Belfast + Concealment expert = Super Agression 164K || World of Warships

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164K damge Belfast+ = Super Agression

Player: Br00ksy
Ship: Belfast
: Two Brothers

User Description:

My 2nd game with concealment expert and the stealth module thant enables this thing STEALTH at 13.3KM!!!
Oh it also gets the concelament down to 8.7km
Radar is 8.5km

You can pretty much instanly counterspot DD’s as the mitsuki found out

Rest the game i just spam HE at fleeing battleships
The right flank folded however and i went back to defend.
Killed a Emerald and the CV
Continued to spam HE untill the end of the game
Enjoy, i certainly did…

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  1. Do you have any replay of tirpitz with stealth build? I kinda want to see
    if my bismarck gameplay would improve with a stealth build instead of
    manual secondaries

  2. i had a 210 k fubuki match but i havent activated replay :(

  3. Nice game but bad management of smoke screen. He could have avoided a lot
    of damage.
    Impressive result anyway.

  4. Вадим Анохин

    Very good game. Really aggressive.

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