World of Warships – Warspite 0.6.0

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on Hotspot moves out to engage the enemy near the A point. I go over my build and why I chose certain skills over other skills/modules. The enemy gives a couple easy shots to us but I also need to use the island to screen some battleships. As we fight the enemy around A point, a enemy moves forward to engage the eastern flank. I just try to minimize the while taking on the enemy battleships. Game seems to work out pretty well. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Warspite Replay


  1. The Warspite is my joint favourite ship alongside the Omaha (don’t ask)

  2. The Grand Old Lady is still probably one of my most favorite ships to play.
    I haven’t gone full secondary, instead still using the Main Armament Mod 1
    instead and increasing main gun accuracy. Still, even without those
    equipments, my secondaries have a range of just slightly over 6km, which
    works for my play style well enough.

    A pity you can’t put the Steven Seagul captain on the Warspite though,
    since her turret traverse is the same speed as a Yamato’s without any
    skills or equipment to alter that. Which is insane to think about,
    considering the size difference in guns between the two ships.

  3. you repeat “ish” a lot; you know “ish” is “poi”? xD
    its like hearing poi poi poi the entire video lol

  4. WG won’t be happy that you were able to dodge those torpedoes. They’ll
    either nerf Vigilance by 50% or drop it down to t4 skill level. Much like
    they did Fire Prevention.

  5. Keep up the great videos

  6. Guess I know the build for my AZ now.

  7. Could probably have taken out the Bismarck that had pulled a Notser
    broadside on to you instead of shooting at the bow on New Mexico, but other
    than that, flawless. Well played!

  8. I was yelling at the screen “shoot that broadside Fiji” whole time while
    you were shooting that Bismarck and NM at A cap.

  9. glad u decided to do warspite! strong ship

    specced differently for concealment because outspot myokos trololol

  10. s How could you possible know where that DD was without RPF? /s

  11. Speaking of Warspite, you think they are going to be adding a British
    Battleship Tech Tree to the game? I mean, it would stand to reason if they
    had ships like King George V and the Vanguard

  12. lol just played a match with this build, absolutely hilarious! Thank you

  13. Frederico Eusébio

    plase make a belfast build video

  14. lol i bought warspite yesterday !

  15. That fubuki played really bad. He kept sending torpedoes in widespread and
    it missed a lot.

  16. Fun game

  17. we are begging for a review of 0.6.0 patch for the Tashkent …… this
    ship is a real quandary on how
    to play… been playing it like a US gunboat, but @ everything stock I’m
    not lasting long…… running AFT for range,
    its hard to hit other DDs at 12 KM range…. so with all the cruisers
    priority targeting U… I haven’t figured out
    how to survive the battle in this thing….

  18. lul, kill stolen XD

  19. Good to see that the Grand Old Lady’s trademark secondary build still works
    well – the first mid-tier BB in game to be able to use that build
    effectively, long before those upstart Germans came along, lol. Old girl
    seems to have aged gracefully as the game has changed and can still be
    quite effective. She was my first premium after CBT way back when, and
    still my first love when it comes to BB’s – just something solid,
    comfortable, and familiar about her.

    Had a big grin on my face when I saw that 26 second reload on those 15 inch
    sledgehammers with AR. Given some of the insane results you can achieve
    with AR on ships like the Scharn and Tirpitz, I’m wondering if WG is
    actually going to follow thru and make it affect secondarys as well – I’m
    starting to get the feeling that instead they’re going to nerf it at some
    point – it’s starting to look like it’s too powerful of a skill, especially
    that it’s only a 2 pointer.

  20. Vigilance is always worth it.
    Even if it is just to annoy the random torp dropping dummy.

    It is however not preventing hits of an serious set torpdrop, but in that
    case its GG to the bloke who set up his torps well in advance 🙂
    I am a gunboat seaman and torp noob, torps for me are nice to have but I
    dont expect them to hit and dont invest efforts to do it and often forgot
    about them.
    So I belong to the dummies^^
    Thats why i appreciate everyone who hit with torpedos truly aimed, not
    fired on random and hope for the best.

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