World of Warships – The Unedited | Mogami & Tier X Brawls

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Today we’re dusting off an old dog, Tier VIII Mogami, for a rather chilled but still interesting Tier X matchmaking. Enjoy 🙂
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  1. For the newest viewers: “The Unedited” series is specifically made to reduce editing time. They are intended as a buffer between other episodes, and also here to showcase games that were not really worth a commentary. So if you see the “Unedited” title, do not expect commentaries 🙂
    Check out the playlist here:

  2. If a submarine is on fire, and goes underwater, then what will happen?
    Also, if there is a soviet CV, how OP will it be?

  3. Mogami is named after The japanese River. The mogami river

  4. Currently grinding the IJN CA line myself. On the Myoukou and about to get the Mogami this weekend but man I struggle with her right now. Thanks for the video, SR

  5. Thanks for this video Robin ♥️ , I think you should make even more Unedited and Live commentaries videos for frequent uploads (dev strikes make me chill 😢)

  6. In X,this *** ship has no angle for all BBs

  7. I love the background music. It puts me to rest

  8. General Torfstecher

    Thanks Robin! Another nice round.

  9. Incredible game, and timely. About to get Mogami myself. 155s and IFHE yea?

  10. tfw Robin uploads and it’s not an Akizuki legends vid 🙁

  11. Hektor Le Rat de l'Espace

    If even “el grande Robin” uses involuntary tactical beaching, I’m less ashamed of mine.

    • You know why this happened? There is a current bug where if your guns are “locked on bearing” (which I quite often use) then your torpedoes will not fire until you go back to your guns and unlock them again. You can see me struggle to do so for a few seconds, ending up in me beaching myself 🙂

  12. Hey good game Sir that was a great Video was entertaining and enjoyable Bro. O did the cat get the tong lol just messing

  13. To bad about the Benson getting killed so quickly by the GK after he put up a nice smoke screen for you. It’s a rare thing to have considerate team mates early in the match

  14. Nice gameplay✔
    Relaxing background✔
    Damn this is so enjoyable, great job!
    Ps, I’m imagining Mogami Azur lane while watching this vid. XD

  15. man, i wish i could have matches even half this good in the Mogami.

  16. Robin *shoots at water*
    “Ok, so there’s a Gearing about 10kms from here, attempting to capture A”

  17. The 155mm Mogami has always been a personnal favorite. And since the IFHE rework, she seems to be even more powerful! Thanks for the vid.
    Sadly, no kraken :p

  18. I wish there was a tier 8 premium version of the mogami, id buy that sooo fast.

  19. I cannot play the Mogami without remembering it before they made 139mm the break point for the gun range and rate of fire skills. Range was, I think 18.3K and the rate of fire redunkalous. Part of this era included when you could still ghost fire and specced as above had like a 4k ghost shooting margin. Just stay 14-18k from BBs and essentially waterboard them. Waterboarding with fire…. those were the days 🙂

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