World of Warships – Thinking Mans Game

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It’s been said that World of Warships is the thinking mans’ version of World of Tanks. It may be that some men need to think a little harder…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I think this is the quickest ive seen one of his vids

  2. damn i rarely wait for a youtube video, but when i do, its a jingles video coming out after expected time XD

  3. always kill destroyers over anything else at the start or if you have a choiceof targets….

    • I hate players like this one, he’s a stats padder. He chose to shoot Yamato for more damage when he left a critical target untouched. I’m BB main and I shoot DDs whenever they’re spotted. Every shell matters when shooting DDs. You should always reduce the number of guns/torps/spotters around. Btw, this Mino was planning to chase that Neptune instead of heading to where it’s important, it was Neptune’s quick death that covered it.

    • Do you play Minotaur much? He did more than 10k damage to the yamato. He’d be lucky to hit a single shell on the Tashkent.

  4. “Hey look, 2 minutes left and all i have to do is stay alive”
    “lemme just sail broadside on to that Minotaur over there”

  5. My God Jingles Steve the IS driver got himself an FDG

  6. can I have CV lessons HakenXD? Nice work 😀

  7. You’re doing it wrong Jingles. You have to put the cat picture as a thumbnail, not at the end of the video ^^

  8. I saw a cat so I clicked the upthumb button as is the tradition in these parts.

  9. Actually, Jingles, those were the Yamatos secondaries.

  10. Oh look, it’s that Tier X boat game again.

  11. Robert Schumacher

    Conventional wisdom: T8 carriers can’t do anything in a T10 battle.
    HakenXD: Hold my beer.

  12. flamu is always complaining that there needs to be spotting dmg accounted for in the score. this is why
    That cv won this game for his team

    • +Kneecapper Having played CVs from 8-10 its actually not as simple as that for a tier 8 CV in a tier 10 match. Alot of it for CV positioning involves being able to predict how/when flanks fall and how to get your planes up faster, which takes practice more than anything. As for 0 Risk yes to themselves however considering how deadly tier 10 AA suites are its very easy to deplane yourself ESP when most of these AA cruisers have Air spotting close to or exactly at their AA gun range.
      The CV AA thing only applies at tier 8-10 and even then its mostly dependent on your ability to both handle fighter management (Fighters only kill up to the total fighters in the squadron, IE 3 fighters = 3 plane shoot downs max) as well as predicting where you are going to be struck from/controlling your high passive DPS AA. and even then your not always safe IE Haku can stealth torp you at tier 10, midway has shitloads of plane HP. its DEF harder to keep it up and you will have quite the losses but CV sniping isnt really optimal anyway since that CV can be more controlled by what allies you kill (IE he’s going to have a hard time if you can keep your AA ships alive)

    • Isn’t spotting counted into the XP? Because when I had a game with 15k damage and 230k spotting I ended up first on XP.

    • @kneecapper, not nessasarily, the CVs would then be competing with your dds for spotting dmg. and like dunce was saying, the visibility of some ships is inside thier AA range. the cv might lose his planes trying to spot, and the loss of planes for a CV would be like a battleship losing a turret

    • What isn’t that implemented already??

  13. Johannes G. F. Bruhn

    Kudos to the friendly Iowa, he played really well pushing like that. He’s the reason bball was able to play as well as he did. That’s how you’re supposed to play a battleship!

  14. that’s a damn cute cat..
    just imagining you have the cat on your ship would increase the survival rate in battles.. XD

  15. Meatballs for life

    lexington player: “drive me closer i want to hit them with my sword”
    bball: “drive closer so i can hit you with more of my guns”

  16. 8:30 gotta give props to the tashkent, was gracious about the detonation

  17. +ricardas Was that battle featured in a Flambass video? I recall Flambass being in a triple Mino division and constantly pounding a German BB, but eventually not doing damage cause of saturation on the super structure and good angling by the BB.

  18. +Lightfire398 I don’t think so, it was a double mino division, but I did not recognize the names of those players. Map was Loop and it happened sometime March last year. I used every heal I had and eventually when there was a minute or 2 of the game left finally succumb to the constant shell spam, but it was a certain victory for us.

  19. 8:10 “Free Flags! Grats” “Thanks” That made me laugh harder than it should have lol

  20. +ricardas Flambass’s game was against GK not FdG. I think you didn’t sail against them.

  21. Minotaur is certainly my favourite light cruiser, I love it for multiple reasons. Not least because 8 torps each side is enough to murder anything in the right circumstances. BBall played a great game.

    But yeah, it’s definitely better to give than receive in this case.

  22. Maurice Bijleveld

    Jingles: “A great example of some people making very very bad discussions.”
    Me: *quickly checks if I’m on 1 of the teams.

  23. Jingles, that CV player deserves a nice gift from you. Dude was just swinging balls and sinking ships!!

  24. +jose gonzalez I couldn’t agree more with your statement. At least when facing a minotaur you have a chance of surviving their spam because they only fire AP. As long as you angle, your armour actually means something but against a Worcester, Des Moines or Harugumo their machine gun curtains of HE just destroy you in seconds. Armour becomes utterly irrelevant against them.

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