World of Warships- The Ultimate World of Warships Battleship Tier List

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Hey guys! Something new today! I present to you guys my Ultimate Battleships Tier List in terms of fun for World of Warships! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. I would love to see you do this for other shipclasses aswell!

  2. Thank you SLM!I really like this format of videos,sliding in the irony and some fun in the tier list is really good.Would like to see this exact thing,but for other classes too!

  3. Worst part is that i feel it would be pretty easy to make german BB´s… well not great, but at least consistently enjoyable again. Raise torpedo protection a bit, make the armor bit more dependable (for such huge thickness numbers its icredibly easy to pen german BB´s from pretty much any angle for big damage), improve accuracy and dispersion on main guns (not much, just so it wouldnt feel like gun barrels are made from same material as Floppy Hammer handles) and give them HE saturation to superstructure.
    Or just fix the goddamn gunnery bugs so you wouldnt get 250+ meter spread on ship 4 kilometer away, considering it even shoots at the postcode you were aiming at.
    Well at least it would be easy, if it wasn´t Wargaming were talking about… fixing shit is impossible, improving shit is improbable, German BB´s are screwed.

    • Papaver Somniferum

      I agree, but KMS Battlecruisers are doing great! I miss that i couldnt get Odin, cause i have had not enough dubloons for last part of ita dockyard 🙁

  4. I’m surprised the Marlborough isn’t lower… but then again, I find it a very fun ship to play.

  5. Great video. Id love you to do a video on premium commanders as I find them confusing.

  6. This was a really funny video😂 please make more of this. A really good job mate

  7. Comprehensive really well put together BB Tier list that even I can”t argue much with, S Tier!

  8. Great stuff… great insight and very entertaining. Any chance of getting a text list of some kind that list the actual ship names to keep as a reference?

  9. This was a great list, with accurate info and funny moments. I enjoyed it! Would you be able to do this for cruisers and destroyers as well? CVs, well…we can already guess how that’s gonna look. They’ll all be in S-tier because they’re the most balanced ships in the game. Same for submarines.

  10. Gabriel Bienzobas Mauraza

    Great guide, I really liked the change of style from your other videos!

  11. Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern

    Great video Sea Lord. You should do another one like this for every other class once in a while.

  12. Another great video! Greatly entertaining and informative!

  13. Honestly this is fun to watch! can’t wait to see same kind of video just like this for cruisers and destroyers ^^!

  14. Great and insightful video! 🙂 I would’ve moved a few ships, tho.
    Constellation should be lower, it’s huge and doesn’t have the survivability. Repulse is a bit low. It may be squishy, but it has great mobility and range. Cesare is definetely S Tier. The thing is bonkers for a Tier 5 and Sansonetti makes it able to compete in any MM it is thrown in.
    Missing ships : (or is it me?)
    Gascogne (lower B?)
    Oklahoma (F)
    WV41 (C-D)
    Mikasa 5F)
    Missouri (A)
    Ishizuchi (?)
    Musashi (S)
    Ashitaka (?)
    Hyuga (A)
    Konig, Albert (A-S)
    Renown 44 (A?)
    Rio de Janeiro (?)
    Arkansas beta (A-S)
    Roma (?)
    Hizen (?)
    Poltava (?)
    PEF (C?)

  15. The first entertaining tier list I ever watched. Keep doing them this way.

  16. This is excellent and hilarious. Thanks! Must have taken a long time to put together but can’t wait for the Cruiser and DD versions!

  17. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    For those of you that would like more videos in this style, here is another I did a while ago

  18. What a hilariously entertaining video, the ironic, sarcastic comments just made the video fantastic. Please do more!

  19. Novorossysk is AMAZING almost S Tier for ranked T6/T7, because its a Supreme Firestarter and being up tiered doesn’t matter if you play it as a big cruiser and spam HE, it still vastly outperforms most other t6s

  20. This is really a good overview of BBs, you cover a lot of obscure premium BBs that no one ever talks about or does youtube reviews on. And you give very quick spot on description which is complete opposite of your usual reviews where you sometimes never seem to come to a point about whether the ship is good or not. So thanks for once.

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