Ze GERMAN GNEISENAU – World of Warships Gameplay

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  1. would you recommend this game? it looks good, but im not sure?

  2. NB.FZ VS T-35!!!!!!!EPIC LAND BATTLESHIP BATTLE!!!!!!!!!! :0!!!!

  3. A spotter in tier 7 battleship? Not the best option, although carriers are
    pretty rare these days. But if German dispersion is already this bad,
    spotter only makes it worse :P

  4. More WOWS, more more!! :))

  5. The Dankest Ron Paul

    Dont the Germans pronounce the G?

  6. Listening to Baron and Slick chatting they sound like they are more baked
    than a turkey on Thanksgiving.

  7. Please go to Google Translate and listen from the german voice how to
    pronounce Gneisenau right…

  8. Do you guys drink before recording together? Because there are 2 barons.
    What seems like sober baron, which is by himself, and then with slick.. you
    both act trashed.. I realize you cant incriminate slick because of his age,
    so blink twice if im right.

  9. Gneisenau had 3×3 cannons of 280mm,why are just 3×2 in WoW?

  10. if people think we are trashed here oh God they should hear how we act in
    public together

  11. Gneisenau’s guns are complete SHIT.

  12. you do not pronounce Gneisenau with a silent G. it is Gneisenau. Not
    neisenau :)

  13. Andry Randrianantoandro

    Do you plan on making WOWS videos with PhlyDaily?

  14. I’ve wrecked so many Scharn’s in my Gneisenau, baron starts off saying it’s
    a better brawler. >.>

  15. Baron omaha is one of the things peyton manning did say and supposedly
    whenever he said that on tv $2000 dollars was giving to the charity he

  16. Diego Vinicio Majia Quesada

    Baron!!! The next time use a Cruiser Mogami!!!.

  17. Baron baron baron as bb you should rep every time you can get more or less
    the full repair amount, not just when you are being damaged. In this way
    you can improve your effective hp.

  18. Ur one of the worst players. Tanks game is ur game man.

  19. So Which Is Better To Go German Battleships Or Cruiser?

  20. Baron=Andre Schurrle

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