have a safe trip and kick some ass for all of us jingles fans

  233. Jingles uploading at 5:30? A little early

  234. Hey Jingles, do you think you could put Yi Sun Sin into a video?

  235. i blame Billy

  236. notification squad XD

  237. First word ;)

  238. PotatoMasher Productions


  239. Under 301 :)

  240. Happy Birthday to me!

  241. 112 views, holy shit.

  242. kys


  243. First

  244. Pretty early upload jingles. It’s only 9:30 pm in California

  245. holy shit first comment ever

  246. FIRST saludos desde argentina!!!!!!!!

  247. Timmothy Newport

    Love you Jingles

  248. Ethan Boissonnault


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