World of Warships – WE ARE BACK IN STYLE – 1080p 60fps – DD GAME

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This is the 1st video you will be watching in 1080p 60fps again on youtube and my GOD it’s an awesome one. I have new internet for few days now and stream has been kicking but since I’m going to Berlin TwitchCon soon, I needed to stockpile some videos to have enough material when I’m gone, which is why you continued to watch 720p for a while, but now we’re back.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Hurray! 1080p is back on menu.

  2. Victory is in sight, its stuck in my eye 🙂

  3. No carriers? You forgot the ‘this game mode is WIP’ warning

  4. No carriers, and Flambass is having a good game? I wonder whether there is a connection 😛

  5. In a video labelled you’re back ‘in style’ I expect to see you go middle in Two Brothers. Anything else is a let down.

  6. Victory in sight, looking in the rearview mirror.

  7. YES BOIIII 🙂 1080p <3

  8. Flambass you need to play CSGO

  9. Monty actually pulled that kill off on the Azuma with a fire lol

  10. this ship is definitely not OP, right…

  11. Excellent. Thanks ??

  12. I have no option for 1080p 60fps. Just 720. ?

  13. Man Flambass, I’m going to have to buy you a back brace for doing all that carrying.. And that Jean-Burt hates you, everywhere he turned there you go Harrasing him……

  14. Finally crawled out of the cave i see bhaha. Gratz Hanz

  15. Love the daring, was so glad when British DDs were released

  16. now thats more like it ^^

  17. “What’s up with Daring games today, this is like, I’m not allowed to win?” (15:10). Short answer: No. Slightly longer answer; if playing with the same ship, equipped with the same modules, the probability of winning is not binomial. Translation: not only is it not following the probability distribution of a coin toss, winning doesn’t even follow a crooked Flambass-type coin toss. Reason: the match-maker seems to group losers with a team of losers. Solution: quit the game and start a new one. Or just play a different ship type till you reach a victory.


  19. Your back must be very sore after that much carrying.

  20. Are you going to play WoW:L?

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