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  1. In all reality, this was more luck then skill.. And it was having the Yamamoto Captain and the Cyclone that got you over.. Because you couldn’t hit anything from mid range to out to distance.. And even some of the close shots where missing.. But GG it went in your favor…..?

    • Exactly.

    • 8 minutes in and I’m sitting here waiting for the dude to land a damn shot

    • Terrible shot selection. Terrible aim (whiffed on the Neptune at 6km who had to keep his angle to avoid torps at 15:13). Glad you got 7 kills, but it’s only because everyone else on the enemy team assumed someone else would kill you right after the ram and then they all gave you broadside.

    • +Bryan Embley that’s why i said if he didn’t have the Yamamoto Captain, it would have been a different story.. Because after he got most of his kills in the Cyclone after getting the die hard, he should have been dead.. Than he got the big heal with the Yamamoto Kraken and by then it was game over.. Your points where well made thats exactly how i seen it too……

  2. Iam I am Missing, Like AIM.. B) 1337,

  3. enemy conquror noob player

  4. Warning: It took more than 5 minutes for him to get the first hit… 8 minutes into the game to actually get his first decent hit…. Nothing happened in first 10 minutes of the video…
    I would expect a lot more sniping skills as this is from SEA server.

  5. Great battle.

  6. Dude couldnt hit the broadside of a Kurfürst if it was strapped to him. Painful to watch.

  7. More luck than skill..

  8. Saor Campos Oliveira

    The guy doesn’t know how to shoot and couldn’t hit anything in the first 10min…it was more luck than skill involved

  9. Skip to 11:10 for action

  10. 10min into the game, aim suck as hell, idk if i wanna keep watching or start skipping forward, I already skip the first 3min

  11. Literally pure luck. That ram should’ve killed him, so many broadside targets, no one smart enough to shoot his broadside, but worse of all, this guy couldn’t hit a barn from the inside.

  12. Hey guys =) just dont hate some players for not being SUPER-PRO ! Dont forget i dont just bring you the best and epic replays – also i try to cover all, the funny, the “stupid” the special, the unusual – you name it. I think some people can find themselfes in this replay and maybe improof their aim by seeing this !? i get a lot of replays every day and i decide what replays i want to upload – this are not only the best of the best ^^ hope you understand. if you dont like 1 ….just skip to the next and be sure the next will be epic again 🙂 Have fun

    • Most follower wont see only epic games but this kind of video just show why tier 10 games can be frustrated and kill the game fun. The best example that not everyone should play high tier…..

    • Captain_Rajan_ Khanna

      +Keule50 how stupid your thinking is.. you only see aim is bad in this match. You don’t see others factors… Like team play, positioning etcs
      I agree his aim was bad in this game match but i now he is good player. And yes this game was fun i was playing with him i know better than you ?

    • +Captain_Rajan_ Khanna hahahahahaha very funny…..you think we talk about same match? Position: stupid….because he only alive because enemy DD more braindead with torping like his aiming….
      And then he had luck that he alive after ramming because no one shoot at him……
      Teamplay? I saw no teamplay…..just see players who sit near together and had more luck then skill……
      Sorry dude but the truth is that your platoon only had luck that the enemy team was more dumb then yours……
      Every normal player and WG BOT would sent you to ground in first 10 minutes……
      Maybe he is a good player that i could not say but in this game he had only luck. Nothing more.

    • Keule50 sah für mich nicht nach Glück aus. Hammer rng vielleicht ?

    • +Yebane Brod könnte sein…

  13. Brutal start… but made a difference in the end.

  14. фантастически косой дебил.

  15. soft landing(ramming)

  16. Yamato player is blind, he is aiming with ears. Every like is pray.

  17. OMG it hurt too see so a game. Sory but he should play Coop battles and learn to aim. After 5 minutes first hit. Typical Yamato Player as 80% of them. Max Range sniping but to bad to hit anything. This kind of players losses games.
    More luck then anything else. And shameless that then players think they do it wright.

  18. Snipe fail. Infight top!

  19. All these COMMANDER PRO’s in the comments below slagging off the replay, top cringe. If you can do better put forth your replays for Panzerknacker to be featured in his channel.

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