World of Warships – Yorck Likes Islands

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Yorck on Land of Fire spawns with the eastern side of the team, we push with the help of 3 destroyers and a cruiser to C. We run into multiple enemies around C and make use of the islands to shell the enemy with minimal damage taken. Some slick moves get us through the fight but we also can’t help but run into islands. Eventually the fight moves south and we make a critical error that leads to our downfall. Two battleships are all that is left to give us a chance to win. Very close and very tense game, hope you enjoy it and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VII German Cruiser Yorck Replay


  1. haven’t seen you die much , that was a change notser!

  2. I always though the Yorck is a crappy ship, because my myoko just citadels
    the hell out of it. But damn u are good with every ship 😀
    Keep up the great work man

  3. Admiral Hipper please

  4. ev. I see I cleave my Blood boils and i want to sink it !!!

  5. lol ” and im really bad at driving” at the end haha great game notser
    thanks for todays dose

  6. Today’s going to be a another good day….good coffee and great WoW’s
    content .
    Btw running into islands just make you human.Thanks for posting mate.

  7. BTW: Are you part werewolf? “HATsaharOOOO” makes me laugh every time.

  8. Notser: About your abusive attitude towards islands– although I miss the
    pretties, I spend time every 10 seconds or so looking at the mini-map for
    steering, enemy location/ headings, and where the land is. Why? Because I
    care: digital islands are people, too.

  9. This team had it all. DD + CA chasing a Cleveland away from the objectives.
    And BBs chasing DDs away from the objectives. Yet still managed to win.
    Simply amazing.

  10. Notser – it was so funny to see you up to your old ways! I watched those
    early videos (way back when it was me and maybe two or three other viewers)
    in which you made an art form out of running into any island within a
    kilometer or two. Hahaha! IT was fun to see this match go down to other
    players as well – and good to showcase the fact that it takes team-mates
    often in this game!

  11. trying to sink the island with the bow? That’s a paddlin lol

  12. try shooting a kiev at 11 km range with the atlanta :)

  13. Noster islands have feelings too, try and not hit them as much in the
    future. Like the replay.

  14. Pro tip: Maintain full speed until you hit the island and allow it to bring
    you to a complete stop instead of trying to slow before impact since
    slowing only leaves you vulnerable longer. This is only for when you have
    no choice but to hit the island of course. If you can avoid by slowing then
    do so.

  15. Notser, you run into the scenery more than Phly.

  16. Remember, rock is not a friend! Fun video.

  17. Usually I never get matched against CVs when playing my US cruisers that
    are built for anti-AA so I just run hydro and its actually pretty decent on
    spotting torps coming out of smoke. You can catch alot of DDs offguard that
    think they’re safe inside the smoke.

  18. “Land of Fire! haha I love how you say it :D

  19. Do you think its worth grinding the German Cruisers? I want to prioritize
    the Japanese cruisers/battleships because I got the Atago (I f*cking love
    that ship). I already free xp’d my way past the tier 3 and 4 German
    Cruisers, should I continue grinding the Germans or should I stick with the
    Japanese Crusiers? (I also need a couple million credits to purchase the
    tier 7 us cruiser, so thats why I have been spamming the Atago)

    Also, can you do a video on the Pensacola?

  20. I’m gonna hack your account and change your name to derper til new years. I
    never noticed how bad those guns are. They really baloon just like the
    cleve. At 13k they hung like a mogamis at 18k, worse even.

  21. So I am not the only one who zooms on their teammates at the beginning to
    see their ranked flags

  22. Unlike the rest of the german line, Yorck HE > AP.

    Hydro allows for pushing against smoke, which is invaluable on the north

  23. I think german acoustic search reaches almost 5 km… we talked about it
    earlier 😉
    And the AP on the Yorck is slower than on the Cleveland…. an increase of
    around 3 seconds flight time to 17km when switching form HE to AP.

  24. looks like someone’s hating on you… don’t bother them

  25. Love the people who die early then shit talk about the team being
    horrible… Good job Notser

  26. Did you notice you were playing against Braincage?

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