World of Warships – USS Farragut DD-348

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Named after the man that the US Navy created the rank of Admiral for, it’s the tier 6 with the rapid fire guns and the attitude to match.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jingles, why aren’t you use premium consummables? It will give you one
    extra charge, plus faster cooldown…. Come on the salt mine lord, don’t be
    that cheap….

  2. Hey Jingles, I highly recommend reading the Destroyermen book series, it’s
    about a couple ships (primarily a couple of Wickes Destroyers) from the US
    Asiatic Fleet ending up in an alternate world dominated not by humans, but
    by sentient giant lemurs and sentient velociraptors. Oh and the dinosaurs
    are alive.

  3. Voll Korall || MontanaSchwarz88

    Do you have the Bismarck or the Tirpitz?

  4. Why isn’t Jingles using premium consumables?

    The premium repair is must on all ships, the premium smoke is must on
    gunboats, especially since he doesn’t have superintendent for those extra

  5. Patrick Hutchison

    I could watch these ship reviews (and listen to the history lessons that go
    with them) all day. Another great vid!

  6. Bad opposing team here though. Whenever I show my ass in the Farragut I
    have all of the other team firing at me if they can :)

  7. Have you played Navy Field, Jingles?

  8. why do u not use the premium consumeables? It is worth it.

  9. I can’t get on with the US DD line, I’m doing better with the Russians,
    having a blast in the Kiev at the monent

  10. Jingles, I would love to see some more German Cruiser vids. Cheers

  11. Actually jingles the most famous American naval captain is John Paul Jones

  12. Nice one. Good tips too. Thanks J.


  14. Great another sea mortar boat. I hate the American gun arcs. They are like
    shooting rainbows.

  15. Yo jingles if you really want a fun line to go down I’d try the Russian
    dds, great guns (w/velocity) and amazing manoeuvrability

  16. Absaroka Roadking

    Thanks Jingles, always love a bit of history in the morning to start the
    day out right.

  17. Jangles, Review that little of a tumor the Blyskawica. Burn some BBs and
    feast on their rage and tiers.

  18. I like the gunboat style of play but i get to adventurous a lot.

  19. The Mahan won’t disappoint you, tier for tier it’s easily as good as the
    Farragut and that extra torpedo set on one side gives you some unique
    tactical options.

  20. more like uss faggot

  21. The Farragut’s upgraded torpedos are rather good, I thik that you are not
    playing correctly the ships from some of the uprades you choose and how you
    play the ship. Yes Ocean is really bad map, but with the gfcs Mk5 mod2 and
    camo you can stealth fire when you are not capping. The smoke mechanics
    changed in the recent updated, even if you are at minimum speed you can’t
    generate a new smoke cloud until you are out of the one you are currently

  22. moar of these!!!

  23. use premium consumables

  24. 7:00 You DO have access Defensive fire if you use C-hull. It’s worth it for
    ranked or if you are a team player.

  25. boristhebarbarian

    how do the US and the Russian dd’s compare.? witch is better?

  26. Benedikt Arnarson

    The C hull on the Farragut takes away one of the guns, but it also
    decreases the rudder shift time. So I think the C hull is worth it. I’ve
    subcribed to your channel for a while now and quite enjoy it. It’s one of
    my highlights of the day.As someone would say: You’re epic

  27. You should do more of these jingles ^^. I love hearing the history of

  28. “The USS Farragut named for, possibly, the most famous american sailor:
    David Glasgow Farragut”

  29. If you like this one: It gets only better at the following tiers.
    But…why no premium consumables? More smoke screens/speed boosts with
    lower cooldown?

  30. Keep the likes on this comment an odd number!

  31. Hey, if it can solo a Cleveland without much threat, it must be good.

  32. Actually Jingles, the Mahan has the same reload on it’s guns as the
    Farragut, you just have the Tier 1 Captain skill that decreases the reload
    time by 10% on the Farragut…

  33. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  34. Harrison Rawlinson

    Thanks for the vid rear admiral jingles

  35. Oh god I hope he talks about the William D Porter when he does the Fletcher
    class. The amount of laughter will be big.

