World of Warships- Yes! More Of This Please Wargaming!

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Hey guys! Today we talk about Convoys, a mode that has been an absolute blast for me!
Ross Rowley:

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  1. The sejong buff is really appreciated! the german dd buff is good as well

    • What buff and when was it done?

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      ​@Nicky gabagoolnew patch notes dropped, and WG threw the kitchen sink at it

      Also kitakami is in testing again

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings nothing about that on 12.4 and 12.5 has nothing yet on their notes directly from their site?

  2. Played 10 matches today and had 0 CVs. It was a good session on either side especially since the teams actually fought for control of the map by pushing in

  3. I think what urgently needs fixing for convoys is torpedo protection. Just imagine a jinan launching 2 waves of 5000 torpedoes and there’s practically no way you can ever save the convoy

  4. I actually would like also to see if wg takes ideas from the community in terms of game modes for all pve, coop, random, etc. would love to see convoy in coop as well.

  5. I’d also love if they’d do more random ops
    These mission-ish game modes are a lot of fun!

    • yeah , some ops can be quite hard sometimes

    • How about ops for low-tiers? There are a lot of low tiers that are very fun to play. It’s sad to see that they’re abandoned, even for the dailies.

    • wargaming wont do that because it cost them money to make these, and people who play them are mostly more on the f2p train, leveling their ships (especially the turd ships that are painful to take into pvp) because lets face it..operations are DIRT EASY content (i play them all the time because they are so chill) and you only lose if you have real bad potatos on the team who would probably lose vs coop bots. The only 2 operations that might pose a challenge are HERMES, and Killer Whale. The first because the BOT CV is massively overtuned, and the last destroyer attack is usually the doom of potato teams that have not failed until that point already. Killer Whale is another potato filter, because greedy play that does not benefit the team is encouraged and rewarded (driving into the harbor killing transports and getting farmed by Bayern and Gneisenau) and in the end ignoring the mission timer and failing to exit because SPESHUUUL. Greedy play can also be a problem on NARAI which is argueably the easiest of em all and the most rewarding, because theres practically zero RNG involved with spawns. Some would say why isnt CHERRY BLOSSOM on your list. I tell you why , despite having tons of enemies , Cherry Blossom is in truth super EZ to win if you just dont play like a complete brain dead ignoramus. All you have to do is kill their stuff from range, dodge some torps, and at minute 5 drive to the most forward island use it as a shield and you can kill both airfields from there in any ship with 12km+ gun range. Top Reason for fail are morons again who dont look at the clock and keep farming ships instead of playing the objective. If you want to end this map even easier and have a CV ….those airfield are toast with 10+ minutes on the clock.

  6. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    Convoy is great fun. The easiest way to win is to play Schlieffen, smash your head on the W key, and run straight at the enemy team making monkey noises. Would love to see a fun game types list with Convoy, Airship Escort and any other similar modes weegee may add in the future.

  7. I would like to see a 24 ship free for all. I think that would be quite fun and chaos.

  8. I like this mode too. Unfortunately there are too many players who not even try to win the match, and they all seem to love the Convoy mode, too.

  9. Love this mode, agreed with the not showing the convoys route on the mini map meaning you have to search for them. As well they need to put this in normal random battles

  10. At first I was a firm believer that the defense was way harder, but I have only played a few games in it. It seems only needing one convoy to succeed balances it out.

  11. I also believe that allowing us to immediately replay a ship following death has allowed for more agggression.

    Now I can hold W, take a few kills before dying, and hit next to keep the momentum going in my german ship.

  12. I would like to see a true Atlantic convoy mode. Add Destroyer Escorts and Corvettes with sonar and have them escort a larger convoy past wolfpacks and surface raiders. What do you think ?

  13. Sea Lord Mountbatten


    Hey guys sorry shotcut (my editing software) did it’s think and didn’t apply the audio filter to the first portion of the video. It’s something it does every 1 in like 700 videos . Currently rendering a fixed version

    Fixed audio starts at 5:03

  14. I’m with you in that it’s a mode that helps, but I do think the airship is better because they can’t be destroyed and it’s just team on team brawling. I agree that routes shouldn’t be known, only destinations. It would be really cool to program the bots to follow the lead ships in the route to a pre-programed objective, or go faster when a ship is leading, slower when they are making their own way.

  15. I just think making this mode for something like T7 to T8 would be perfect, remaining the airship on 8 to 10

  16. I wouldn’t mind if it were permanent and actually I think it could be really interesting if real players could play the Liberty ships.

  17. This is what the game needs so stay more on the arcady fun side 👍😁 love blimp and Convoi mode

  18. I have mixed feelings about Convoy mode. Mostly because I’ve been stuck on many teams that either get sunk right away or don’t bother guarding the transports. Allowing them to get focused on.

  19. I’m so glad they brought convoy out, and I wish they’d add some more missions to random ops or maybe combine convoy and random. Airship was super fun too

  20. I like the mode and it’s been fun, but I do think the transport ships need to be 30k each and/or that the path they take is hidden to the team trying to kill them. Only the end “anchor” spot should be shown to them. This would prevent them from camping the path and instead have to find them

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