World of Warships- Vermont First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we go over the new TX American battleship Vermont. Enjoy!

Intro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Vermont has Yamato gun sound.

  2. Got the ship this morning and i actually kinda like it, sure its fat slow and not very good but the guns, the guns are ace if you connect and with there being so many of the new us bbs in mm at the moment the salvos you can do are glourious.

  3. I see what you did there in the thumbnail xD

  4. To be fair, Vermount was not as bad as i thought. But surely its just no life ship because it cant be competitive

    • Agreed. She’s not meta but she does pack a punch and finding her a lot of fun. Unlike the tier 8 and 8 her AP pen is great even long ranges.

    • Fire support ship if i had to give her something to do. maybe she can help her cruiser escorts shoot down planes.

  5. As yuro said “if it have a Yamato gun sound you can perform well”..

  6. Saw a Trenlass video where he got a few Georgia’s to push him in a training room and managed to get a Vermont up to 31.2 knots 🤣🤣🤣

  7. I have the same conclusion. The guns need to be way more consistent with that reload time. The ship literally has nothing else.

    • I think the shell velocity is the problem. It is slow. NC has slow shell velocity but has good concealment that enemy can be surprised when you get close enough. Vermont concealment is not that good and you can’t get close to get good shots.

    • Honestly yeah, I’ve given up on playing it for now, the inconsistent shell groupings are just atrocious especially with how slow and squishy this thing is.

  8. WG is just like Bernie…”once again I am asking for your financial support”

  9. The “Battle Snoozer” line will be collected and mothballed in port. That’s my intention.

    • @Dylan Wight we don’t talk about that autistic t8

    • @Dylan Wight I have better first games in Kansas than Vermont. I skip Minesota because i want to try Vermont’s guns and i was very dissapointed. I wasted 300k+ worth of free XP. I should have spent my free XP on Yamato since I am finished with Amagi.

    • @Dylan Wight Also take the US BB main line first to get the Montana. Montana is better than Vermont in most aspects.

    • @jay Vee You should play through the Izumo anyway. I had the fortune of doing so _after_ her series of incremental buffs and she’s proven to be about as fun as Iowa. Halfway through Iowa as it is, so I’m not going to care for grinding out the Vermont line too quickly. Montana awaits!

      Overall though, I don’t think there’s a tier 9 battleship NOT worth playing. Iowa’s great fun, FdG is a guilty pleasure, Izumo is actually decent these days, Alsace feels like a well-armed battlecruiser (this is a good thing). Lion and Soyuz are probably the least interesting of the lot, but not at all a bad experience. Tier 9 battleships are in a good place overall.

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis


  10. The thumbnail reminds about opening of Yuro’s video about the California…..but worst.

  11. 5:12 that little section was meant to be for a secondary enclosed gun since the design is from ww1

  12. 40sec reload makes it hard to seize enemy’s mistake. Although the alpha damage is high, I have significantly less citadel hits.

    • The main problem is the terrible ballistics of her guns in comparison to other snipers like the yamato, Musashi, Thunderer, or even republic. Too much hang time, too little penetration.

  13. I feel like it would be entertaining for a couple of matches but then lose its novelty. Much more hyped for Cristoforo Colombo.

  14. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Correction: The heal is not the improved American BB heal, just appears that way due to the sheer amount of HP the Vermont has

  15. The USS Fattleship, crewed by the entire population of the state of Vermont.

  16. The thing that has been annoying me the most in general in wows is the armor mechanic. You have ships designed with armor designed to mitigate the amount of damage they can take taking more damage, while ships with armor schemes that should make them more vulnerable take less damage.

    • The King George V and Duke of York are good examples of this. They (in real life) were second only to Yamato in terms of armour protection and due to the layout and quality of metal in some places they were BETTER protected then Yammy. But when released they were very squishy and now are just citadel farms.

    • @HMS King George V thank you for the history lesson HMS King George V 🙂

  17. Bruh I hope this ship gets added into legends it looks straight up nasty

  18. “You really do need a good team for the Vermont to do well”


  19. The Range of Vermont is bigger than most maps.

  20. Hey that armor layout looks like fun, it has almost no places where thunderer HE can’t pen

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