World of Warships Tier X German Cruiser! Hindenburg!

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  1. How do you go in satelite mod when you shooting? Is this a mod or what?

  2. is it the Tirpitz or the Derpitz???

  3. Jakob Skøt Nielsen

    The Königsberg

  4. hydrocaustic are you missing me

  5. There was a battlecruiser named Hindenburg that served in WW1 and was
    scuttled in Scapa Flow after the war, later raised in 1930 and scrapped
    during 1930-32.

  6. there is a game that does airships but i forgot the name

  7. I am unable to find an answer to this question so far so I think I will
    throw it out here….When do you start getting the Achievement/medals? Do
    they unlock once you gain a rank up or are they on all of the time?

  8. The tier one look at the AA it’s insane

  9. More *RAID* videos Baron

  10. play the yorck please baron

  11. Actually i think zao is much better for random battle. much better range
    and accuracy as well as penetration. and the aa is good enough to defend
    yourself and others via ability. also the he dpm is higher due to much
    better direct dmg and fire Chance. i almost always set a fire per salvo.

  12. Nuremberg

  13. the SMS Hindenburg was a derfflinger class battle cruise for the high seas
    fleet n world war 1

  14. in 1917 the German navy launched the battle cruiser SMS Hindenburg

  15. there was a another Hindenburg

  16. Blimps do not have skeletons. Zeppelins, like the Hindenburg, do. There is
    a difference.

  17. in fact the Hindenburg had no secondary turret but theyr AAA is used as
    turret in the game (that’s why the turret are so Strange) if you check on
    the others ships of german line these turret are AAA (and sadly they
    didn’t give them the real 128mm gun but whatever)

  18. How Are you able to Play this ships?

  19. there was a Battlecruiser named Hindenburg,but was build 1913 :)

  20. Nurnberg für die Kriesgmarine

  21. get this ads in the middle out, so annoying.

  22. Well if you want an airship game, there’s always Guns of Icarus, you, Phly,
    and Slick all piloting an airship, oh the humanity

  23. The Hindenburg was a functioning WWI ship. It was scuttled in 1919 in Scapa

  24. I don’t care which is next but I do want to see which one is ze german
    penscrappa. I’m only at T7 and it is by far the worst ship in the game so
    far and I thought nothing could be worse than the furacrappa and now I long
    for that duece canoe.

  25. play the tirpiz pls

  26. this ship could be a paper ship from the z-plan a battlecruiser design but
    these ships had 280mm guns

  27. WOuld have expected a tier 10 to do a bit more damage.

  28. Prinz please!!!!!!!

    (admiral hipper class)

  29. Slickbee? Automatic downvote. Come on Baron, we are hear for you. Not that
    wannabe gangster douche.

  30. admiral hipper plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. The Tier 10 Hindenburg is visually an Admiral Hipper – class heavy
    cruiser(1930’s), of which there was no ship named Hindenburg in that class.
    There was however a German Battlecruiser back in 1917 which was named the
    SMS Hindenburg, which does not look anything close visually to the in game
    variant. An interesting fact too is that the main guns were actually
    doubles and not triples. The Kriegsmarine did not have any cruisers with
    trips, so i am just assuming War Gaming has put trips on them for balance.
    Just thought I’d drop some facts.

  32. the hindenburg was a passenger Zeppelin that blow up while it was trying to
    dock. I think under 10 survived the accident I might be wrong

  33. the Hindenburg is a ship made for the game I think

  34. baron they need to add the ss.gato and the uboat

  35. play the kölburg please

  36. Baron what did the five fingers say to the face?

  37. I really don’t like how they never included the Bismark in this game, i
    mean really it gave the royal navy huge headaches and butterflies until
    they sank her with a barrage from three other battleships. SO yeah the SMS
    Hindenburg was built somewhere around the early 1910’s most preferable the
    1913’s, she was launched about two years later. She wasn’t a bad ship, and
    pretty much all the German naval vessels had the better ranged guns, while
    the Brits had some big guns, the Germans kinda beat them a little in the
    beginning but they got used to the range soon enough. The Hindenburg was a
    Derfflinger class, and a sister ship to ze Lutzow und ze Derfflinger. At
    the end of the war the German navy was forced to surrender all of it’s
    mighty ships to the British. They didn’t like that idea and so they
    scuttled all their battleships (and i think pretty much the rest of the
    navy.), in an attempt to keep the British power from rising. Meanwhile
    mister Kaiser Wilhelmis having a heart attack from what’s going on (not
    literally but you get what i mean) and communism is starting to grow on
    Germany. Then came Hitler and the navy decreased their Battleship’s sizes a
    tiny bit but kept big guns on them. So in conclusion Germany was good
    through pretty much everything until Willhelm had to go and sign the peace
    treaty of Versailles and then get hunted by his own country.

