World of Warships- Z-35 First Impresions

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128s go bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Finley Bevan-Davies

    The stern of the ship looks like a brick

  2. Congrats You found my Channel

    *The last time I was this early for a review the Germans nearly took Moscow.*

  3. Richard Strickland

    Got it, haven’t played it yet. Good to hear that I’m not the only one with a dark screen. Bug, maybe? Never heard anything about this one before . There’s an IJN DD w/ 150mm guns and hydro…but heard nothing of it. And then there’s the Italian DDs…

  4. Yay, another Tier 8 premium! smh…

  5. 6km torps? No way.

  6. Wow 6km torps for a T8 DD, this must be a new marketing strategy from WG.

    • Its a Gun DD.
      3.1 Seconds Reload Time, 14.5km Range full skilled.
      British smoke, so you can move fast and play dynamic.
      You have better Pen with German HE, i mean its 32mm so you can hit more.
      So Torp is only for rescue if you push a BB or cap

    • @Chi Kung yeah its just improved guns Reload and range only) for weaker torps (range nerf) then the Z23 and then brit smoke instead of german smoke. thats it. damage is the same

  7. “Ah tier 10 again” my life in the bismarck.

    • Tell me about it.. console we have Iowaat T7 same as Bismarck a very fair fight to deal with every game because scrubs refuse to play anything but that or a Jean Bart or Yudachii

    • @Russell yeah I painfully understand that, you forgot to mention Yūdachi in console is NOT shit like in the PC version, its almost OP, but trust me, from my experience that’s nothing compared to having to fight Smolensk, Stalingrad, Conqueror, Aircraft Carriers, Kremlin and other other crap Bismarck PC players have to endure, its far less manageable.

    • @Gabriel Soares Petropavlovsk and Al. nevesky joined the chat

    • Gabriel Soares try being a Carolina with the most exposed citadel in history in tear ten. One volley and your now hiding for the rest of the round

    • @Ansdy gamer I know that I have a Carolina too

  8. I tried mine in about 3 games so far and I went with AFT to keep out of radar range. I’m also going to throw DE in it. Not sure if I like this ship yet. The torps are useless at 6km while you concealment is at 6.9km. The Z23 has better torp range. Not sure why WG decided to make the torps useless.

  9. I see Mountbatten got the Weser. Wonder if a review will come out

  10. Your watching our TV!! Even the English avoid doing that SL, stay away from the news fgs they tell more lies than 1,000 politicians 🤣

  11. Not sure about this one think I like the cossack better not even a good trainer as it is a very different role to the mainline and needs a gun boat build to get the most out of it which is unfortunate

  12. “Zed” actually is closer to German where the letter is pronounced like “Tset”.

  13. “Cause when it does pen it can do up to 3000 dmg per shell if it fully…. um… does it’s maximum damage.” You mean when it citadels? Lol.
    German 128 AP does 990 per hit after armor reduction, so if you get all 5 in a salvo to not over-penetrate, its nearly 5k (15k alpha strike).

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Yeah that’s what I meant to say, just got tongue tied trying to get it out lol

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten just teasing you brudda.
      Love ya and your videos brohim, they are always fantastic, and to be honest they don’t always match my opinions but they make me think that perhaps I’ve made the wrong conclusions.

      Thanks 😊

  14. You’re not running Last Stand? That’s a horrible choice.

  15. Being a Tier VIII, it will see Tier X games, with 6km torps? No thanks! I’ll stick to my T-61 with 8km torps in Tier VI.

  16. Josy Naemi Köhler

    I like, that she is ingame, since her subclass was the missing link between Z 23 and Z 46, when Germany abandoned the 150mm guns after one series of destroyers and went back to normal sized guns.

  17. Looks kinda like a Friesland if you gave it self-defence torps and British smokes.

    • Yep, you have to play this like a Pan Euro/IJN gunboat DD where the torps are not your primary weapons and just melt the world with your guns while hiding in smoke.

  18. Diego Belingieri

    I have a serious issue with this. A DD designed to NOT being the spearhead will usually handicap the team leaving them without “eyes” and slower caps.

  19. what british tv have you been watching?

  20. Doesn’t seem to have any real advantage over the Kidd… Pointless?

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