World of Warships- What Needs To Change With Submarines

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Hey guys, today i discuss my thoughts on submarines and the mechanics around them, let me know what you think down below! Enjoy!

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  1. Great points, hope wg see’s the video.

  2. It’s balanced. Spreadsheet says we are having fun

  3. How are they “spotting” underwater and communicating with the team? Submarines had to come to persicope depth to have radio contact. It should be no team spotting and no spotting underwater.
    Edit: at 13:00 they reload torps so so so fast

  4. I kinda like the “strap 50 depth charge launcher to Kurfurst” idea, but with german dispersion i doubt any of em will hit the sub.

  5. BBs should get a Catapult plane that can kill subs because they did actually exist on ships I believe

    • Catapult aircraft were never intended to hunt submarines as they were never equipped with depth charges. Warspite did destroy a U-boat with its plane at the battle of narvik but this was by bombing it in port.

  6. The easiest thing WG could do for BB’s is to provide a depth charge capable plane, replace fighter or spotter as an option with an ASW plane? That’s my two cents anyway, keep up the good work mate 🙂

  7. You make good points. for me, the big problem with submarine and carrier is that they are not fun to play against in a battleship and even a destroyer in my opinion. in battlestation pacific, the counter for battleships was that you could outrun them once you were aware of a sub’s presence, you could dodge torpedoes (because there was no homing torpedoes in that game) if you dodged long enough, the sub would be forced to surface at some point and you could shoot them.
    21 knots ww1 era Dreadnought such as New mexico and Colorado will be easy picking for submarines who don’t even have their historical speed and homing torpedoes. your video illustrate my point video, you were already struggling to escape the submarine in your Pef which is one of the fastest tier 6 ship. So a ww1 era Dreadnought stand very little chance in comparison.
    Also the problem is that destroyers are already overworked with so many things to do, they have to spot, cap, avoid radar ships/he spamming ships and avoid carrier, escort other ships and spot torpedoes, attack other destroyers and now they have to counter submarine. there are type of destroyers which are closer to mini cruiser and are easily detectable. they can be perma spotted by the subs for other ships to shoot at.
    there is the abuse of the 6 meter diving mechanics you mentionned.
    conclusion, instead of adding submarine, they should counter the powercreep.

  8. Florisato Lisoritonaro

    I agree that submarine could be good for the game, however with the current balance and performance, it will probably ruined the whole game. If WG couldn’t find a proper way to balance rn, they better just give it up for now

  9. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    We need a wake detonation mechanic for torpedoes so when you go stern on against them, the torpedoes will detonate in the wake

  10. Zako Shoshinsha

    One thing i came up with is when subs are above 6 metres, they can torp surface ships, spot and be spotted, can cap, and can’t be depth charged but increased vulnerability to enemy shells especially HE. When they are below 6 metres, *they can torp other subs only* and they can’t spot nor be spotted unless enemy ships have hydro, and they gain invulnerability to enemy shells but gets damaged by depth charges. That and along with an RPF like notification when you get pinged by a sub.

    Also maybe give subs their oxygen meter back? So they have 2 resources, Battery for ping which you can charge by going 1/4 speed underwater or surface to charge faster, and oxygen which determines how long you can stay submerged.

  11. Havent heard anyone but BB mains call out that this or that needs to be blapped if it comes to engangement range

    • Ah… Poor baby. And I hear a lot of complaints from cruisers too. However the cruisers have it pretty good now it doesn’t take much time to burn down an BB. And if cruisers complain about being one shotted is because they screwed up and didn’t play it right.

    • While I agree it is annoying, bbs already have dumb dispersion. They tend to be fairly inacurate regardless of skill. Next you have a 30 second long reload. On top of that, you have horrid maneuverability and turreg traverse. All of this for good armor and good guns. It is unbeleivibaly easy to kill bbs if you play right. Now, match the bad dispersion with long reload, and throw in the fact you can overpen or ricochet. Overpens do practically nothing and ricochets do literally nothing. I dont care what you are (thats a lie, german bbs) if you are broadside to a bb within 9km, you are just DELETED. Unless they get unlucky and miss, you should be dead no matter what. If you are a bb, you should be super low, or dead. The fact that a chappy, could be stopped, *6* *km* away from my massa, and not only do my 7 of 9 shells *miss* (aimed perfectly at the center of his ship) the 2 shells that do hit, overpens. This chappy, took 2k damage, being completely still to a massa. No. As a cruiser, it is easy to shrug it off. Especially ones with long reloads. But even a 15 second reload with better accuracy would be better. No.

    • They have lower detection than DDs. And DDs need to basically suicide into the open to try to damage subs all while contesting caps, fighting other DDs, and playing Anne Frank with CVs and radar ships.

  12. Jugoslav Cvitkovac

    Have fun! Thats an order!

  13. If you want some spicy memes from wargaming look at their logic for nerfing German cv torpedo bombers. Their logic having ap dive bombers and torpedos that use to do 10200(hakyuro does 9333 currently) was to strong against battleships. So German cv tier 10 planes now do 4300 dmg for torpedoes.

  14. the sub get hydrophone that only ping a target location but not reveal them every 3 s at a range of 7 km

  15. that’s the most annoyed I have heard you on the vid start and I agree with everything you said.

  16. What is the end game if there are 1-2 subs left on one side and CV, BB, CA left on the other side?

    • I actually had this happen. It was me in a CA vs a sub, and another friendly and enemy sub fighting on the other side of the map. It ended with me reversing to stay over top of him so I wouldn’t be torped. It was the most awkward fight I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a JB fight where I lost both guns…

    • I’ve had this happen as well, which to me, it seems to happen a lot. Anyways, I’m the person everyone calls cancer that plays CVs and it was just me making my ship do circles whilst shaking my dive bomber’s fist at the subs because I couldn’t do anything. At that point it is just pray your subs win the submarine battle.

  17. Great video if they had ping alert for Battle ships that would work fine .Put the ping alert in the captain skills.Give battle ships some asw system to use in the game.Again great video..

  18. Clan Meade Magruder

    Sealord, you will become the second notser. Love your channel.🙂😄

  19. What needs to change with Subs is get them out of the game.

  20. Active sonar can be heard way beyond the effective range of the sonar, because it works for the sub by bouncing the ping and hearing the return – theoretically an enemy could hear you at least twice the range you can hear the return ping, so subs should get spotted by many ships if they ping a target, and the spot should be pervasive like firing main battery.

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