  38. I just started my American tech tree already up to a Langley the grind is
    so real

  39. actually if you want to try airships how about “Guns of Icarus”? I think it
    would fit very well with your channel :)

  40. SMS Hindenburg laid down in 1913, commissioned 1917, scuttled in Scapa Flow
    on 21 june 1919,wreck raised 1930, scrapped 1930-1932. Last of the
    Derfflinger class Battleships. Kriegsmarine didn’t have a lot of “modern”
    Heavy/battle crusiers and focused mainly of destroyer/light cruiser and
    U-boat production. hope it answers your question about the SMS Hindenburg

  41. Play the Admiral Hipper next :D

  42. The only thing worse than the HE on this ship is the fact that Baron didn’t
    equip the Increased AA ability and instead has the largely useless
    Hydrosonic Scanning ability.

  43. Did anyone else see the rear super firing turret rotate through the super
    structure? At 6:55

  44. How can you get this ships?

  45. The Hindenburg was a battlecruiser from 1917 ;_; wg, y u do dis

  46. what is that consumable when you press T ?

  47. Hi Baron, Guns of Icarus is a good airship battle game for you to play

  48. The Hindenburg was not a blimp. I was a dirigible. it had a aluminum frame
    work. A blimp is basically a giant gas bag.

  49. is the bismark in the game yet

  50. There was a WW1 German battle-cruiser named the Hindenburg…looks similar.
    It was scraped in 1932 though…

  51. It is really strange….. German ships should be REALLY well-armored as
    they were all pretty much “Armored Cruisers”, now it seems they are more
    like HMS “Battle Cruisers” who got BIG guns but less armor (HMS
    Hood)….hmmmmmm GJ WG

  52. she was a real ship

  53. Play Lepzig plz

  54. For Phlys i use electrical phlywhip. Zaps them right in teh ASS

  55. Halo Bacon Evolved

    Game that has airships? Guns Of Icarus Online. Its a steam punk air ship
    game. Pretty fun game!

  56. hijms yamato musashi

    Dat Hindenburg, according to my knowledge, is designed by Wargaming

  57. Hey, I’m in the video! Fun times :D

  58. cruisers have heals?

  59. Hey Baron! Any idea when the Bismarck will be in the game? Haven’t heard
    anything about that ever since the release of the Tirpitz.

  60. Baron play the Tier 4 German crusier

  61. I think the Admiral Hipper would be great choice for your next video. It’s
    a pretty cool ship, I think. Also, if you’re still doing Soviet requests,
    the Udaloi would be interesting to see.

  62. The HE shells are weak..

  63. Baron, if you want to try crew base airships try guns of Icarus online.

  64. Light cruisers are typically armed with 6 inch rifles, although you have
    exceptions like the Tenryu + Kuma with 5.9 inch, and the Atlanta/Juneau
    with 5 inch. Heavy cruisers are armed with 8 inch rifles. The reason why
    the Des Moines class can pump out so many rounds so fast is that they were
    armed with auto loading rifles, giving them a rate of fire of 10 rpm. If
    you wish to explore one, the Salem is located in Quincy, MA until this
    spring before she moves to Fall River, MA

    If you want historical info on a ship, just place the mouse cursor over the
    ship (either in the “selection belt” at the bottom of the port screen or in
    the tech tree

  65. Light cruisers are typically armed with 6 inch rifles, although you have
    exceptions like the Tenryu + Kuma with 5.9 inch, and the Atlanta/Juneau
    with 5 inch. Heavy cruisers are armed with 8 inch rifles. The reason why
    the Des Moines class can pump out so many rounds so fast is that they were
    armed with auto loading rifles, giving them a rate of fire of 10 rpm. If
    you wish to explore one, the Salem is located in Quincy, MA until this
    spring before she moves to Fall River, MA

    If you want historical info on a ship, just place the mouse cursor over the
    ship (either in the “selection belt” at the bottom of the port screen or in
    the tech tree

  66. how can u enjoy playing with such low fps ?.

  67. The Germans also made a carrier named the Hindenburg :D

  68. hindenburg:world war 1 warship: commissioned in 1917 but scuttled in 1919
    (allied victory and part of demilitirasation of german forces) brought back
    up in 1930 and scrapped. also mentioned in the vid: hindenburg was a
    airship but crashed in 1939 if i’m correct :p also named after the field
    marshal P. von Hindenburg :p

    the program from the germans in WW2 was fixed on creating heavy battleships
    bismarck class and heavier. but only the bismarck and tirpitz are completed.
    production of the other 2 ships were cancled after the loss of the bismarck.

    most of nazi-germany fleet existed out U-boats controlling the atlantic
    area so they could pillage allied supplies from america to england.

  69. I lied, it was a paper battleship. Proposed, never built

  70. the only Hindenburg ship that existet was a WW1 ship and it was only named
    Hindenburg it was a Derfflinger-class battlecruiser

  71. can you say something else instead of RN Jesus? I appreciate the pun, but
    its disrespectful. I don’t think you’d say RN Allah or RN Yahweh (yes these
    are less puny). PS I can’t believe you dodged that torp at 14:18!

