World of Warships – Warspite “Faulty Decisions”

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As you can see by the title some not so desirable decisions/mistakes/ luck or what have you, might have occurred. I also see something shiny and chase after it… The second match turned into one of the greatest Naval Disasters in history. Hopefully you can find a laugh or two in the destruction of and I’s self esteem.


  1. Hey I’m early :3 nice to see another WoW video Bo, still need more Rise of
    Flight though :(

  2. Will you guys ever play arma 3?

  3. Lightning “Gav'riel” Cat

    I seen Loli in a WT game today. Idk if it was really him tho, if it wasn’t
    I kinda regret asking to suck his dick :/

  4. They should add a battlecruiser line, HMS hood was a battlecruiser and so
    was renown, if they add battleships to Royal Navy I think the Nelson should
    be able to be in the line even though it’s the weirdest Battleship in my

  5. How are you liking the RNG in this game?

  6. Bo at the top right of the mini map you can open an options menu and turn
    on last known positions of enemy ships. It’s a very useful feature and will
    help you know when there are 3 battleships on the other side of a gap

  7. never worry about charging in when sailing the Warspite: that’s her thing.
    I mean there were only 3 german warships that sortied on D-Day (basically
    sisters to the little T-22 tier 5 german DD in game) and the first ship
    they found…was HMS Warspite. I mean they took her down Narvik Fjord for
    god’s sake!

  8. anyone else notice in the first battle Bo got 99,999 damage ?

  9. Bo why aren’t you using the uss Texas I know you have a video on it but
    play it while you record world of warships

  10. Man…Bo went down the wrong alley that second round.

  11. Hey BO next time u play world of warships can u play the Arizona just 4 me

  12. HMS Warpsite — my favourite baby girl! :D

  13. 5:48 Moe plz, I’m begging you. It hurts my ears hearing my nations capital
    pronounced Edniburoe. It’s Edinburgh…as in Edinburu. Edinburoe makes it
    sound like it should be in posh parts of Southern England :P

  14. Moe is the only American I’ve heard regularly saying Bloody Hell.

  15. I’m sure you don’t watch much football but what do you think about the
    Falcons making it to the Super Bowl.

  16. Warspite is currently one of the best tier 6 ships in the game, personally
    I fear no ship when I fight them in my Warspite. In the hands of Bo

  17. A couple of tips: On a ship with slow-turning guns like the Warspite, it
    generally helps to lock them on a bearing while you look around, giving
    them as much time to get in position as possible.
    Secondly, I don’t know what fourth slot modernization you had mounted, but,
    particularly for slow-moving BBs with narrow turning circles, ships like
    the New Mexico and the Warspite, I tend to recommend propulsion so you can
    make the most of what speed you have. Plus, it helps to evade torps, since
    it gives you more authority over your speed.

  18. Yep every time i get up-tiered in my Warspite i get slaughtered. It’s not
    the worst BB in the game, but still the weakest in tier 6.

  19. It’ always so satisfying to watch an opponent’s health bar just melt away
    when you get those multiple citadel hits in a BB. :^)

  20. Hey Bo did you get the Graf Spee when it was available? If so, can we see a
    video on it?

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