YAMATO – 314193 DMG – 3145 Base XP – World of Warships

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Player: Guderian115 in his much much XP 🙂

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  1. The amount of torpedoes he took… Holy shit…

  2. MO getting citted once broadsiding a Yamato.
    Iowa nose on to Yamato gets citted twice.
    RNGeezus is kind to bad players.

  3. Damage Saturation @ 11:33 ?

  4. Teamwork ftw

  5. Intro music?

  6. Going full japanese on that Bismark lmao.

  7. Thx Panzerknacker for showing my Replay :)

  8. that dmg to the grosser kurfurst was pathetic.. could have instantly
    deleted any other bb. that german bb is ridiculously tanky. should have
    tried to shoot that gearing through the gap

  9. ละเมอร์ปี้ สี่พันไมล์

    sevever Asia ?

  10. I’m not even Subscribed, and I’m still getting recommendations to watch
    these videos.

  11. what ‘s upgrades of this yamato?

  12. 3:15 why would you even park yourself there? broadside on to a Currywurst
    and a Mo.. and eating a face full of shima torps:/ damn.

  13. wow what a lucky yamato

  14. why does it say “n amato” in the thumbnail

  15. I love those games where you use more hp than you have. Thumps up. Great

  16. Two bot accusations in one match? Must be EU server


  18. OMG where do you get your fking intro?! I wanna see that movie! Whatever it

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