World of Warships- The Most Sought After Premium Ship

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the Missouri and why so many spend so much trying to get her, enjoy!

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  1. Rudraksh Mishra

    now we need to buy premium accounts and zulu flags to make money that Missouri can do in one lost game by doing jack

  2. It’s not the economy of the Missouri, it’s human behaviour: ‘I MUST HAVE IT’ greed and jealousy

    • Me with the Musashi

    • I want her because I’m American, I know her history & quite frankly I’d get ALL Iowa’s if possible if they release the Wisconsin… as a Wisconsinite I will get her by any means necessary but I prefer the real ships even those that have sunk like Hood, Bismarck, AZ you name it… I’m not against paper ships but I like the real 1’s

  3. I think the Missouri is the greatest ship ever created and WG should definitely gift me one

  4. Syukri R.Robert

    Missouri isnt that unique except her creds potential and radar. Musashi on the other hand is unique as you get the chance fighting t7 carrying 460mm which remind me of the old day mm.

  5. “the only one that can come close is the Roma with the Kobayashi camo on it”
    *sad Kobayashi Kii noises*

  6. I got mine for 750k fxp – about 1/2 converted, 1/2 flag-boosted grind

  7. I believe that the only “overpowered” ships being removed from the santa crates are the lower tiers like Nikolai and Kamikaze, not Higher.

    Edit: It’s Nikolai, Gremahoweverthefuckyouspellit, Fujin, Kamikaze, and Cesare. Nothing about anything else, but they’re also not being removed permanently. Take that as you will.

    • On games played it would appear that my favorite ship is the Kamikaze R – in the day I used it to train all of my IJN commanders – even the BB commanders! I now have more appropriate premium IJN ships, so only my DD commanders cycle through it.

  8. I’ve been wanting this ship for a while too, I visited her in Pearl Harbor several times and she is gorgeous!

  9. got my Mighty mo, kutuzov and kamikaze in CC’s 2 years ago happy times

  10. I remember how hard it was to get the Missouri as Free XP was hard to farm, then the Musashi came out and it was so much easier to get it as they flooded the game with free XP flags and you could farm it by just playing campaigns (broken but they fixed it afterwards).

  11. There is a slight armor difference on the Missouri and the tech line version, it protects the citadel from the rear of the ship, as I recall. Its only like 35mm or so but it helps against anything that isn’t firing 20″ shells into the back of the ship.

  12. I want New Jersey in wows, and I’d say it’s one of, if not the most sought-after ship for wows that’s not in wows.

  13. The real question is when is the Musashi video coming? i love my Musashi so much haha

  14. The Missouri & Texas were my first two premium ships, they used to be so fun to play, almost every match I remember at tier IX was a Missouri or 2 and the IJN Musashi.

  15. Jacobthemlg Pro

    I just want Missouri for the radar. The Iowa class are my favorite ships ever built, plus it having radar is amazing.

  16. still waiting for New Jersey tbh. will there be a worthwhile gimmick to her? no. but I want her anyway.

  17. My last Random game in Missouri was a loss but still earned 1.7 million credits

  18. “Throwing money at digital items isn’t worth it.”

    (Star Citizen backers smirking)

  19. In 2021 and the ranked season that just finished, a battleship with radar is extremely strong.

  20. Mountabbaten: “The only thing that comes close is the Roma with Kawaichi (idk how you write this) camo”

    Me who got Roma out of a container for free.

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