  36. The advantage of the C-Hull is that you get the Defensive Fire ability.So
    the loss of a turret is not that grave in situations where carriers are
    around.Also you always should use prem smoke

  37. well you can get defensive fire on every DD up from the Nicholas….but you
    have to use the C hull

  38. The farragut even used to have worse torpedos…

  39. The nice think about the Mahan is that it can launch torpedoes without
    being spotted, it a small window but it can so it isn’t only just a

  40. Farragut, the Fletcher’s immature little sister. But the Mahan is not bad
    either, sure you are as subtle as a christmas tree during a funeral
    service, but it has a distinct HP advantage and 50% more torpedoes…which
    makes it perfect for showing off the Mahan’s dirty side, running up to
    battleships, yelling loudly and then filling them with 3×4 533mm of hot
    love. Add to that the first torpedoes that, ironically, have more range
    than your detection, be it barely, and you are well set.

  41. Hey jingles, there is an awesome game called verdun, its on steam and i
    would recommend you check it out!

  42. RemusKingOfRome5

    Great His Story

  43. @11:45 that’s not blind fire. Apparently, a ship stays spotted for about
    2-3 seconds after it leaves detection range (and the situational awareness
    icon disappears). This may or may not be a bug – check out iChaseGaming’s
    video on the subject. Either way, those shells were fired when you were
    still visible.

  44. After your detection signal goes off it takes 3s for you to really be

  45. WHERE IS MY “HOWDY”!!?!?!?!!!! you better do a double “howdy folks” next
    mingles, Jingles! How am i supposed to function this weekend!

  46. I wonder if the next premium US ship is going to be the destroyer uss
    laffey or uss Samuel b Roberts.

  47. review of the hatsuharuuuu ,pretty please :P

  48. Foxofawesomness 52

    Hi jingles I have never been able to subscribe to your channel but I just
    want to say thanks for doing YouTube to make everybody’s day better. Oh bye
    the way tog 2 for life

  49. What is it with tier 7 in these games and being mostly sh*t, with some
    shining examples?

    I mean, in WoT you’ve got mostly crap at 7, except for the T29, SU-152, and
    E-25 (although it is cancer). In AW all the MBTs have weak spots the size
    of Manhattan, except for the Challenger 1 which is a gorram God amongst
    mortals, and in World of Warships you seem to have sh*tty destroyers.
    Honestly, the guns on the Mahan fire slower than on the Farragut? How the
    Hell do you justify that decision and call it an “upgrade”?

    Anyway, nice game, Jingles. It’s inspiring. :D

  50. The C hull also decreases your rudder shift time to 2.0 something

  51. It’s rare for me to endorse destroyers or anything they do in-game, but
    I’ll do it this time. The Farragut is an excellent ship in every way, it
    has that classic gunboat/torpedo boat hybrid playstyle that works very
    well. The torpedoes aren’t as bad as they might seem at first, 6.4km is
    actually enough to give a lot of people misery, much more than you’d think.
    Also, using the C Hull and the Defensive Fire ability produces very good
    results for me, even with the loss of one gun. A lot of people swear off
    the extra antiaircraft DPS, but I have a perpetual fear of aircraft that is
    well justified in most of the battles I play. Even though the Engine Boost
    is a valid ability, you’re really only gaining a few knots for a short
    time, and that comes at a price of having planes ruin your day. Minor
    correction Jingles, U.S. Destroyers first get Defensive Fire at Tier 5 with
    the Nicholas, which is also a valid choice given how often you go against
    Tier 4 carriers. It makes a mess out of low-tier planes.

  52. Love the videos, but why don’t you use premium consumables? Or at least
    premium repair?

  53. Hi JIngles, why don’t you use the premium consumables?

  54. It’s that bloody boat game again…

  55. Just got my Gearing. Love love LOVE it! 5.9km detection range for a tier 10
    – pretty God like if I do say so myself.

  56. well i think your farragut has 3,6 because of your cpt. and the mahans
    reload will go down to the same value.

  57. silly jingles, the farragut only has 3.6s reload because you have the
    commander upgrade for it, mahan will be the same once your commander is
    retrained on it, mahan is primarily better because of the gun placement,
    speed is eh, and torpedoes give you awesome versatility.

  58. I went AA it gives you defensive fire and the gun you lose has a piss poor
    firing arc.

  59. Matthew L'Ecuyer

    Hi jingles! I’ve been subed for about 2 years now and I’d like to say
    thanks for getting me into WOWS and helping me improve my win rate in WOT
    by about 7.5% I used to suck at WOT and now I suck less! Also, I wasn’t
    ever to bad at WOWS because of watching your videos first. So thanks for
    continuing to post and have a nice day. ?

