World of Warships – WTF Just Happened? The St. Louis Class Cruiser

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Class American
WOWS Cruiser Gameplay – St. Louis Class, 14 Guns!

The has 3 different types of planes; fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. At the early tiers you don’t have access to dive bombers. Fighters are great at defending capital ships from torpedo and dive bombing attacks and also hunting down other enemy planes. Torpedo bombers require a bit of planning and skill, but can unleash a 6 torpedo attack run on enemy ships that can have a dramatic result on the battle. Currently there are only 4 classes in WOWS; destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers use a top down, Real Time Strategy (RTS) style of gameplay which is fun and unique to World of Warships.

Thanks for watching!


  1. A Langley class carrier survived at point blank range of a battleship.
    Dumbest BB skipper in the game.

  2. So…. Not only ASIA server but you guys too are plagued with the
    Poi-calypse huh?

  3. Legionaryeagle England

    Hey Baron …do you have the USS Atlanta ?? would love to see this in

  4. haha ” oh scheiße ” 😀 tactical german phrase..

  5. That Torpedo dodge lel

  6. why are people so like in love with this game but no one touches
    battlestations midway or pacific, sure this game has more ships, but the
    way battlestations was played was great the aircraft were playable, you
    could switch between aa guns and main guns. there was no magical telescope
    that allowed u to see over mountain islands. guess its just the fact its
    being made by world of whatever. while poor battlestations which has most
    of the mechanics of this game plus more is dead

  7. Best World of Warships Replays

    Send me a Replay and WIN 10000 GOLD!!!!

  8. phly sent me

  9. Hey Baron, I’d like to see if you could use a battleship and get up close
    and personal and let the AI controlled secondary guns sink a lower tier
    ship or a carrier

  10. Whats btm?

  11. WARNING!!! they are doing a big update or something and are wiping the
    accounts and are going to give everyone a boost pack to help get back there

  12. Can I have a invite code Baron please I have been waiting for my
    application for over two and a half months and I’d love to get an invite
    code. I’ve also been watching all of your and Phly’s WoWs/WoT/War Thunder

  13. You need to make more videos! I live vicariously through your game play. Im
    just waiting for the CBT to end so I can finally DL it. 

  14. The first sinking was probably the best I’ve ever seen from Barons gameplay

  15. BaronVonGamez, how I can get the code to play World of Warships?

  16. when can we play world of warships live ?

  17. do you have German origins ? ;)

  18. ur a good player I would like to play with u

  19. Please! :)

  20. Do the uss north carolina

  21. Poi means Poi. No fucking explaination required, poi…

  22. james pickersgill

    Poi could be a reference to a anime that was used to promote the game in

  23. one like for you just for that thug lyf torp. dodge :DD

  24. Baron, Poi is reference to a catchphrase used by Yuudachi from Kantai
    Collection. You did say lets play ignorant so Im curious as to if you
    already knew. :D

  25. Nice win at the end Baron ;)

  26. Lol, he won that game. It’s not a draw, it would of said draw.

  27. How did he win?

  28. lol supper bird was like I got killed by baron im famous

  29. RemusKingOfRome5

    Blitz = Vodka

  30. Thank you Baron.

  31. Yooooou thunk maa battleship

  32. it would be interesting if you could shoot torpedoes before they hit you 

  33. Blitz, the moon moon of WoWS.

  34. I hate St Louis es so much, same AS Cleveland and Pensacola …just sooo
    annoying, with like 2sec reload they just cover you in rain of shells


  35. This St.Louis is great. Got 167 hits with 4 kills in a tier V match….fun
    little ship

  36. Hey nice torp escape! you gotta way by the skin your teeth lol

  37. fletcher plz

  38. I really hope I get into closed beta I really want to play this game…like
    right now.

  39. Is it true that the UK aren’t being added next ?

  40. I have 169 hits with the ST. Louis 🙂 but it is too slow :(

  41. I saw that draw coming miles away as soon as that second BB left the cap it
    was a draw, people need to pay attention to the clock and realise what is
    and what isnt possible to do in the time left, so many draws that way it’s

  42. I live in Saint Louis

  43. poi is good, poi is very very good.

  44. Those machine guns that you thought were tertiary batteries are the AA
    guns. In WWI, the USN basically put infantry guns on mounts and called it
    AA. If you watch Jingle’s videos, you’ll know he mentions that pre-WWII,
    nobody thought planes were any threat to a battleship.

  45. Stratton Schippers

    blitz might have rammed him hopping that by him ramming the carrier killed
    him faster and hopped that the other battleship could kill the kongo in

  46. bernardobiritiki

    Baron why arent you fighting for the hounour of Japan?

  47. did you know the Myogi battleship is a lie and it never existed?

  48. Im the guy driving that myog that got rekd, gg baron lol 

  49. It seys Victory in the end not a Drow

  50. Fletcher! Baron rules!

  51. Baron your team won the myogi killed the Kongo 

  52. Vincent Matthies

    Is he german ?

  53. you should play a tear 1

  54. baron how far did you get in world of tanks?

  55. Mount and blade Napoleonic wars

  56. The Cat With a Top Hat

    Dear god, it seems that, we anime fans have accidentally taken over WoWS
    chat, but, HEY! not our fault if we’re passionate about poi.

  57. Play whatever ur highest tier is :)

  58. Another great vid BVG. Strange tatcics there by Blitzkrieg. The
    RAM-ification was huge … lol

  59. Is it just me or did the end game results say ‘victory.’ Adding more wtf to
    your game if you actually soon it in the final second.

  60. Baron, check the video out again. It was a Victory. The myogi got of
    that last shot and it killed the kongo before the timer ran out. And the
    detail screen says “Victory”

  61. i hope they add storms, like huge waves and stuff with lighting and rain.
    That would be epic

  62. Whats PoI? 

  63. Schrödingers Cat

    Can’t wait for the british :)

  64. OH MY GOD, NOT FIRST :O !!!

  65. Is this game free to play? I need to try it out!

  66. Great video man i loved it 

  67. Curse my Upload speed! I can’t watch in anything other than 480p :(

  68. What ship class should I play next?

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