World of Warships – YACHT BOAT WITH GUNS! – New German Cruisers Gameplay

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World of Warships – YACHT BOAT WITH GUNS!
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  1. how can i play the OBT

  2. Fucking Reptilian Fuck

    Are reptiles allowed on the yacht? If not, we will take that over too!

  3. Hey Phly, How was that ghost pepper jerky on the way out? I bet you wish
    you had ate some ice cream after that. thx for all you do.

  4. Mark Sun (HighExplosives)

    The yacht for the concerned german millionare who needs to be able to fight
    pirates! Buy the Hermlin (or however you say it) today!

  5. should have shouted crazy nonsense in crazy German during the entire battle
    for maximum effect

  6. “Yacht Boat”

  7. These are the types of ships I wish I worked on at my job but no mostly
    sailboats and not even a pirate ship

  8. when they come out with custom battles you should do tirpitz versus a
    Atlantic convoy.

  9. BEST SHIP, 10/10-WG

  10. Brain Bomb!!!!!!

  11. Never underestimate the Erie lol

  12. Germany we need a navy right now o look a yacht this will do lol


  14. Why can’t I find this in wikipedia? Is this just a paper model or a real

  15. What is that ship he has for his intro? Is it a Tirpitz?

  16. I don’t even know what the range is when you always say oh my god the range
    is insane. You don’t even fucking display your hud

  17. Josh Ballow (Joshuphigh)

    ah, phly, the erie is a cruiser, there are no tier 1 destroyers, they come
    at tier 2

  18. I cracked up when he was so sad when they sunk his yacht boat ??

  19. I can't believe it's not butter!

    big hiss

    little hiss

  20. richie thach (KidBricks 45)

    Phly, in war thunder, “Phly” the Yak-3 VK 107. It’s one of the rarest
    planes in-game

  21. whats a DD?

  22. i cant remember where was this music in the ntro

  23. Can people like this so he see it, it would be awesome if you made a Video
    on the m103 and its buggy profile how when it gets shot by the gun which
    has around 300mm, the game thinks it as the turret ring which extremely
    low. If a large youtuber could voice the many of the communities minds(on
    the war thunder forum you can see many threads) i would be extremely

  24. “They sunked my yatch boat” Phlydaily 2015

  25. Let’s be honest, low to mid tier games are much more action pack than high
    tier matches.

  26. Try listening to 7:34 with your eyes closed and not smiling xD

  27. Phly. Bro. Shift key. It’s just painful to see you working so hard to go in
    and out of zoom mode.

  28. 1 question. This is a tester version???

  29. Phly pls do the Dresden, its my hometown, a ship with a real nice history
    AND a fast fire ship :D

  30. Yo love you Phly

  31. That dead fuking silence…..R.I.P. Yacht boat

  32. man who made your world of war ships intro its so mad

  33. You seem like a dick

  34. Reptilian brotherhood WE ARE EVERYWHERE hssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  35. FunnyPotato Productions

    hey phly what’s going on? 😀
    I’ve got a question: Which program do you use to record because mine is to
    stupid :/ i tried to record WarThunder but it only recorded my voice and
    nothing else… HELPHELPHELP and thx


  37. I don’t play world of warships yet but if they have the Arizona it would be
    awesome if you could take it out!

  38. fly the p39O some thing??


  40. slick world wipe the sea with ply and barons ass.they both know it that’s
    why they don’t verse each other

  41. Phly has the best intros.

  42. I m the 666 view ………. dafuk

  43. Hey Phly, I started watching you and Baron a few weeks ago, because I
    started playing WoW. You really became one of my favorite youtubers 🙂 Keep
    it up

  44. The Erie is a cruiser. I just played my first game of WoWS and got 5 kills
    and lived to tell about it with the Erie. That thing is sick!

  45. Love your vids man keep them up bro sending love torpedus from Australia.

  46. I love that little ship, cant wait for it…. btw phly, a Hermelin is a
    kind of weasel. google them, little furry animals wich were famous for
    their pelt…

  47. Yo Phly! Great vids hope you straem this week so I can be a part of it too!
    Israeli is quite far away from Florida!

  48. Can the Hermelin even be matched against CVs without joining a higher tier

  49. Brace yourselfs! peoples saying “first” are coming!

  50. everything phly need in life: F2H nerf, Boobs, Boat with guns, balanced war
    thunder (XD), Lovely 24/7 streams and… did I said boobs yet? oh! and

  51. Phly run into Barons room and yell at him: The E-11 is not based on the
    STEN, It’s based on the Sterling !!!!

  52. Yacht Boat=redundant

  53. yo phly, where is the Me-262 scout plane? every yacht has one

  54. 69th viewer!

  55. havent even watched it but great vid ??

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