World of Warships – The Jaws of Defeat

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Just for a change we’re going to be snatching victory from the jaws of defeat instead of the other way around. I thought it would make a nice change.

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  1. Damn it jingles … I was about to go to sleep

  2. I love not sleeping 🛌 when ships are about.

  3. Never underestimate the idiocy of the enemy team, unless the only ones left alive have killed most of your team, then you truly are fucked.

  4. Jingles it’s probably his Massachusetts commander!

  5. 5:00 “He has just taken his first cap”… Oh Jingles… That was not the first cap! You missed that he capped B at the start of the game. Please never change, Jingles! 😀 😀

  6. 4:51 “And . . . he has just taken his first cap.” And won his second cap ribbon of the match. Jingles, never change.

  7. Jingles laugh prolongs life i can bet on it ..

  8. A Jingles laughter a day keeps the doctor away.

  9. i mean in defense of the Missouri’s build it is a premium ship and he was using halsey. so he probs had a secondary build on it for Georgia/Ohio and wanted to farm some credits and Commander XP (that 21pt Grind is brutal).

  10. The Old Man’s laugh is too contagious

  11. KronoKrusader: *is not named KronoKommander*
    Jingles: KronoKommander

    Krono: *caps B, then A*
    Jingles: He just capped his first cap circle(A)

    Never change Jingles.

  12. I love Jingles laugh as he watches someone pull their head out of their ass just so they can lick the window on the bus.

  13. Chester Cheong Yu Xuan

    Never underestimate the sheer utter stupidity of both your own teammates and the enemy. The only time you need to wear your brown pants is when the last enemy on the team is on near full health, and has killed almost half the team…

  14. 14:23 me almost chocking on my coffee laughing. Jingles, please don’t make us laugh.

  15. Jerry RGzz Hehehu

    “Remember kids is not about how good you are, is about praying that the enemy team sucks even more than you do”
    – online gamers official moto

  16. 14:30 lol at the Friesland providing cover FROM HIMSELF

  17. 6:05 friendly KITAKAZE who just died: “sorry, I’m still figuring out how to play destroyers.” Yes, he says that in a Tier IX ship. Free XP anyone?

  18. That Iowa duel was like the kind of fight you see between two drunks outside of a pub on a saturday night…

  19. The laugh at the Friesland is worth the watch of this alone.

  20. Jingle’s laugh: The only known cure for depression.

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