World of Warships – V-25 12v12 Community Event

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During the Community Event, we tried out the and the results were pretty fun. The V-25 has forward facing torpedoes and the contributors wanted to fight each other in a joust. I share my point of view with you all and it was pretty funny what I ended up seeing during the brawl. Hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier IV V-25 Replay


  1. hi notser

  2. I sincerely would love an Atlanta 12v12. That would be a literal rain of fire. Or, a high-tier carrier 12v12 using only their secondaries 😛

  3. How do you do a community event like that?

  4. Notser are you going to be uploading two videos a day now? That would be nice.

  5. Lol, aww Notser got rammed by Jungles

  6. try sima next time with 20km torpedo

  7. As always great video! We need more events like this one to happen 🙂

  8. hakuryu/midway secondaries only ? 🙂

  9. Someone had to use side torps ? Trust that pesky gnome Jingles to ram & survive, spawny bugger!! ?

  10. Actually Notser, the V-25 is a tier 2 Destroyer, you said it’s tier 4……. Notser???? Oh not you too

  11. What music are you playing in the background? Love your videos, by the way!

  12. Actual Diana was built with a CENTERLINE torpedo tube. Imagine having that with fast reload for something like this.

  13. 10/10 this was so hilarious

  14. This is just like the Oscars but much better.

  15. Why did the thinning trailer have to appear just before hearing notsers community event? just saddened the atmosphere 🙁 and ye i did skip but i already knew what happens

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