World of Warships: Warshippery 2

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and take the stage for this week’s bout of Warshippery. Carrier players may find the second half distressing…
Song list (in order of first appearance):
Until the World Ends (Martin Karlberg)
Badlands 2 (Hakkan Eriksson)
Choir Ambience (Rannar Sillard)
Goliath 3 (Johannes Bornlof)
US Naval Academy March (courtesy of YouTube audio library)
And the Sky Shall Unfold 1 (Johannes Bornlof)
Unless otherwise noted, all music is courtesy of Epidemic Sound.


  1. first 😛 wow 1440p nice Yuzral. Love your videos, also could you make more
    That’s a Paddlin’ video?

  2. What are all the anime pictures from? they just random ones from the
    internet or they fan art from a pacific show?

  3. i’d love to click the video below but you forgot the annotation 😉 good vid
    though, enjoyed it!

  4. Fire Hazard Studios

    Great video, I thumbed it up.
    Question from one YTuber to another, how do you play music without a
    getting copyright strikes? I pulled all my music because of CR claims.
    Does having a song list make it okay?

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