World of Warships – Win Harder

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I’m constantly reminding people that they don’t need to win any harder than they already are. Funnily enough, right now that’s advice that Wargaming themselves might benefit from paying attention to.

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  1. Jingles you’ve got to start gamblers early everyone knows that

  2. “It’s 3am I should really go to bed”

    *Jingles posted 2 minutes ago*

    “Eh what’s another 21 minutes”

  3. Thank you for the videos Jingles 🙂 . It’s my birthday and I’m feeling quite down.

  4. Jingles, what do you mean “we gave them the benefit of the doubt”? Anyone with any sense stopped believing a single thing Wargaming says like 3 incidents ago…

    • I stopped like 9 or 10 years ago!

    • I’ve missed the Yukon controversy. I need to watch mingles Monday…

    • @Baron Bubbles to be fair, I personally haven’t all quite trusted them since the first proper “release” of Submarines. We’re dating back to October of 2018 on my side. 2020 and, thus far, 2021 have been my most not-giving-a-fuck to WG, having several month-long breaks, and really only coming back for special events.

    • @That1Connor carriers were reworked in like 2016/17. The whole idea was great but the execution is just godawful and they refuse to accept it

    • You mean 30 years ago right?

  5. Hey, Jingles have you seen the demo for the new ww2 Destroyer: u boot hunter game? I can’t wait to see how you fare…I miss your cold waters videos.

  6. Some quality Jingles art at the end there.

  7. The ship will be renamed to: “me soury” anyway. And that “post Battle screen is a fake “Salvador Dali” 160437$ seems like a fair price though. looks astonishingly authentic.

  8. Honestly I think trading a Stalingrad for the last enemy destroyer was a good trade. Now they have a DD and the enemy does not, and that does change the tactical situation a lot.

  9. Christopher Miles

    Haven’t laughed so hard in a while thanks Jingles for your beautiful description of your victory artwork

  10. 19:46 (chat) Well, everyone knows the Halland was secretly equipped with the technology to transform into a Sjöormen-class diesel-electric submarine, Arpeggio of Blue Steel-style. The new A26 class is allegedly capable of morphing together like the Power Rangers into Sweden’s glörious aircraft carrier Victoria **sagenod**

  11. Haaland player at the end : “I’m a Swedish submarine.”

  12. 15:33 “They haven’t even prevented flipping of capture point Bravo”
    I’ve seen Jingles mistake many things over the years but I think this is the first time I’ve seen him fudge up the alphabet of caps.

    • Guess that should be implemented in Captain Jingle’s Captain in the game. XD

    • Jingles is in a ceaseless endeavor to expand his capacity for crapness. He is a Master.

    • There was once a man, a legend in Formula 1 Motorsport, the Commentator Murray Walker, he was the voice of the sport for decades, and he would confuse the bright red car for the bright blue car

  13. In my experience you don’t want to give broadside to a Montana in the Smolensk. I think Montana’s shells are so slow that they are perfect. Definitely give broadside to something like a Yamato.

  14. Michał Starzyński

    Excellent art Jingles. Reminded me of early 90s when I visited my Moms job to play with MS Paint 😉 I was drawing tanks though.

  15. Jingles: “The Großer Kurfürst has deadly secondaries”
    Me: cries in past

    • Reality Dysfunction

      @Daniel Burnette Nope, no where close.

    • @Sprengmaster i don’t care what flamu tried with his “sort of secondary build”. GK secondaries are just as, if not more so, effective as they were before the rework. Pommern is awesome to drive, and terrifying to fight against. Im not a WG apologist, but secondaries are much better now.

    • @Daniel Burnette Do you actually play the game?

    • @Sprengmaster He’s probably a WeeGee exec on a throwaway/alt account, spreading lies

    • @Erik Seehagel Or maybe he is a Co-op battle enthusiast. I mean he seams like the type to enjoy the carriers in their current state as well.

  16. Yes, Jingles, despair is a common reaction to your “art”. (And know that you do both the art and the quote intentionally and it’s funny.)

    About Marie-Antoinette: IIRC there is no proof that she actually said that, so most likely the usual French slander against their Austrian queen but I somewhere read or heard that at the time flour for cakes was actually taxed less than for bread. So their might be some truth and good intentions there.

  17. 19:43 When the Montana says “that’s a coward’s play”. Because we all know it’s bravery, not skill, that wins battles. Huzzah!

  18. “No rush Wargaming, fix it in your own time,” is what WeeGee says everytime they look at the, “Torpedo bug,” on the to do list.

  19. WG new advertising motto “WG, screwing their customers since 2009” Awesome artwork btw Jingles!

  20. art worthy to be memorialized in world of warship legendary art gallery.

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