WTF is going on here – World of Warships

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This is one of those games where everyone lost their bloody minds I tell ya.

So many crazy suicides and ram attempts that don’t make any sense whatsoever it’s crazy.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. This is one of the funniest games ever, that start in the match with Lyon, Monarch and Ägir was awesome.

    But that Scharni actually safed you life.

  2. Bro wtf is this game man its just… what ?

  3. Your face through all of the vid matches the title very good indeed….

  4. “RAMMING SPEED!” Is what they were thinking.

  5. looks like a normal random gameplay.

  6. I would love to hear what the old man has to say about this one lol

  7. whats going to replace deadeye? a ramming skill, just for bbs

    • will WG call that “enhanced brawling” then? 😀

    • New skill would called blind eye, and only working when you are not shooting your guns, but gives you ramming speed

    • Lethargic Moonshifter

      @Nonderyon “accelerate to ramming velocity!”
      The skill should be called “One last fight” (quite poetic), “Joint death” alluding to your intention of not dying lonely, “Floating battering ram” or “The first man on the trigger”. The skill can be activated as soon as the ship’s HP have been reduced to 10% or lower. After the activation you will be enabled to accelerate +80% faster and to deal +40% more damage due to ramming whilst your primary and secondary armament (guns) is incapable of shooting. The primary and secondary armaments of your opponents will inflict -50% and ramming will inflict -80% of the actual damage to your ship, whilst the received damage of the latter will be duplicated on the sides of your enemies.
      The intervall of activation will last 15 seconds after which your ship will be destroyed immediately due to mechanical overload and instant performance depression from the sides of the ship’s crew (resulting in mass suicide and situational escalation) and engines.
      Also the special Soviet captain Nikolai Kusnezow will double all the given stats including the intervall of activation and the damage reductions (translates into: you will regenerate when ramming other players and won’t take any damage due to their primary and secondary armament). If you additionally eliminate about two enemy ships during this intervall, your ship won’t be destroyed after its expiry. This is the result of the new special “Soviet motivation and technical superiority”-ability. If activated, your ship will regain 10% of its original health during an intervall of 20 seconds and the engine performance will be transferred into a stage of fluctuation which means that the engine performance will vary between 60% to 80% of its original extent; tendencially it majorily performs at 69% to 80% of the original rate due to the “Soviet motivation”-aspect of Kusnezow’s special ability.
      The “Soviet motivation” is the result of the Soviet navy’s unique “Idealistic indoctrination”-characteristic and Kusnezow’s “Charismatic emanation”, which will result in high hematological concentrations of luck inducing hormones, when achieving the perfect accomplishment of one’s idealism due to the verification of the fact that every ship besides those of the Soviet navy are galvanized pieces of shit or oversized tin cans, which therefore confirms their technical superiority.
      This does converge to the actuality instead of the existence of WG’s arrogance and ignorance towards historical accuracy.

    • Lethargic Moonshifter

      I forgot to add, that Kusnezow’s ability does also apply to the percentual HP-prerequisite in order to activate this skill.

    • Shahriar Islam Shanin

      @Lethargic Moonshifter bruh I’m saving this for later

  8. “They are somehow out of […] map control.” Might have something to do with the thing that Pommern never crossed the B line.

  9. Clearly, your efforts to teach us where all in vain.

  10. That Agir shooting HE on a broadsiding Algerie just made me cringe.

  11. Flambass plays wows so little, he can’t keep with how meta is shifting XD

  12. please send this to Jingles, Flambass. I’m very curious how he’d react to this clown show of a game 😀

  13. This is “Sail me closer, I want to hit them with my sword” personified

  14. Flambass: Why is team so retarded?
    Wargaming: Note that down!

  15. “To understand the potato, one must become the potato”

  16. Scharnhorst: “GET DOWN, MR. PRESIDENT!!!!”

  17. “The thinking man’s action game”

  18. “Get down Mr President!”

  19. “What was I a part of?” A sh*t show, just the usual sort of game play seen in the era of the Covid Warrior. If you’d added the “quack” on the F ups, we never would have heard a word you’d said.

  20. “I’m not going to survive this one” say says, surviving this one.

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