World of Warships- When Do Early Access Events Cross The Line?

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Hey guys, today we have a follow up video to yesterday’s patch day video. Where I ask y’all quite simply: Where do these early access events cross the line?

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Not going near the early access, ill wait until they’re free to grind.

    • Early access are still free, You complete the missions and get some T4 till T7-8 (free and fully upgraded), can even have some nice camo sometimes. All just with Tokens for completing missions during early access… Whom told you “You Have To” buy Random Bundles with ur doubloons to get T9?

  2. You could go to T8 without spending money on the game? Isn’t that T7? I’ve only spent tokens on the consequential bundles for Dutch Cruisers and only got to T6 (T7 from missions), without spending any money.

  3. All I want are more tech line secondary BB’s for all nations

  4. I unlocked only up to the t7 ship with the tokens available from the missions without buying any of the bundles for more tokens for dutch cruisers. The same happened with the italian BBs.

  5. I have no issue with them charging for early access of the tier 9. The events as a whole are fab if you don’t care to spend time and xp to grind out ships and modules up to tier 8. Then if you are that desperate to get the tier 9 before it’s grindable that’s up to you I guess. Agree that it should be sequential so ppl know how much they’re paying to access it but no issues with the fact that they have to pay.

  6. Tbh even regular access for pretty much every fantasy/crap line of the last year(s) was of no interest, let alone early access. If people with no patience or restraint want to blow money into content which only serves as vessels for the obligatory accompanying high tier premium… let them. Even people who are interested in those crappy lines probably won’t ever play a ship below T8 anyway, because WG is working hard to give the impression that everything below T10 is just a nuisance to be skipped asap.

    • having reset some lines , the seal clubing that goes on at lower teirs , they need to get new players though that fast or lose them

  7. I personally always just go for what I could get for free just by playing. Btw I dunno if I just missed on some Dutch tokens but I thought I got every single free to play Dutch token including twitch and Amazon prime and such and I only got the camo for the tier 8 not the ship which I’ve found generally is where I end up with these being a free player now is usually unlocking the tier 7. Think with the US bb one I got to the Kansas though. I personally couldn’t care less for the soviet carriers but I’ll get what I can for free cause I’m a collector. Btw I saw on reddit a rumor that after this patch they’re removing the tier 5 and maybe 7 premium ship containers from the community token shop they put in the armory. Might wanna look into that see if it’s true that way people know about it but it’s reddit so who knows lol

  8. When does it cross the line? The second these crooks decide to sell it. A single pixel ship for the price of a AAA game. It’s way over the line. Even more so when it’s tech line ships.

  9. Russian CVs are going to be early access for only 1 patch instead of the usual 2, 10.9 is confirmed to be the German battlecruisers, this means they’re adding 5 new lines/branches this year.

  10. What WG is doing now is completely reasonable. There is nothing wrong with paying for early access. It’s a common practice for companies to make money and even most YouTubers do this by releasing videos early for people supporting them.

    • @Joe Kelley I wont say that SLM and other WOWs Youtubers do raise valid concerns and he does express good points for and against WG. Its flamu that’s the real cancer upon this community just spreading hate and just brain washing his fanbase into angry haters who wont be happy until they see this game burn even though most of his fan only stick around for the WOWs content when ever he start playing other games his view no drop.

  11. Imagine if this game wasn’t free to play but it was like 60 bucks (instead of having to grind or whale for “premium” things) and then you have everything, i guess it would make less money (but maybe not that much less) but it would have been one of the greatest games ever.

    • Yes and no, can’t put out as much content as they do without something like a monthly subscription.
      That being said if the game just had something like a subscription for 15bucks/month that allows you to access all ships and get everything with it it could potentially make more money.

    • @taserrr that’s the same model as ESO, but tbh, that game has a huge active playerbase compared to wows. I would not mind 55% free 30% subscription and 15% onetime payment content.

    • @Icy Phoenix Well yes but they’ve got a much bigger staff and a much bigger game that requires more income.

    • @Martin Laver but isn’t buying a ship , the same as a dlc

    • @Grizzz a very expensive dlc

  12. Its called parasitic game design instead of building on systems and making them better they convolute it with more systems whether its game play wise with their commander reworks or store wise with the misery/ johan de witt

  13. I see Early Access events giving away the new line ships as a way to reduce distortions in mid-tier MM with the new ship. I still remember visby spam when Euro DDs came out. I’m fine with the sequential bundles but definitely prefer constant price. I kind of wish they did not make the package pricing so complicated on packages (ship + junk) and make it monotonically better for pricier options instead of filling them out with camos/flags. Also, if the early access perma camos were purchaseable later (for a bit more than default perma camo is fine, and even fine if more expensive than same item at early access time, or maybe have bonus patch/icon/flag if you buy it during early access) on the ship it would be nice since it’s hard to commit to one without playing the line enough. Ideally the camo system should be consistent price for base camo then some extra $ for skins, as opposed to $ for base camo then $$ for an artistic camo, not very affordable to have more than 1 perma camo on a boat.

  14. Not another dime to Wargaming!

  15. @SLM
    Small correction: In the Dutch Event you could not get the T8 ship without paying – however you could get up to the T7 ship and a camo for the T8 ship without paying.
    At least that’s how it was on EU.

  16. As far as I can see, the Early Access thing was developed to push players quickly up to tier 7 and above. WG are no longer interested in tiers below T7. Later on someone realised that there were some crayon nibblers who were happy to pay for access to free ships and so WG monetised it. As always, we only have ourselves to blame for predatory monetisation.

  17. Take advantage of the events but do no put money in them. You save a lot of credits and xp by getting the free ships in the event.

  18. Don’t forget about the gambling aspect of it. Some people have an addiction, and can’t stop buying because they can’t. It is definitely a real world issue that Wargaming should take into account and try not to put people in that position.

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