World of Warships – Weekend Warriors

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Every week when Friday rolls around, the Weekend Warriors are unleashed upon the servers everyone else with any sense retreats to their foxhole until the smoke clears and they’ve all gone back to work.


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  1. Im better than a weekend warrior. Im a “plays once or twice per one month”

    Edit: Thanks for the likes

  2. I work nights, I can’t go to bed without my Jingles Fix. Goodnight Jingles.

  3. 3:38, Wot, like the KV-2 is “terribly inaccurate”? Russian accuracy, not just for World of Tenks!

    • Matthew Martin – To be fair, there’s also firing arcs and projectile speed to consider. Well, the KV-2 does consider those too, but not to the extent of large battleship guns.

  4. Uhm Jingles, Gneisenau doesn’t have hydro. Hydro for German BBs is only available at Tier VIII-X.

  5. oh jingles gneis doenst have hydro, only bismarck and up gets them.

  6. Finally the Gameplay measures the Commentary……okay i go back into the Saltmines……

  7. I worked my ass off to get good stats with my Zao. One afternoon on the weekend wiped it out. This game can be like an abusive husband we keep going back to.

  8. I know why he was going backwards! He wanted to be featured in a Jingles video!

  9. Speaking of your discord, there was a fair bit of drama this morning. Your head admin went berserk against the anime section, deleted it and banned quite a few people.

  10. This game was certainly a.. unique experience.

  11. Weekend warriors have nothing on me! I’ve had the game since early Alpha and have played less than 600 games!

  12. I laughed at the Richelieu’s stupidity, and then I realized he is one of my clan members

  13. Sorry that being good at my job makes me bad at ships. I don’t mean to ruin your games – I really do try my best.

  14. Oh well, I don’t have discord but I do enjoy the videos. Thanks again.

  15. In the ASIA server, it doesn’t matter whether its weekday or weekend. Individuals on both teams tend to make highly questionable decisions (including myself) XD

  16. Actually Jingles Gneisenau doesn’t have hydro…


  17. Nothing in the Salt mines Announcements about your giveaway 🙁

  18. My unit in arma and friends in paintball say the weekend warriors motto is “semper sometimes”

  19. _Gneisenau_ has no hydro. _Scharnhorst_ doesn’t have hydro either. Nor does _Tirpitz._ It starts with _Bismarck._

  20. Was interested in the giveaway, but I’ll pass on going back to the Discord.

    I’m still going to keep my distance from Grumpa.

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