Ze German Machine Gun Ship! World of Warships German Cruiser Gameplay

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  2. The emu war may have happened but the emus never attacked and definitely
    didn’t over run a machine gun, I live in Australia and know for a fact that
    emus will almost always run away even if unprovoked so they definitely
    won’t face gunfire.

  3. +BaronVonGamez speaking of weird turret setups, how about the French
    battleship Richelieu, would you like that to be added?

  4. 27:59 :D

  5. plz more men of war defence

  6. seriously that beard with that hair.ha ha ha

  7. Wie kommt man am schnellsten Dresden?

  8. 1’st artillery skill is useless man!!! Don’t pick it next time!!!!
    Your reload is only faster when you have AP or HE loaded and then you try
    to reload.
    In this game you should preselect your shell type and then shoot it at
    enemy not waste it in guns.

  9. Spare us the terrible music please.

  10. When I downloaded World of Warships everything looks different from what
    Baron has. Does anybody know why? (P.S I just started so I don’t know

  11. swag haircut brah and are you still playing rust?

  12. Wasn’t the Dresden an Imperial German ship? Kaiserlich marine etc? What’s
    the swastika pennant in aid of?

  13. Be the nerd tourist and visit the La Brea tarpits.

  14. Not the British!…. The Australians… God damn

  15. What was the hype song, Baron?

  16. I hope we get Zeppelins and u boats :P

  17. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    When can we expect episode 3 of New Vegas?

  18. yeah it was a real “war”, it sid happen

  19. matthew kyte (The Mighty MattMan)
  20. TheNewRevolution401

    (It was the Aussies that fought the emus.)

  21. I have discovered skype!

  22. That Dresden, even at 7 km has such a huge down arc on the ballistics.
    Great HE, terribad AP

  23. tʜᴇ ʀᴇᴩᴛɪʟɪᴀɴ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀʜᴏᴏᴅஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜDon’t forget to leaf a like!ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬

  24. BARON! what do you think of the E-100 in warthunder?!

  25. Play your best ship baron

  26. baron the tier 3 kohlberg
    is the same

  27. This guy is an autistic cancer fuck on the face of the world. He belongs in
    the gas chamber just like the entire ass goblin army. All you do is suck
    his dick and say “VONNNNNNNY” do you people like watching some retarded
    scrotum scruncher run his faggoty mouth? I finally figured it out, you guys
    are just like him.

  28. Try the kolberg it is a true machine gun

  29. The German ships are out? I should reinstall WoWS…

  30. Bro ya gonna post the 88 mils v Bi planes?

  31. Can you please position your video higher up, I wanna see the chat

  32. Hey Baron. Can you move your view window to top left corner so we can see
    more of action. Cheers from Australia

  33. how do i watch live battles

  34. lol “big tities” baron quote

  35. baronvonhaircut?

  36. they really should add in the USS Texas…

  37. Ha french ships must be fast, because they all had to be scuttled out
    before the nazi’s took them…

  38. WHAT SONG WAS THAT HE USED!!! I need to know!

  39. Baron… IJN Myogi (tier IV) has similar turret setup. You silly man :P

  40. Puis-je vouz adier? = How may I help you? in French

  41. Baron I was just playing WOT blitz with the pz.Kpfw. B2 730 (f) and I got 5
    kills. their are no respawns. Next game 7 kills 7 people in the game I
    KILLED EVERY ONE ON THE ENEMY TEAM. I am in the top 1% of the people who
    have played that tank in the last week. By the way the B2 730 is a captured
    French tank used by the germans. But the 75mm was removed. I believe the
    tank is a char b1/char b1 bis/char b1 ter

  42. Aka shittiest ship evar

  43. Baron makes a good Aryan.

  44. plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss play heroes and generals

  45. funny thing is he looks like a German actually and is reviewing a German
    ship…xD donno funny

  46. why don’t you ever use AP against other cruisers?

  47. German Fighterpilot

    I’m german. Maybe we should make a video together;) German Cruisers with a

  48. Can you please please have your video window all up and to the left? I want
    to see the chat in these videoes barooon :(

  49. brilliantlysplendid

    I can see why it would be important to have points as a means of deciding
    victory on maps that large, but it always seems to cut the game short
    before it’s really even started.. :(

  50. What does grinding mean? Other than using the app that some men who like
    men use to find men?

  51. Would love chatting with ya in German, teaching you some…. Even if it’s
    just for helping ya pronounce the words….. :P

  52. “I love to curse in French. It’s like wiping y our ass with silk…”

  53. If you wanna watch some good comedy, maybe you could visit the Hollywood or
    Brea Improv while you are in SoCal… Joe Koy is playing this weekend at
    Brea, but I believe that the shows are sold out 🙁 Otherwise I would
    recommend the Griffith Park Observatory, the Getty Museum, or possibly the
    La Brea Tar Pits.

  54. spoopy skelton sighted in the clouds when Baron is selecting the Dresden

  55. I feel like the voices that come from your ship should have different
    accents or languages based on the nationality of the ship. Would be cool.

  56. Yo, is your accent based of Jan from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

  57. The Emu War. After WWI, a bunch of former soldiers were now farmers and had
    trouble with giant herds of emus destroying crops. So, they asked the
    government for help. In the first battle, they ambushed the emus with a
    belt feed machine gun, but the emus ran away and were too fast to chase.
    So, then they tried mounting it on the back of a truck, and chasing the
    emus, but the truck bounced so much they couldn’t accurately shoot them.
    So, yeah they lost war on the emus.

  58. The Dresden works really well with AP shells for some reason.

  59. +BaronVonGamez I was redraptor1 when you were on twitch and I wanted to say
    thanks for the great videos

  60. New haircut looks good :D

  61. For the future Baron your German accent should be a little bit thicker

  62. what is the name of that song at 9:30?

  63. When this ship has a better torp rating then the minekaze



  65. “BaronVonGunz”

  66. You meant the infamous and horrific Emu War?

  67. +BaronVonGames *The Great Emu War* occurred early century in Australia,
    Emu’s were decimating crops, and the australian government initiated a
    military effort to kill the overwhelming Emu population. After some time
    and attempts to kill the Emu’s, the government orderd a retreat on the
    soldiers, making it an official loss in the Great Emu War.

    (The government then decided to put bounty’s on Emus instead and
    hunters/poachers could claim)

  68. 15:50 Wait, in this god aweful gamemode you even loose if your points reach

  69. great haircut bro

  70. The ‘Great Emu War’ in 1932 was between the Australians and… well emus.
    They used modified Lewis guns but were outmaneuvered and overrun…
    After a month of fighting, the emu guerilla tactics caused the soldiers to
    withdraw, admitting defeat… to emus :’D

  71. Great videos Baron, keep them coming! exteremeJUGGERNAUT is a touchy dumb
    kid :)

  72. Baron please Play the Heroes And Generals … :D

  73. I see you got a new haircut to fit with the other commanders of the

  74. hey baron play the KV-2 king of derp like you my man do it ve need to see

  75. Baron play more BLACKWAKE ;D

  76. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    i ve got Dresden on standard WOWS:-/

  77. Will German Destroyers ever be added?

  78. very good ! but i prefer Blackwake to Wows

  79. why always the facecam :S just useless imo

  80. I need to start playing WoWS again! AW has been sucking my life away…LOL

  81. Second comment FTW!

  82. Hey, Baron! What you think about new Force Awakens trailer? P. S.: Nice
    video) But we need more crazy custom battles)

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