World of Warships – Z-23 Preview Impressions

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on Two Brothers moves out to the western flank where we encounter a couple enemy ships. I send out torpedoes and make use of the guns against a enemy . 3 enemy destroyers show up to the party and the real power of the destroyers is shown off. Hydro counters the attempts to use smoke for cover and I push through to the enemy base. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII German Z-23 Replay


  1. You gain an extra gun with 150 and so mulch more dmg and an insane fire
    chacne… i think its supiror to the 128

  2. im eager to play the german destroyer line.

  3. More dds? q.q poor me #Battleship player

  4. Welp. Looks like I’ll be grinding them German destroyers when they are

  5. “Trying to avoid not running into the island”.
    LOL, you excel at that.
    Flamu has a 150mm build in tier 10 game example giving 158k damage so I
    guess one might say it’s certainly workable. Issue might be AFT isn’t much
    use for the 150mm but could be for the tiers 9-10.

  6. Who don’t people just call hydro acoustic SONAR. Much easier

  7. so I logged on last night to find all of the premium camo from my IJN
    destroyers gone .. naturally there was never any warning of that that I saw
    … on the upside that means I can sell them as I was holding onto some
    simply because they had permanent camo … curious to test these dd’s out
    myself .. but I’ll likely wait a week or so till the mm levels out and they
    can be tested in a proper environment as I found that you never really get
    the flavor for a ship when it only fights itself in large numbers lol

  8. >.< Your Deutsche really needs some work, Nots. :)

  9. Doesn’t the Z-23 have 5 guns? the front turret is a twin.

  10. Lol Notser Lo Yang turrets take JUST 5.29 seconds to do a 180 – not 11 or
    12 like you said! Hell even the Atlanta’s and Gearing’s turrets take just
    7.2 seconds, but from the Sims to the Fletcher, you are looking at ONLY
    5.29 seconds!

  11. why wouldn’t you use the 150s on this ship in particular ?

  12. This Just In– new German DD Line is equipped with Notser-Pulling
    technology. Thud. ☃️

  13. Your german pronunciation of 23, dreiundzwanzig was spot on!

  14. Good stuff. Thanks Notser!

  15. fi “フィ” teru

    Great vid Notser. What do you think about WG decision of nerfing IJN DDs?

  16. I’m excited for this week! The new ships look amazing! I can’t wait to get
    my hands on them. Keep up the amazing work Notser!

  17. The moment I was in my Hatsuharu and saw one of zis German DDs using hydro
    on me…Basterds!

  18. WoT theshadow9929 (WoT theshadow9929)


  19. I’d say Lo Yang has been hurt by power creep.
    Random will not be the same next time. Benson also has a match ahead.

  20. has anyone noticed a huge drop in framerate in this latest patch

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