World of Warships- What Even Are These Teams?

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Hey guys, today we have another replay compilation courtesy of the replays you guys sent in, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. 1:36 Hahaha that’s why i love ’em. I love re-printing my Nelson the most

  2. I love a good meme video. You should do more of these.

  3. Using Joukov to illustrate some first grade ass kicking ? Soviet Army and everyone approves

  4. LOL Valtiel just got the rockets nerfed to 60 seconds probably

  5. That Lion proving once again, the only hp point that matters for a British non-CV is the last.

  6. 20% wr this weekend, always top of the scoreboard, pure pain

    • Bud i know the feeling. Me and my dad have a new limit, two losses in a row and we are done. Pure pain indeed. Teams have gotten so much worse lately. We might take off for a few weeks and see if it gets better.

    • @Tex Well my two divmates and I have a good tollerance for cancer.
      I hope you can enjoy life somehow

  7. Scharnhorst torping Duke of York: payback for Nordkapp!

  8. M E M E S
    British: “Lets install a 3D printer!”

    • that was my replay. i was extremely thankful for that 3d printer.

    • Yuro’s Churchill Quote: “We don’t put sloped armour because we must make sure the tea maker fits.”
      Us in 2021: “We don’t put sloped armour because we must make sure the 3D PRINTER fits.”

  9. Death of Stalin is one of my favourite films, but people of culture will really appreciate the cameo of Gun Jesus demonstrating the doctrine of walking fire with a chauchat, pinned to the bayard clip – hilarious

  10. 0:28 well isn’t that just a twist of irony.

  11. “Don’t try this at home, I’m what you call a professional.”

  12. Marcus Jones Stinks

    That Scharnie’s back blew out from carrying all that weight by himself.

  13. Sardauker Legion

    Impressive matches, but i really loved the RIga part.

  14. Dominate K-Poper

    I couldnt help laughing my butt off with the floating clip. music editing there was spot on too

  15. The forgotten weapons and Brandon Herrera clips got me laughing more than they should have

  16. that “oh no! anyway” Lion was perfect lol

  17. I am still making 6000 dmg Rocket run, on DDs, in my Lexington, Corsair HVAR

  18. 2:08 was not expecting to see Ian McCollum in this vid, hats off to you, Mountbatten 🙂

  19. The Duck Tails moon theme made me smile.

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