World of Warships – The Sailing Robin

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“Jingles!” said absolutely nobody. “What other YouTubers do you like to watch?” Excellent question, so glad no-one asked. Actually, it’s this guy.

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  1. Love Robin – so glad that he’s back and hope he’s OK.

  2. 5 Views 16 likes, go home YouTube, you’re drunk.

  3. And I watched this one yesterday, so fascinated to hear the Jingles take on the battle.

  4. I actually watched this on his channel earlier today, no wonder it made it here because of how insane a game it was.

  5. The Sailing Robin

    Didn’t expected you to make that one so quick! (that’s what she…)
    Always a pleasure to hear your take on these games, Jingles. Thank you!

    _damn brits_

  6. Dan Halbak Nielsen

    Jingles, is everyone still locked up in the saltmines,?

  7. Am I the only one always speaking along when he says: “Say it with me kids, smokescreens are torpedomagnets”

  8. man found him yesterday and i immeditaly find ajingles video with him in it….Love you both , Frenchies and Brits love from Greece!

  9. Protip: A surprising number of French people speak fluent English.
    They’re just waiting to see what you say first.

    • “I give up” doesn’t count as fluent english. Just so we are on the same board

    • They didn’t used to but they do now. Although sometimes i love to listen to Brits who vacation down here (Riviera) or Americans and just randomly walk up to em with my US accent and say hello haha.

    • @The Mighty Jingles I hear that about Italians a lot. Apparently a lot of them speak English really well but are too stubborn to do so.

    • @The Mighty Jingles I am Hungarian, and I lived in Paris. This is my experience:
      Every French people speak foreign languages when they are ALONE!
      Their language skills exponentially decline the more french are in the same area.

    • @SmokeJam I think you meant “I surrender” 🙂

  10. 9 minutes into a game and he thinks its early for a cv to be killed? Doubt… Guess he didn’t watch or fell victim yet to the CV yeet division (2 minutes into a game the CV is dead) lmao

  11. John Francis Terne

    Robin’s Harugumo post-Second Wind reminds me of my old days in Dresden and Kolberg

  12. WoWS- The Sailing Robin
    Brought to you by:
    The Mighty Giggles
    The Mighty Babbler
    Good video of an excellent player.

  13. The only dds that die going after carriers are the ones that get spotted in the process. which admittedly only gets more likely the closer you get to a carrier but, you would be surprised how sneaky some dds captains can be (or how useless your teams are, one of the 2 or both.)

  14. Robin is Not only One of the best wows Player, he is also Not toxic . That is what it make him special…

  15. Like a famous French diplomat surely said one day : “it is always a good thing to be at war with the British”.

  16. i actually watched this battle with Robin’s comentary, now with jingles yay

  17. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Only rare is it that jingles shows a replay that has less than 7 kills for 1 player, not like 8 is all that more impressive than the usual Jingles commentary. what would be more rare is for Jingles to feature his own replay. I have a theory that the EU server has more stupid potatoes than NA server.

  18. Hey Jingles, when are we gonna see you play? It’s kinda the reason some of us got here years ago.

  19. “…let me sing you the song of my people…!” really cracked me up…cheers Jingles, as always, take care, and I´ll catch you next time!

  20. Everyone knows Cvs arents allowed to sink until the last 2 minutes of the game

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