YAMATO pure POWER || 8 KILLS || World of Warships

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  1. Console peasants get to enjoy graphically better looking smoke screens and shell splashes. . . in return for nerfed techtrees.

  2. Yammy catches fire too easy

  3. 26s reloading time to 13s reloading time…gg

  4. Lol same gun reload to xxxao

  5. best about this vid is the chat

  6. Yamato with 13s reloading becomes dangerous

  7. Uchuu senkan Yaaamaaatooooo!!!!!

  8. how to aim without binocular..??? every time i play world of warship i aim with enemy with binocular guide.

  9. That was disgusting. Hahaha.

  10. Finally a replay worth being on a YT channel. Not these bad almost standard games that shouldnt be covered at all

  11. Yamato puré reload + enemies pure broadsides. Nice

  12. アドミラルヒッパー

    13s Yama is a nightmare for 32mmBBs
    They can’t do any counters play

    • Face the Yammy foward, drop h.e, Dont broadside, he can give all the shots he want. If they all had worked together they would had killed him long ago. Per example, that Musashi… he had a good angle on the Yamato, but he decided to shot the cruiser behind him =p
      Choices, choices, choices… poorly maded.

  13. wauw this is one of the best yamato videos. He raped everyone 🙂

  14. Turns out Yamamoto Yamato is pretty good

  15. In my opinion the protagonist Yamato is a bit lucky. The musashi has plenty of chances to inflict massive damage during the duel.

  16. his a CR33D member , wp sp0wn

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