  60. Andhika nur Aulia

    Well Jingles if you use the C hull you’ll get the AA consumable so there’s
    that to consider. Also it would be nice if you unmount them flags and
    captain before you start a review

  61. Jingles, are you doing soundchecks before you start recording? I ask
    because on many of your videos after you changed PC either the music is too
    loud and/or your voice volume are too low, so it’s really hard to hear what
    you’re saying when you have music running when you talk.

  62. Simon De Meester

    Well, Jingles, your guns fire faster because of captain skills, the base
    reload time is 4 on the Farragut as well. But it is a very nice ship, I
    prefer it over the Mahan :-). Now I’m looking forward to the Benson.
    Keep up the great work!!

  63. Jingles, what do you say on Russian DDs?

  64. I just used that American Flag in the thumbnail for a Father’s Day card,
    now hand over the Sponsorship

  65. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    The Mighty Battleship eludes the puny Jingles today. But just today.

  66. I still prefer my immortal little USS Nicholas, who just will not die! but
    it will kill everything that get’s closer then 5.5km >:-)

  67. Is Jingles changing his name every week or is he using replays of his
    viewers and saying thats him playing?

  68. Wow Jingles, you love speed………. Want to try a Kiev?

  69. wonders if anyone noticed the name he’s using XD.

  70. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    Lel Jingles. Already the Nicholas does have that AAA consumable on tier V,
    so does the rest of american dd’s if you mount up the C hulls. (:

    There’s nothing better than going for two CV’s with all of their squadrons
    on you and saying “nope, not today sunshine’s” while triggering the AAA C:

  71. Just at the day when I come home a few hours earlier, Jingles releases his
    video earlier as well. Way to go, rear admiral!. :D

  72. whats the lo yang

  73. Thank you Jingles for this fun review of a seemingly op destroyer :)

  74. You can ctrl-click those fighters like you do with ships to focus fire.
    Works better with the captain skill, obviously.

  75. #33

  76. The Dankest Ron Paul

    Nice video mate.

    Leave the EU.

  77. This year has been shit on top of more shit for me. My cat died just before
    2016, my mom has moved away from the apartment (im 14, just to clear out
    confusion), the chip that I have my childhood games for my Nintendo DS
    broke just like that, I can’t use my email (and that is a pain in the butt
    cause I’ve applied for the sandbox server wich I dont know if i have acces
    to now) and my bank account is hacked… So your videos is what I need to
    cheer me up 🙂 Thanks for always being there giving your fans a laugh!

  78. Yeah but every time I see this ship in game I have a quick giggle –

  79. Emperor Palpatine

    I’m here early let me make a joke.

    American presidential candidates.

  80. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    I just bought this and it’s my first tier six ship

  81. I’m early, better make a joke!
    These comments are starting to get annoying and really should be purged…

  82. my sims has a 15.5 km gun range :3 i love battleships

  83. The Propulsion mod is a way better choice for USN DDs since their rudder
    already shifts really quick, so the 20% improvement you get by using the
    module makes almost no difference. The faster acceleration and breaking is
    really valuable when fighting behind islands or in smoke.

  84. not that bloody boat game again:……….

  85. Me being from New Orleans, everytime Jingles says New Orleans, it makes me
    cringe.Its only because your British. But I still love ya Jingles. Congrats
    on the 500,000 subs (I think) ????


  87. I’m a simple man. I see Jingles, I press like.

  88. 15 th 😉

    Nice video, jingles!

  89. Yea, i got here early!!!! Great job Jingles.


  91. The Farragut is a surprisingly effective DD. I enjoyed that ship.

  92. Michano van tilborg

    And have you already decided what you wil do for the 500.000 sub special?

  93. 233 views 😀 33th liker

  94. Still no A.Warfare Jingles. Are you bored with it

  95. What is music in the beggining ?

  96. Yay Jingles for life

  97. Notification Squad??

  98. under a Minute and 68 hits. GO Jingles!!!

  99. First i love u jingles

  100. First comment! Love your stuff, man!

  101. Well, I guess it’s that bloody boat game again.

  102. First

  103. One minute ago

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