World of Warships- Top 5 Ships That Desperately Need Buffs

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Hey guys! Today we go over five ships that I believe also need some love from WG! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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0:00 Video Intro
1:11 5. Anhalt
4:43 4. Colombo
8:44 3. Regolo
12:33 2. Mid Tier Dutch Cruisers
15:02 1. Texas


  1. was surprised texas took number 1 over california, very similar stories and it is tragic how awful cali is at t7

    • yeah but she was purposefully made that way from the start, cali is just there for the whales who want historical ships, if you want a good t7 usn bb get florida

    • The California is tragic not only for how bad they made her from the start, but that they released the Florida something like a month or two after the California. They need to do something for her, certainly. Decrease reload time, increase accuracy, something.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      Cali can use a bit of love for sure. Give her some faster turrets at least but I’d also take an improvement to shell ballistics at range. Other than those two flaws, i feel like everything else is at least manageable. Sure you don’t do much to angled BBs but you can ruin a cruiser’s day if you catch them unawares. And every other negative is at least shared by her tech tree counterpart

  2. Most of the premium british light cruisers (Tiger’59, Belfast’43, Hampshire, Cheshire) They may be super fun to play if not so punishing right now..

  3. Flint has definitely needed a range buff since the captain rework 😬

  4. I always think Graf Spree, but when I think about it, banned the one time for tier 6 Ranked or was it clan battles, strong in brawls at tier 6 and consistent in random, but not over powering. Still look at the damage output and long reload for the 6 main guns.

  5. The Atlanta could with a buff too – to the range of her dual purpose guns [before AA nerf her guns were 7.5km of no fly zone, now it’s 5.8km of a half arsed attempt at shooting planes down] and they could potentially fire up to 15km — they don’t do nearly that range now – it’s often you find yourself being outranged by EVERY other ship in your game with a few exceptions.

    • yeap atlanta need a little more range and flint should the same range of the atlanta too

    • I read on steam forum once that Halland could destroy a squadron with its anti air buff active, and what i only can guess are CV players went on rants that one ship in the entire game got a good enough anti air to shot down a squadron before they can attack

      Like its the biggest problem🤣😭

      They wanted it to be nerfed😵‍💫

  6. the problem in coop with the anhalt is that the DDs and CAs will kill the bots before you so when you are to slow you wont have a nice round.

  7. I think with the Anhalt, a speed up of her turrets would make a big difference. They are slow as death which makes it a pain to reverse direction and expect to use your guns again any time soon. It does make a great Ops ship because it is mostly short range. Thanks again for the great content.

  8. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    IMO definitely Texas. Like you said it’s WAY overdue. Also Graf Zep, Khaba, and Italian BBs all could use some love. But the one that needs a MASSIVE rework, the Tiger ’59.

  9. Having just played the Columbo on the Test Server I agree completely with your assesment – there’s a truly great BB in there somewhere trying to get out. As for the Dutch cruisers, because of the points you raised I’ve never had any interest in trying to grind through them…. 🙂

  10. The French BBs could use some love as well, especially Republique.
    I can not put my finger on a specific problem, i guess its pure power creep.
    Yes yes i know the french are intended as fast annoying (somewhat) glass cannons but lately my “Annoying shooty juice”(hp) gets drained increasingly quicker.
    Maybe a better heal/dmg con (or even both maybe) would solve that.

  11. DonArtAnimation

    I agree that ITA DDs dumpster mid tiers. I was so aggressive with them because I was confident I could easily destroy my opponents with terrible ease. But tier 8 gets really tricky….

  12. The premium tier 5 Battleship Oklahoma could sure use a Reload buff. Cutting reload time down to something reasonable would make this ship a little more fun to play, since it crawls across the sea at 19 and a half knots! 😉

    • Bro you’re playing it wrong. Play it as a secondary battleship at tier 5 and it does really well. Second best tier 5 brawler after the Agincourt.

  13. I would also add Graf Zeppelin, Vanguard (maybe a radar or hydro WG?), Bismarck/Tirpitz, Tiger 59, French BBs (make her secondarys great again!).

    • Secondary’s are tragic at this point in time. Any competent DD or Cruiser player who happens to get within range of them can just turn away from you and you’ll miss about %80 of the secondary shots from then

  14. Colombo deserves a legendary module that either increases shell accuracy by 15-20% or increases reload speed by 10-13% with a turret turn speed decrease.

  15. Now I have to take the Texas out and see about the AA.
    I can see adding a 2K range buff to AA range and a reload buff

  16. PickelJars ForHillary

    WG: All subs are Alfa-class warp speed for balance reasons.
    Also WG: US standard BB’s are 21 knots cuz historical reasons.

  17. I agree on the Anhalt (the gun barge) and Texas for sure!! I don’t own the others mentioned. Good video SLM ! Given the Texas is in dry dock it would be a good time for upgrades 😎

  18. I’d say the IJN BB line needs some accuracy changes especially Yamato. I honestly think they peak at around Fuso and Amagi just because of sheer volume of fire.

    Z-52in my experience needs a little love as well.

    I think the Republique is due for some changes as well? Though honestly, I think she just needs to get GK-treatment and replaced with a more appropriate ship that lines up better with the French line.

    I don’t own one but I feel like Worcester needs buffs somehow since Brisbane kind of does everything it can but better.

  19. stephen goldsworth

    I’m grinding the Dutch cruisers and yeah it’s been painful, especially the T7 Eenderacht. The thing that drives me absolutely crazy are the floaty shells. Mastering the air strike gimmick is also a good challenge. Good list SLM.

  20. I agree the Dutch Cruisers could use a buff but all are still effective if used with the right care. De 7 Provincien is excellent in Operations…as a dedicated AA cruiser very little gets past, and so very good for the operations with AA battles.

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