World of Warships- Top 5 Must Buy Premium Ships

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Today I bring you my Top 5 Must Buy Premium Ships, again this is all 125% my opinion


  1. I love the Scharnhorst over 130 games in her. However I cant win fuck all in her (40% win rate in her) and average damage of 43K. like I said loads of fun so generally don’t mind the poor win rate. Hated the Atlanta didn’t like it at all the range was woeful I thought far too situational to be fun.

    • atlanta before AFT is painfull

    • I dint really like bb but I got her when she was half off and I love this ship. Ichase said when top teor play as bb when bottom play crusier and I stick to that.
      I dinr know what my win rate is because I dont care about that stuff
      She is fast, turns great, guns turn quickly, armor is fantastic, and somtime people for get I have torps
      All change ammo a lot he on bb and so in crusier. Haveing expert loader is very helpful.

    • Yehh its the same for me with scharny hit alot but dmg aint there but from time i get monster game but usualy that is when noobs rush me and forget that scharnhorst had torps..but even with lower win rating then on other ships i love it just so much blast to play

    • Christopher Jonasson

      U need to play it more like a super tanky cruiser, stay a bit in the background (concealed) and ambush cruisers. If a bb pops up bow tank and torp, pretty good rudder that u can build on (steering gear mod 2) (11.6 sec) to avoid torps and crush dd:s. She does have sweet MM, I have 59300 avg dmg in her / 53% winrate and I for sure aint no unicum

    • Just checked my stats 53% win rate and avarage dmg is 45k not very impressive in 358 battles 😚 still love that ship and btw im very aggressive player hate bb players that have 100%hp at the end of game..

  2. Massachusetts..loving listening to those 2ndary goes off

  3. Its funny but I guessed your list. Scharn is great. It makes alot of money and it feels like a crusier. Atlanta with aft is just fun. You get the 100k game or you go out quicckly but its a blast to play.
    Marblehead has been fun as well but it mifht bw the only prem ship that the tech tree is aguably better than the prem. Gun range is only 13.8 vs Omaha at 15.6

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Never tried the Marblehead, but I’ve seen her around

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten the only ship I have won in a crate.
      The best ship I have to make money is the Atlanta and Scharn. If you want leving MO out of it because we dont have it anymore but doing spmthing about making money. Both tech.tree and prem.

  4. I have all of them except Arizon

  5. Keep thoose video coming m8 and keep up the good work..

  6. Good choices m8! I wanted to comment on the Arizona having good secondaries. I actually run a 19pt secondary captain (PT, EM, AR, BFT, DE, AFT, MFCSA) between my Arizona, Massachusetts, and Montana, so I get to “experience” all three with a full secondary captain. Even with the full load out, the Arizona makes for a very poor secondary boat. The rate of fire on her secondary guns is just too low, and you have to sacrifice main battery range to push past 6km, and that’s not ideal for the Arizona. Additionally, MFCSA only provides -15% dispersion improvement at that tier and not -60% like it does for the Massachusetts and Montana, so she’s pretty inaccurate. I will say this though, she’ll start fires for sure! If you really want to maximize the Arizona, going the defensive route with your captain build is preferable: BoS, CE, FP, HA, and maybe even Vigilance. Those types of skills will definitively provide a lot more benefit in the long run. With that said though, I still run an 86% win rate and average 69k+ damage per game. She’s one of my favorite ships, and I just “click” with her. Easily one of the best ships in the game at her tier.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Oh yeah I wouldn’t recommend a full secondary build on her, her secondaries are just a bit better than the mainline American BBs

  7. Christopher Jonasson

    Yeah.. The Arizona is like a New mexico on stereoids way better sigma at 1.8 instead of the NM:s 1.5 shotgun, other choices are good too, I love the Scharn.. Got the atlanta in some event, only played it once or twice tho and got blasted away in 2 minutes both games, ship doesnt work with my playstyle.

  8. Man, I totally agree with this list. I have almost every premium ship in game, and those 5 are certainly the most fun to play. I’d have to give Massachusetts a tie for 1st with Alabama though, as they are equally as good for different play styles.

  9. Love the Massachusetts my low is 80k with 150 battles. Also just got the T-61 which is turning into a favorite.

  10. Emeraldking208 Bosshydra Momentore


  11. I agree with Scarnhorst and Atlanta. Asashio would be my #1 fun ship though, followed by the Atago and Graf Spee.

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