  72. try the empire

  73. yes it was a real ship but it was scrapped in the early 30’s.

  74. It was a real ship.

  75. the hindenburg was a battle cruiser during ww1 baron but idk why they put a
    nazi flag on it because nazi german was obviously ww2

  76. World of warships should include subs…that would be realistic!

  77. The HE damage is simply horrible

  78. German navy wasn’t very succesfull because of bad leadership. Ships were
    great though. lost of designs were copied after the 2 w war. Bismarck and
    Tirpitz were the max. Sharnhorst and Gneisenau were also the terror of the
    British navy. Graf Spee was one of the most interesting ships of ww2. Capt
    Langsdorf gave the word an example of personal integrity and human
    compassion in wartime. The hull of the ship is still lying on the bottom of
    the river Plate in Monteviedeo, Uruguay. Hitler was a freak, but he had
    very good officers and men…

  79. If you want to pronounce it right you really have to work on the u and r.
    The rest is fine

  80. why no AP shells

  81. [Grammar Police]Jake GnaV M.D

    baron the Hindenburg was a real ship but was only used in ww1

  82. Baron do the bf 110, I think thats what its Called.

  83. Tier 6 or 7 German

  84. as a german my eyeballs started melting as you say the hindenburg was a
    blimp ;_; it was a zeppelin

  85. Still not as good as the Des Moines.

  86. Wasn’t it the V plan.

  87. 17:33 But what is with the Krupp-Stahl??? that wasn’t paper XD

  88. Play Leipzig

  89. This is a completely fictional ship… There was no planned cruiser of the
    Z-plan with such layout. It would have been awesome if instead of the 203mm
    SK C/34 it would have had the 280mm SK C/34 (the same of the Scharnhorst
    class battleship).
    There actually was a WW1 german battlecruiser named Hindenburg; it was the
    last of the Derfflinger-class battlecruisers (armed with 4 x 2 305mm guns)
    but it was finished too late and didn’t see any remarkable action.
    I would love to see the O-class battlecruiser with 3 x 2 380mm guns in the
    game as well as the Scharnhorst-class battleships/battlecruisers…

  90. Federation of the World

    Can you play the Roon german crusier

  91. Does someone know when the Ships are available in War Thunder ?

  92. There was a WW1 battlecruiser of that name, but this one has nothing in
    common with it.
    The battlecruiser was a small, heavily armored battleship with eight 12
    inch guns.

    I never heard of any proposed or planned German WW2 cruiser with twelve 8
    inch guns and if there would have been plans for such a ship, I doubt that
    they would have called it “Hindenburg” because Hitler hated Paul von
    Hindenburg, the guy the WW1 ship and the Zeppelin was named after. The
    Zeppelin was only called that because as far as I know Hindenburg, who had
    been a war hero and the last president of the Weimar Republic and the guy
    who made Hitler chancellor, even though they didn’t really like each other,
    was still alive when it was build and Hitler still had to pretend he liked
    the guy at the time.

    It really seems they pretty much pulled that design out of their asses.

  93. WWI Derfflinger class heavy battlecruiser.

  94. The Hindenburg was the final battlecruiser to join the Germany navy during
    WW1, so it was a ship, just not that one.

  95. how to you get world of warships

  96. To my knowllege it was just a conzept and no actuall ship

  97. Proximus SilverLion

    look at your doubloons 30k id €100 so how much did you pay

  98. It’s an completly unknown paper design. There’s absolutely no material
    about it. And I really know a lot about this stuff and own a bunch of books
    regarding WW2 navys.

  99. Hello love your vidios how are you ??

  100. Hindenburg, is actually a German Battleship that surrendered to the British
    navy at Scapa Flow in the Orkneys Prinicipal Naval Base

  101. the Hindenburg was a paper ship along with the H44, it suppose to be
    mounted with 12in guns but in war ships it has 8in

  102. Imperial German Navy (Kaiserlische Marine) ship of the Derfflinger Class
    Batttlecruisers built in 1913 2nd ship in class

  103. Zeppelin not blimp

  104. BaronVonGamez can you do some armored warfare pls 😀 !!

  105. When will the german ships be available ?
    Re: October 19.

  106. More people should play Tirpitz

  107. Awesome i love it when you play battleships,

  108. Play some war thunder

  109. Its an exact copy of the Amiral Hipper Class, it’s just bigger

  110. Can only view in 240p? Please fix Baron :-)

  111. Baron, if you are looking for battling AIRSHIPS, checkout Guns of Icarus. I
    believe it’s on Steam. Blackwake in dirigibles.

  112. hide your face

  113. OH THE HUMANITY? Anyone get it? No? Ok.

  114. What German cruiser do you want me to sail out next?

  115. Damn it! Missed first by 4 seconds ) :

  116. Third like. Amazing video Baron as always ?

  117. Hi baron

  118. Hey Baron, what recording/editing software do you use?

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