Yamato Battleship Big Boom | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox1

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Gameplay review of the Japanese Battleship Yamato in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PS4 and XBox 1.


  1. Ah, Yamato gunsound. You can do anything with Yamato gunsound.

  2. Love that camo
    I know normal player cant realy get them
    But will you ever do a giveaway or some codes for those camos?
    Like the pc youtubers do?

  3. 2 salvos at 94k damage?? Sweet baby jesus.

  4. “Hi, guys, it’s Tbull.”

    Nice try, imposter guy, but what have you done to Tbull?
    I’m alerting the authorities.

  5. Wargaming- “you send commands too often”
    Tbull- “well, if they would just listen to me the first time… so we could win!”
    Love your passion for the game. Also the Stuart Smalley tone of the intro!

  6. If Teebs is out and about in the Yamato, someone needs to warn the community!

  7. Not too shabby game i need to play my legendary ships more lol.

  8. Yamato…A “real” legendary ship. When CV’s are introduced into the game these LT BB’s will attract bombing/torpedo runs to them like moths to a flame.

  9. Only scrubs load he in yamato….
    Me: *silently loading he*

  10. Great stuff man.
    And btw, please forgive my past bourbon references during the streams; being in my fifties, I should have known better.

  11. 3 minutes into a match and already knocking on 120k damage… yah, its gonna be a good one, lol

  12. ThatGuyOnYoutube Mk2

    I fought a Yamato earlier today in my stock Richelieu . . .

    Wiped the floor with the careless moron simply because he spent the entire time crossing the T.

  13. The Real Honey Badger

    WTF! Where’s the, “HEY Guys!”

  14. Waiting for you to publish a video for GK and her best builds 🙂 Although I have Hide lvl 16 leg 3, I feel the GK is underperforming since the lack of agility. So I have been using the Lutjens to buff the maneuverability and hydro + 8 spotters for accuracy. The accuracy is still bad, but GK can certainly move now and dodge the incoming shells / torps better. Plus you can show broadside since the rudder is 15 secs compared to 21+ with Hide.

  15. Geez, he spends weeks grinding the Alaska only to get blasted out the water in the first 30 seconds, ouch!

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