Colorado T7 BB – 2,874 Base XP || World of Warships

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Player: Pricie
Map: Trident

User Description:

Pretty nice game I had this evening in Colorado, I thought I’d upload this replay as I know alot people struggle with the Colorado doubt it’s capabilites as a T7 , Esp with all the Scharnhorst’s and Gniessenau’s around at the moment.

I actually quite like the Colorado, I like it’s strengths and I can manage it’s weaknesses in most situations.

Anyway, this game we get 154,429 done, 7 Citadel Hits, 2,874 Base XP (which is nice as I am grinding the line at the moment, so I don’t have a really good captain in her either) 3 , 19 Planes Shot Down, 2x Assist’s in Capture as well as High Caliber, Confederate, Dreadnought, Fireproof, First Blood and Devastating Strike.

►Hope you enjoy the replay!
Many Thanks,

Pricie 🙂

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  1. panzerkurfusmontayamato

  2. Glad to see there are people around who like the Colorado despite the majority of players saying it’s bad from what I’ve seen… I got the Montana myself, and personally I really didn’t have a problem grinding through the Colorado. Once upgraded, I preferred it by far over the Nagato.
    Anyway, good match, good shooting and gratz on being featured on the channel to you, Pricie 🙂

  3. I wish I had a potato enemy team like that when I play my Colly.. I like the awesome damage you get from these guns, but its just soo slow.. if your team lemmings down a side of the map youll get left behind real fn quick D:

  4. Wow. The dude doesn’t like using his heals, does he?

  5. Belfast <3

  6. I Shared a 183k dmg game in my Konig. I got 2 dev strike 5 kills, confederate, close quarters expert, high caliber, in a tier 5. I shared with you hope you like it.

  7. people don’t appreciate the Colorado, it’s so pretty.

  8. I like his aim, steady and accurate.

  9. 4:10 get rebalanced!

  10. Well this is pretty tough for Colorado BB in the majority game of WoWs. Sayin: I can’t stand a chance to win for Random Battles including his team. I really like the Battleship Colorado so much as a Big Seven of American Standard Battleship even a successor a North Carolina BB. I’d preferred to continue grinding to outmatched against Nagato and Scharnhorst.

    Anyway, good match for you, Pricie 🙂

  11. Great game and performance

  12. Steven!!!!

  13. Quite dark on my iPad. Couldn’t see more than a vague outline of the target ship in many situations. Good battle, though.

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